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Levi Cannon died Monday,July 25, 1887 in Alexis, after months and years of suffering he was glad to go. Died of consumption. His father and sister both died less than a year ago. He was 28 years, 7 months. He leaves an aged mother and one brother (Superintendent) Cannon, sister, mbs. Barley of Alexis. Funral Alexis July 26,1887 U.S. church, Rev. Bowman Galesburg Republican-Register


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Mrs. Mary McFarland wife of Jeremiah McFarland, one of the oldest residents of Warren county, died Thuraday evening, July 27, 187at her home Cameron,Ill. in her 80th year. Her husband died nearly three years ago, since she has been severely afflicted. Funeral service by Elder S.T. Shelton. She was born Korth Carolina, Oct. 1796 and married Jeremiah I-McFarland April 1814. Her maiden name was Lewis. She and her husband came with several relatives moved to Warren county in 1829. When they came this country was a wilderness and their cabin was the stopping place for the weary traveler, and "Uncle Jerry's" and "Aunt Polly's " was well known for miles around as a place of friendship and hospitality. The dense forrest then surrounded their pleasant hone were laid low by the woodman's axe and as a country prospered. Since that time the deceased has declined and was called to her rest, where there is no sickness, and where her ancestors are patiently awaiting her.


Utah, August 7, 1886, Galesburg Republican-Register

Mrs. Elizabeth Taylor died Utah, Warren county,Ill., August 6, 1886, aged 71 years. Born Londonderry, Ireland, January 10,1815 Married John Taylor April 21, 1856, was married fifty years. Seven children born to them, one died Ireland. Came to America 1876, April 16. Her home been in Woodhui until last three years at home of daughter where she died, Mrs. William Logg. Pastor Rev. More of Kankakee.Ill. officated. Utah, August 7, 1886, Galesburg Republican-Register


March 6, 1886. Galesburg Republican-Register

Mr. Curtis died at his home Kelly township, Warren county,Ill., Thursday evening of illness of eight days. Leaves wife and three children. Funeral at home, Rev. Bolin of North Henderson.


Utah, August, 1886. Galesburg Republican-Register

John Miller, Kelly township, Warren county, died August 25, 1886 at his home northeast corner of township. Funeral August 26,1886. He leaves a wife and daughter. This five times within three years, Mrs. Miller nee Bergg has lost loved ones. Mr. Miller, aged 45 years. Buried Fuller cemetary by the side of three of his children



Tuesday,January 191897 Galesburg Daily-Mail

Young-Mrs E.M.- Word received her death, which occured Roseville ,January 9th at the home her son, E.R. Waters. Many here will remember her with respect and kindly interest as he spent some of her brst years in Galesburg and was active in church and missionary and temperance work, also member WCTU in its early history. She served as State President of WCTU, Eliza M. Hubbard was born August 20, 1813 in Kingsville , Ashtabula county, Ohio . Married Alfred Waters June 10, 1813. Seven children born to them Only one of these remain, eldest, E.P. Waters of Roseville . In 1836 Mr & Mrs Waters removed to Bond county,Ill. and in 1842 to Oquaka where Mr Waters died 1845 In 1847 married Rev. William Young, a methodist minister who died seven months later. She was a woman who had seen much trouble having buried eight members of her family in nine years. About 1857 she came to Galesburg , remaining there until 1887 being engaged millenry business the last 21 years. Since made her home in Roseville. Funeral service held M.E church Sunday afternoon. Her pastor, Sev. W.H. Willie, offieating. Remains taken to Oquaka for burial, at her beguest and laid beside her first husband and two of her children.


Utah, August 27, 1887. Galesburg Republican-Register

Buchanon-Margret died home her daughter near Robinsons Corners August 10, 1887 in her 56 years. Her illness of short duration On account fast decay funeral held the same day 5 p.m. Re. Jameson of Gerlaw church, officated, body buried Mosher cemetary. She was member of Presbyterian church. Utah, August 27, 1887. Galesburg Republican-Register