Hat Grove was the first name of this township, given by the committee named by the County Court on the first attempt at township organization in the county. The name was given because of a grove of timber which stood about one mile northeast of the present townof Roseville, and had the appearance of a man's hat as it came into view on the horizon. The grove was called Hat Grove in the early days, and was originally the stopping place in that locality. Upon the permanent organization of the township in 1854 it was given the name of Roseville.

The township is second from the south in the middle row of townships in Warren County. It is watered by Cedar creek, and the north and south branches of Nigger Creek, which meander in an easterly direction through the township. There is considerable timber along the streams, especially in the eastern part, where the land is quite broken. Broad rolling prairies, however, predominate in the township, and the farmers are thrifty and many of them wealthy. The land is well adapted to both farming and stock-raising. The St. Louis division of the Chicago.. Burlington and Quincy Railroad passes through the western portion of the township, about one mile from the west line, deflecting a little westward as it nears the south line. Roseville is the only town in the township

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