Jan. 3, 2007

C & D of the Prairie Farmer's Directory

Warren Residents in the Soldiers and Sailors Home in Quincy.

More names added to the death index

Berwick township, history, early settlers and schools

Village of Berwick history

Jan. 10, 2007

Obituaries added

1929 Honor Roll

History of Monmouth, its fire department, parks,

Water works and Monmouth under the Charter

20 Biographies Added

Jan 18,2007

C,D,E & F of the Prairie Farmers Directory online

36th Illinois Infantry Co C added

History of the Greenbush Academy

Railroad History

The murder of Harvey J. Hewitt

Portraits of Warren County citizens

Coming soon...Monmouth Voters and Taxpayers!!

Jan. 25,2007

G,H,I,J,K and L of the Prairie Farmers Directory online.

Early Days of Greenbush: Electronic Version Created by Jeff Simmons now online. My heartfelt thank you, Jeff!

Monmouth City Voters and Taxpayers List (Partial)

Jan 31,2007

M.N.O & P Prairie Farmers Directory online

Ogden Cemetery Burials

More of Monmouth Taxpayers and Voters


The Remainder of The Prairie Farmers Directory now online.

Stice Cemetery Burials

County Farm Burials

Feb. 14, 2007

Monmouth Voters and Taxpayers List Completed

Gerlaw Cemetery Burials

Biographies Added

Feb. 21, 2007

Roseville township history and early settlers

Ratekin Cemetery Burials

Jared Cemetery Burials

Potter Cemetery Burials

Swedish emigrants in Kirkwood and Swan Creek

Biographies added


Feb. 28,2007

History of Monmouth Schools and lists of teachers from 1862-1901.

Obituaries added

Hope Cemetery Burials

March 8, 2007

Lenox Union Cemetery Burials (Partial...more next week)

Monmouth Fraternal Orders and Organizations(Partial...more coming!)

Fires in Monmouth

Train Accidents

March 15,2007

More burials for Lenox Union Cemetery

Horney Cemetery Burials

Butler Cemetery Burials

Military burials at Center Grove cemetery

Thurs, March 22,2007

More burials at Lenox Union Cemetery

Warren County history,First church in the county(early settlers named)

Monmouth-Spelling schools (lots of names)

Ladies Aid Society baby shower (more names)

Garrisons Inn

Thursday March 29,2007

30 Monmouth organizations added including baseball,labor organizations,

societies,associations, relief organizations, musical societies and Clubs. Also Military organizations(many names!)

Biographies Added

More settlers portraits

Thurs, Apr. 12,2007

1918 Breeders Directory

Warren County Advertisements

Monmouth Womens Organizations and Clubs

Thurs, May 3, 2007

Warren County Automobile Directory (A-C)

1918 Business Directory

Thurs. May 17,2007

Automobile Directory(D-J)

More Warren County Ads

17th Illinois Infantry Co. F

83rd Illinois Infantry Co. F

Thursday,June 7, 2007

Warren County Memoral Park Cemetery pictures

Monmouth Cemetery pictures


Thursday, June 13, 2007

Blood Cemetery Burials

Pierce Cemetery Burials

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Meridian Cemetery burials

Declaration of Loyalty for Tompkins township A & B with more to come!

Aug.14, 2007

Residences of Warren County Citizens

Sept. 20,2007

Berwick Cemetery Burials Secs. A&B

C&D of Thompkins township declaration of loyalty

Jan. 6, 2008

History of the Post Office with list of poastmasters

Thanks to Jennifer Galant for submitting picture from around Warren County

E of Thompkins Declaration of Loyalty

Warren County Auto Directory Complete

Feb. 15, 2008


Robin Pardus has also submitted a codicil for your will concerning what you want done with all of your genealogy research and materials. A very wise move on your part so that all your work and time won't be lost!! Go ahead and print it out and sign it!

I have also added a pedigree chart and family group sheet for you to print out and use. I've also added a 1860 census form. More will be added as I get time.

Irene Smith-Rice has submitted the probate of Warren Jarvis. It gives an interesting idea of what life was like then. Thanks so much Irene!

April 8, 2008

Biographies Added

Swedes in Warren County

Jan. 21, 2009

Roseville Voters and Tax payers

June 20, 2010

Pictures of old county buildings

1909 Monmouth Business Directory

August 5, 2010

1938 Monmouth College Raveling yearbook submitted by Michelle Brown. My thanks to you, Michelle!

Oct. 24, 2010

Michelle Brown has submitted pictures of Monmouth High School's class of 1940 & 1941. Thanks again, Michelle!

Jan. 19, 2011

1919 Warren County Physicians

1920's Platt Maps

For Those of You with Swedish Roots
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May 26, 2011

1877 Business directories finished

1883 Pensioners List

Portraits of Warren County citizens


Aug. 3, 2011

1st. Illinois Calvary Co. G

Alexis Churches

Kirkwood Churches