Warren County & Township Officers - 1877


County Officers: County Judge: Elias Willets; County Clerk, Wm. H. Sexton, Circuit Clerk, James L. Dryden; Treasurer, James H. Herdman, Sheriff, Wm. G. Bond; Coroner, R.H. McCleary; Surveyor, Thos. S. McClanahan; School Superintendent J.B. Donnell.

Township Officers:

Monmouth- George Sickmon, Supervisor; O.S. Barnam, Asst. Sup; F.R. Lincoln, Town Clerk; A.R. Kingsbury, Assessor; T.G. Barton, Collector; J.W. Sipher, School Trustee; W.M. Webb, C. Coats,S. McClanahan, S.G. Morris, John Lorimer, Constables: J.B. Clarke, W.D. Henderson, W.J. Walker, J.P. Foster, Avery Downer, Justices of the Peace; Amos Burford, Commissioner of Highways; A.T. Bruner, N.P. Baymont, Alonzo Grover, H.M. Frantz, Overseers Highway.

Tompkins- J.E. Barnes, Supervisor; J.H. Gilmore, Town Clerk; A.H. McCoy, Assessor; C.K. Brown, Collector; W.E. Drain, A.H. Walker ,Justices of the Peace; Z. Daugherty, J.S. Faris, Constables, Louis Roberts, Commissioners of Highways 3 yrs; Geo. W. Kellogg, School Trustee.

Cold Brook- J.T. Hartman, Supervisor; Wm. Mills, Town Clerk; James Bruington, Assessor; E.C. Atchison, Collector; Geo. Bruington, Commissioner of Highways; Wm. Mills and S.T. Shelton, Justices of the Peace; Chas. Griffee and S.J. Blair; J.L. Ragland, School Trustee.

Berwick-H.M. Lewis, Supervisor; J.V. Lewis, Town Clerk; W.D. Miller, Assessor; J.V. Lewis, Collector; J. Kirby, Commissioner of Highways; E.W. Allen and D.R. Day, Justices of the Peace; A.M. Ray and Jeffs’n. Day, Constables; John Yates, School Trustee.

Spring Grove-L.H. Gilmore and R.W. Gerlaw received 139 votes each and had to draw lots for the office, Supervisor. Gilmore got it. T.B. Patterson, 17 Maj. Town Clerk; R.W. Lair, 8 Maj., Assessor; F.A. Boggs, 26 Maj., Collector; Angus McCoy, 21 Maj., Commissioner of Highways; A.J. Richey, 32 Maj., School Trustee; T.R. Squires, 32 Maj., J.N. Kincaid, no opposition, Justices of the Peace; Stephan Gamble, 16 Maj., David Foust, 20 Maj., Constables.

Kelly- Nathan Caine, Supervisor; S. Beebe, Town Clerk; W.O. Hulse, Assessor; John Armstrong, Collector; D. Clary, Commissioner of Highways; O.N. Kellogg, School Trustee; S. Glass and A. Thomas, Justices of the Peace; M. Glass and James Chute, Constables.

Floyd- J.W. Bolen, Supervisor; H.C. Higgins, Town Clerk; C.T. Cross, Assessor; W.C. Wiggins, Collector; D.C. Graham, C.T. Cross Justices of the Peace; James Fry, Jas. Cross, Constables; S.C. Giddings, Commissioner of Highways; Benjamin Mattison, School Trustee.

Roseville- Alpheus Lewis, Supervisor; John A. Gorden, Town Clerk; Reuben Holeman, Assessor; R.L. McReynolds, Collector; Hiram T. Lape, Commissioner of Highways; Clement Pierce and J. Henry Saylor, Justices of the Peace; John Powell, Levi H. Gaunt, Constables; S.M. Eldred, School Trustee; Dist. No. 1, G.W. Gunther; 2, Henderson Ray; 3, Richard Ray; 4, Alfred Hays; 5, Nathan W. Haines; 6, Elijah Miller; 7, Thomas L. Newbern; 8, D.P. Underwood; 9, R.B. Woodward; 10, Isaac L. Pratt—Overseers of Highways

Ellison- E. Mitchell, Supervisor; C. Brooks, town clerk; J.C. Morris, assessor; A.M. Meacham, Collector; C. Brooks, Com. Of Highways; J.C. Morris, J.P. Pendarvis, Justices of the Peace; John Godfrey, Jesse Hoag, Constables; A.P. Livermore, School Trustee; Dist. No. 1, John Ewing, 2, Marion Salisbury; 3, A.B. Yoho 4, S.L. Charter; 5, A.K. Morris; 5, Andrew McLoughlin; 7, John Godfrey; 8, Jonn C. Beasley; 9, James Wright—Commissioners of Highways

Lenox- Lenox elects a straight, clean, clear Democratic ticket- no bulldozing, no going behind the returns. The following are the town officers: David R. Smith, Supervisor; E.D. Lehan, Town Clerk; G.M. Saylor, Assessor; J.L. Young, Collector; Joseph Saylor, Com. Of Highways; J.W. Ray, John Hodgson, Justices of the Peace; E.D. Lehan, J.R. Smith, Constables; R.A. Elliot, School Trustee.

Swan- Geo. W. Beckner, Supervisor; Warren G. Thomas, Town Clerk, Geo. W. Beckner, Assessor; Warren G. Thomas Collector; D.L. Crawford, School Trustee; B.A. Reed, Com. Of Highways; Geo. W. Beckner, B.L. Atchison, Justices of the Peace; Isaac Davis, W.O. Kidder, Constables; Dist. No. 1, Isaac Davis; 2, John Kelsey; 3, George Stice; 4, J.H. Lippy; 5, R. A. Holeman, 6, Matthew Campbell, 7. Henry Morris, 8, Joseph Cunningham, 9, Henry Van Kirk- Overseers of Highways

Greenbush- Supervisor, Lynn M. Greene; Town Clerk, A.L. Wingate, Assessor, Vincent W. Butler; Collector, Orlando Damesville; Commissioners of Highways, V.W. Butler, Thomas Wilson; Justices of the Peace, Vincent W. Butler, James W. Hartford; Constable, C.W. Lauk; School Treasurer, G.M. Spears; Overseers of Highways, 1st district, T.B. Moulton; 2nd district W.F. Smith; 3rd district, Leonard Hale; 4th district C.W. Lock

Point Pleasant- Assessor, Thomas Pennington; Town Clerk Jas. P. Chapman; Assessor, Ira W. Davis, Collector, G. W. Moore; Commissioner of Highways, A.B. Higginson, Justices of the Peace, J.B. O’Neall, Joseph Tucker; Constable, Issac Concher; School Treasurer, W.T. Boyd, Overseers of Highways, 1st district, Eli Dixson; 2nd district, John J. Boyd; 3rd district John Watson, 4th district, Joseph Phillhower; 5th district, Benjamin Sampson; 6ht district, Ira M. Davis; 7th district, John Vankirk; 8th district, Will Duble; 9th district, George Torrence.


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