Pierce Cemetery is located in the southwest corner of Section 31 in Berwick Twp. on land originally owned by the Pierce family. The land has changed ownership throughout the years, the care and maintenance of the cemetery has also varied. The cemetery is a short distance from the township road and, although there is no direct road into the cemetery, there is a well kept path through the cornfield allowing for easy access



died Jan. 1,


age 1y 5m 21d

son of S. & L. Pierce


died July 7,


age 10y 5d dau of S. & L. Pierce


died Jan. 4,


age 1y 2m 9d

dau of S. & L. Pierce

PIERCE, Cassius E. died May 21, 1865 age 4y 11m 21d son of S. & L. Pierce

PIERCE, Brownlow died Feb. 4, 1863 age llm 27d son of S. & L. Pierce

PIERCE, Elizabeth died Apr. 3, 1855 age 26y 5m 14d wife of Stephen Pierce in memory of

PIERCE, Stephen Sept. 24, 1820-Oct. 15, 1895 his wives

Elizabeth Sept. 17, 1829-Apr. 3, 1855

Lottie June 28, 1834-Dec. 18, 1915

PIERCE, Mrs. Angeline Consort of William H. Pierce Aged 22 years and three


Died from ulceration of the bowels July ninth A.D. 1842 Her face was fair, but short on earth,

Her duty was well done, Beloved by all who knew her worth

And all who knew her mourn. Like a bright cloud of Summer's day That sweetly fades at Even,

Angeline's spirit passed away From earth to shine in Heaven.

PIERCE, Julia Parthena died Sept. 23, 1850 age 2y 21d dau of Wm. & Harriet Pierce

PIERCE, Amos died July 20, 1872 age 88y our father

Mary S. died Sept. 30, 1845 age 55y wife of Amos Pierce our mother Eliza died Dec. 19, 1845 age 20y dau of A. & M. S. Pierce

ADAMS, Charles died Feb. 17, 1864 age 1y 4m 5d son of J. J. & S. Adams

ADAMS, Josephine died Dec. 7, 1857 (no age given) dau of J. J. & S. A. Adams

CHAPIN, Abriam died Jan. 10, 1862 age 5y 6m 16d son of C. W. & E. Chapin

Carrie died Apr. 26, 1862 age 1y 5m 12d dau of C. W. & E. Chapin

RANSOM, Stephen died June 11, 1873 age 62y 3m 7d

RANSOM, Phebe A. died Apr. 18, 1871 age 55y 8m 5d wife of S. Ransom -

RANSOM, Rollin A. died June 24, 1851 age 16y 11m 27d son of S. & P. A. Ransom

SPURGIN, Sara Elizabeth died Dec. 20, 1852 age ly 5m 5d dau of E. & M. Spurgin

PIERCE, William H. Co D 6 Iii Inf Spanish American War

PIERCE, Nealy A. died Nov. 15, 1876 age 3y 5m son of C. H. & L. Pierce , Rev. Alb (broken stone)

PIERCE, Charles H. Feb. 1, 1840-July 13, 1927

Lizzie Long June 16, 1838-Dec. 15, 1927 his wife

children of C. & L. Pierce

Nealy A. June 17, 1873-Nov, 15,1876

William H. Dec. 16, 1864-Sept. 14, 1915

Maude Z. Dec. 31, 1862 __________ 1876 14, 1915

Blanche M. Feb. 24, 1866-Nov. 3, 1928

Grace H. June 26, 1871- ___________

OSBORN, Giles Crissey 1863-1918


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