Pleas Hawkins Meredith

Pleas Hawkins Meredith, born 11-1-1894 in Edmonson County, KY, died 7-23-1965 in Cameron, IL, buried in Silent Home Cemetery, Cameron, IL
Pleas was married to Sarah Jane Bratcher Meredith.  Sarah was born 10-23-1891 in Hart County, KY, died 2-5-1975 in Canton, IL and is buried in Silent Home Cemetery, Cameron, IL 
Pleas and Sarah had two children; Ollie and Maxie Meredith
Ollie Meredith, female, born 1-10-1918 Edmonson County, KY, died 12-29-1995 Galesburg, Knox County, IL buried in Silent Home Cemetery, Cameron, IL
Ollie married Esker Meredith born 2-7-1908 Grayson County, KY, died 6-23-1975 Monmouth, IL, buried at Silent Home Cemetery, Cameron, IL
Ollie and Esker had the following children;
Joseph Meredith born 11-18-1940 IN, died 10-15-1959 Warren County, IL
Virginia May Meredith born 5-23-1943 Cameron, IL, married James Frederick West 6-7-1960 Monmouth, IL
Bessie Marie Meredith born 3-16-1946 Cameron, IL, married Robert Glen West 10-14-1968 Monmouth, IL
Pearl Elizabeth Meredith born 4-2-1951 Galesburg, IL
Maxie Meredith born 9-6-1920 Edmonson County, KY, died 5-19-1954 Galesburg, IL
Other relatives are:
Pat Kersey born 11-26-1905 Edmonson County, KY died 11-24-1992 Warren County, IL, married Ethel Erman Sanders on 1-3-1930 in Warren County, IL
Pat and Ethel had the following children born in Warren County, IL
Helen Louise Kersey 12-1-1932
Loraine Kersey 9-4-1936
Shirley June Kersey 9-22-1938, died 10-4-1938 Warren County, IL
Richard Lee Kersey 7-29-1940, died 8-22-1940 Warren County, IL
Patty Ann Kersey 9-12-1944
Francis Elaine Kersey 4-26-1946
Carol Lynn Kersey 10-28-1948

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