Spring Grove

The United Presbyterian Church of Spring Grove was organized June 22, 1855, by Rev. Matthew Bigger of the Presbytery of Monmouth, with fifty-one members. The first pastor was Rev. James C. McKnight, who was ordained June 11, 1856, and remained over four years. Rev. Wm. Graham was next pastor and continued this relation until his death, in the Fall of 1863. Rev. Thomas P. Patterson was ordained Oct. 27, 1864, and he was pastor until April, 1868, and continued his work for five years. The present pastor is the Rev. Rufus Johnson, who began here on June 15, 1876. The present number of members is about seventy. This congregation owns a large house of worship costing about $4,000 and a good parsonage with three acres of ground.

The Church of God is located in southeast quarter of Sec. 10 of Spring Grove township. It was organized in 1865 by Rev. Rudolph White, and the earliest meetings were held in the school house in district No. 4. Among the original members were John Bailey and wife, D.C. Swiller, his wife and three children, John Cannon and wife, and others. The church was built in 1867 and it cost $1,600. The present pastor is Rev. Thos. DeShiria. Membership is about twenty five and Sabbath school is the same; John Simcox is Superintendent.

According to the assessment roll for 1901 there were in the township 1060 horses, 2377 cattle, 47 mules and asses, 138 sheep and 2637 hogs. The total value of personal property was $500,085. and the assessed valuation was $100,- 032. The assessed valuation of lands was $235,520, and of lots $42,425.

The population of the township in 1900, including the part of Alexis village in the town­ship, was 1,540, an increase of 115 over 1890, when it was 1,425.



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From: The Past and Present of Warren County-page 170




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