Farmer and stockraiser; Kelly Township, (postoffice address, Utah); is a representative of old Virginia and North Carolina families, whose members have attained prominence in various walks of life, and is a leading man in his community.

Born in Kelly Township, April 19, 1867, Mr. Townsend is a son of Alexander and Sarah Jane (Stegall) Townsend. His father was born in Athens County, Ohio, and his mother in Meigs County, in the same State. Alexander Townsend was a son of Daniel and Margaret (McCloskey) Townsend, natives of Virginia, and Sarah Jane Stegall was a daughter ot Frederick and Sarah (Warren) Stegall. who were born in North Carolina. In 1838 Daniel Townsend came from Virginia to Illinois and, after securing some land, went back to bring out his family.

On his second journey to Illinois he carried on his person three thousand dollars in gold. At Cincinnati robbers attacked him and, after securing the money, knocked him over the side of the boat and he was drowned. His son Alexander, father of Solomon E. Townsend, was then but a boy, and he and other members of their family, under the guidance of a cousin, came on to Illinois and they settled south of where Galesburg now is.

After his marriage, Alexander Townsend bought a farm in Kelly Township, which, in the course of events, he sold to move to Kansas, where he and his wife died. Solomon E. Townsend was educated at a State Normal School in Kansas and returned to Kelly Township and bought a farm in Sections 36 and 26. He is now the owner of 300 acres of good land, and is a prominent stock-raiser, making a specialty of cattle and hogs. Politically he is a Democrat, and he has served his fellowtownsmen in the office ot Assessor.

He was married, December 16, 1897, at Galesburg, to Mrs. Olive Smith, who was born in Sweden, November 11, 1863, a daughter of Charles and Fredericka Kingston. Mrs. Townsend's father and mother, natives of Colnar, Sweden, settled at Galesburg in 1869, and they have passed away. Mr. and Mrs. Townsend have a daughter named Gladys M. Mr. Townsend's grandmother. Sarah (Stegall) Warren, was a daughter of Stillman and Phoebe Warren.

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