Potter Cemetery is located in the northeast quarter of Section 22 in Kelly Twp. The cemetery was deeded to Kelly Township in February 1873 but was used for burials before that time. It is situated on a hill overlooking the surrounding countryside with an adjacent creek in the northeast comer. The cemetery is approximately 100 ft. by 100 ft. in size and visible from the road. Although this cemetery is no longer in use, Kelly Township is responsible for its maintenance. The cemetery appeared completely overtaken by weeds and saplings; there was also a pile of tombstones in a corner and others were knocked down.

PRICE, Jacob died Feb. 18, 1890 age 84y 3m Jd father

Rebecca his wife (no additional information) mother

PRICE, Nancy L. Mar. 2, 1849-Sept. 4, 1879 wife of S. A. Price

_________ , Infant (broken stone)

ROD _____ (broken stone)

STRODE, Mary Ann died Feb. 4, 18 __ age 79y 2m 4d wife of Jehu Strode

(unable to read date)

UMPHREY, Iry Oct. 18, 1848-May 9, 1899

JOHNSON, George Jan. 29, 1897-Jan. 19, 1900 son of G. F. & H. C. Johnson

BRUINGTON, Infant son of E. & L. C. Bruington died June 7, 1885 age 3m 2d

RUCKER, Bettie died Aug. 5, 1871 age 4y 11d dau of J. & M. T. Rucker

Harry died Aug. 7, 1874 age 1y 10m son of J. & M. T. Rucker

UMPHREY, Mary A. died Jan. 11, 1379 age 55y 6m 8d wife of Geo. Umphrey

UMPHREY, George W. died Jan. 3, 1857 age 45y 6m 5d

INGER30LL, Hiram C. died Aug. 21, 1860 age 8m 25d son of H. & C. E.Ingersoll

INGERSOLL, Cecelia E. Mar. 14, 1826-Aug. 11, 1892 Hiram Feb. 7, 1812-Sept. 22, 1897 Hiram C. Nov. 27, 18.59-Aug. 21, 1860

HOLECOMB, Phebe died June 18, 1873 age _______ (unable to read age)

INGERSOLL, Jas. H. Co C 11 111 Calvary

GOFF, Rufus S. died Mar. 2, 1852 age 35y 7m 1d

POTTER, Chester died Oct. 19, 1851 age 65y 11m 24d

POTTER, Eliza died Sept. 17, 1873 age 35y 2m 2d wife of Chester Potter

JOHNSON, S. Isaac April 23, 1838-June 16, 1893 father

Mary E. Nov. 10, 1843-May 4, 1835 wife of S. I. Johnson

GLASS, Willis E. died Feb. 7, 1871 age 4y 1m 3d son of H. M. & M. B. Glass

BLACK, Rene June 25, 1874-April 8, 1875 dau of S. & N. E. Black

BLACK, John died May 5, 1850 in the 29 year of his life

CRANDALL, David G. died Aug. 16, 1864 age 23y 11m 21d son of L. R. & S. E. Crandall

Levant R. died Nov. 21, 1864 age 39y 6m 8d

Hiram C. died July 21, 1864 age 26y 7m 10d son of L. R. & S. E. died in the service of his country Crandall 92nd Reg.

CHAPIN, Children of Samuel and Lydia Chapin

Squair E. died Oct. 23, 1872 age 9y 10m

Blanche died Aug..22, 1861 age 11m 3d

Grace M. died March 3 1868 age 7m 4d

RICHARDSON, Emery D. died Oct. 23, 1862 age 6m 6d son of A. S. & A. E.Richardson

RICHARDSON, Aleatha F. died Nov. 21, 1865 age 4y 9m 19d dau of A. S. &A. E. Richardson

Broken stone died July 23, 1850 (only the date was readable)

STRODE, Samantha died Jan. 20, 13_4 age 53y 8m 2d wife of L. L. Strode

(unable to read date — broken stone)

MOORE, Mary A. died April 1, 1868 age I6y 5m 26d wife of A. M. Moore

STRODE, Levi died March 19, 1868 age 49y 8m 19d

STRODE, Henry B. died Feb. 19, 1849 age 11m 19d son of W. & R. Strode
STASLY, George W. died May 4, 1855 age 2y 8m 4d son of Win. & Sarah Stanly
STRODE, Silas W. died Apr. 10, 1863 age 1y 26d son of W. W. & R. Strode
STRODE, Charles S. died June 30, 1868 age 9y 3m 8d son of W. W. & R. Strode
RICHARDSON, Henry M. died Apr. 8, 1856 age 2m 4d son of H. & E. Richardson
CARTER, Sarah died Feb. 5, 1864 wife of Thorn. Carter (no age on stone)
RYNER, James L. May 4, 1353-March 27, 1886 son of Spencer & Emily Ryner
RYNER, George died Aug. 22, 1864 age 5y 2m 5d son of S. & E. Ryner
PINE, _____ Apr. 16, 1384-Apr. 3, 1885 dau of E. A. & E. L. Pine

RYNER, Spencer March 1, 1816-Aug. 1, 1892 (stone on ground partially

covered with dirt — stone too large and heavy to move)

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