TALIAFERRO, SAMUEL WALKER.One of the most enterprising of the younger generation of business men of Roseville , Warren County , is Samuel W. Taliaferro. druggist, who served his fellow citizens as a member of the School Board, as Postmaster, as Supervisor and as President of the Village, and whose public spirit is such that he may be depended upon to further, to the extent of his ability, any promising movement for the public good.

Samuel W. Taliaferro. who, in the paternal line, is of Virginia descent, and, on his mother's side, is descended from old and prominent New Jersey families, was born at Roseville , Ill. , May 11, 1865 . Francis Taliaferro, his great-grandfather, married Letitia Hughes. They were both born in Virginia , and their son, S. W. Taliaferro, was born in Albemarle County , in that State, and married Sarah Moore, a native of Todd County, Ky. D. M. Taliaferro, son of S W. Taliaferro, and father of Samuel W. Taliaferro, of Roseville . was born at Guthrie. Ky. , and married Sarah Kelley. a native of New Jersey . Her grandfather was John C. Voorhees, whose daughter, Sarah, married J. V. Kelley, also a native of New Jersey . Sarah Kelley, daughter of J. V. and Sarah (Voorhees) Kelley, was the mother of Samuel W. Taliaferro.

Mr. Taliaferro was educated at Roseville and at Monmouth, and passed the years of his youth on a farm. Later he became a farmer on his own account, and followed that avocation until 1890, when he began his career as a druggist in a drug store at Roseville . He then went to Tampa , Fla. , where he remained about two years. Returning to Roseville he was appointed Postmaster for that Village under the second administration of President Cleveland. About that time he established his drug store, which is completely stocked with all kinds of goods usually sold by druggists, and it is one of the best appointed drug stores in the county.

In the spring of 1897 he was elected a member of the board of Supervisors of Warren County. He was elected a member of the village School Board in 1896 and 1898, and in 1900 he was chosen President of the Village of Roseville . Mr. Taliaferro is an influential Democrat, and an active member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He married Miss Blanche Johnston, at San Buena Ventura. Cal. September 13. 1S87. and has a son named DeMoss M. Taliaferro.

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