(Township No. 8 North, Range 2 West.)

Swan Township is in the southern tier of townships in Warren County, lying south of Roseville Township, and between Greenbush and Point Pleasant. The land is generally rolling, except in the northeastern part near the confluence of the Nigger and Swan creeks.

There are some fine bodies of timber along these streams. It is a fine farming country, and the farmers are generally prosperous and independent. The St. Louis division of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy railway enters the township on the northeast quarter of Section 6, and passes nearly south to Swan Creek on Sections 19 and 20, thence east to Youngstown at the corner of Sections 21, 22, 27 and 28, then southeast and out of the township and county at the southeast corner of Section 35. The stations mentioned, Swan Creek and Youngstown, are the only towns in the township, and neither one is incorporated

The assessment rolls for 1901 show 833 horses, 1,778 cattle, 31 mules and asses, 685 sheep and 2,237 hogs in the township. The total value of personal property is $256,425, and the assessed valuation is $51,285. The assessed value of lands is $243,675, and of lots $5,400.

The population of Swan Township in 1900 was 1,003, a loss of fifteen from the census of 1890.



The election for the organization of the township was held April 4, 1854, and resulted in the election of Absalom Vandeveer as Supervisor; A. B. Sisson, clerk; W. G. Bond, assessor and collector. The present officers are:

D. A. Stice, Supervisor

H. B. Roberts, Cler

; J. A. Davis, Sr., Assessor

Pearly Acton, Collector

E. H. Soule

B. F. Watt and J. W. Coghill, Highway Commissioners

E. M. Babbitt, and M. B. Roberts, Justices of the Peace

Henry Sands and George Lofftus, Constables

Those who have held the office of Supervisor in this township are:

Absalom Vandeveer, 1854-57

Hezekiah Simmons,1858

Win. G. Bond, 1859- 62

A. Vandeveer, 1863-64

R. A. McKinley, 1865

A. Vandeveer, 1866-70

Jacob Miler, 1871- 72

G. W. Beckner, 1873

A. Vandeveer, 1874

G. W. Beckner, 1875-77

J. P. Higgins, 1878-81

; A. Vandeveer, 1882

A. A. Cornell, 1883-88

David A. Stice, 1889-92

Clarence A. Cayton, 1893-96

D. A. Stice, 1897-1903


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