Farmer and stockraiser; Cold Brook Township, (postoffice Surrey) ; is one of the rising young men of his vicinity and is achieving a success in life in every way creditable. He is a son of Charles A. Rhykerd, a biographical sketch of whom appears in this work, and his mother was Ann Ostrom, daughter of Andrew and Joanna (Holmes) Ostrom.

He was born in Warren County, Ill., May 9, 1860, and was educated in the public schools. As a small boy he began to gain knowledge of farming and stock-raising, and his father early and carefully trained him in the principles of the Republican party. He married April 3, 1883, in Warren County, Nellie C. Squire, who was born in Galesburg, Illinois, October 7, 1864, a daughter of James C. and Mary Ann (Drake) Squire, the former a native of Herkimer County, N. Y., and the latter of Essex County, N. Y. They were married' at Galesburg, October, 1856. Before locating in Illinois, Mr. Squire went to California via Cape Horn, remaining there six months when he returned overland.

He took up his residence at Galesburg in 1854 and was employed as a carpenter and painter until 1878, when he purchased a farm which has since passed to the ownership of his son. When he gave up farming he returned to Galesburg, where he and his wife are now living. The latter was born April 25, 1831, and Mr. Squire, September 11, 1820, a son of John G. and Rhoba (Smith) Squire and a grandson of Stoddard and Theodosia (French) Squire. John G. Squire was born May 5, 1785; Rhoba Smith, December 29, 1790; and Stoddard Squire, November 8, 1758. Mr. and Mrs. Rhykerd have had children named as follows: Alton W., Mary J., Mabel G., Lela. Gertrude, Nellie S. and James Augustus. Mr. Rhykerd assisted his father in the management of his business interests until he was twenty-three years old, when his father gave him one hundred acres of land on which he is making a success as a farmer and stock raiser. He wields a recognized influence in local affairs, and has several times been elected to the office of school director.


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