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The Methodist Protestant church at Liberty Chapel, on the northeast corner of Section 35, was the outgrowth of a class which was formed in 1863, at what was known as the Herring school house, afterward known as Prospect, and now Liberty school house, two miles west of where the chapel now stands. The class, under the administration of Rev. S. N. Davidson, built a house of worship, 28x40 feet in size, during 1869, at a cost of $1,800, and it was dedicated in November of that year by Rev. C. Gray, president of the Northern Illinois Con- ference. The lot was donated by J. O. Talbot, who also gave the name of Liberty Chapel to the church, it having been dedicated free of debt. In 1874 Liberty Chapel was made a station, and Rev. M. Hardy appointed pastor. The parsonage at Ellison was sold to the trustees, and a new one erected on a two-acre tract adjoining the church, at a cost of $1,000. The church at Larchland is a part of Liberty class, .md is known as Grace Chapel. The following have served as pastors:

S. N. Davidson, J. L. Barton, W. W. Williams, W. J. Stubbles, M. Handy, J. M. Mayall, Thos. Kelly, J. W. Kidd, J. A. Reichard, W. I. Davenport, H. M. Bowen, J. S. Snyder, R. Pacey, A. J. Wolfe, J. C. McCaslin, and the present pastor, R. E. Fox. The present membership is 125.

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