Lester L. Earp Monmouth R2 14 Oct. 1896 Monmouth, Il Farm Hand Wm. Livingston USA
Sadie Eckhardt Kirkwood R1 7 Feb. 1898   House Work Mother USA
Edna Eckhardt Kirkwood R1 18 Sept 1876 Ont. Canada Housewife Self USA
William Eckhardt Kirkwood R1 Jan 1860   Farmer   USA
F.E. Edgerton Kirkwood 27 Feb 1871 Kirkwood Bank Examiner State of Ill USA
Emma C Edgerton Kirkwood 3 Feb 1877 Chicago Housewife Self USA
Evan J. Edwards Kirkwood 1 Mar 1868 Edmondson Co. Ky Painter Mrs. Margaret Everett USA
Loren Edwards Kirkwood 14 Aug 1894 Kirkwood, Il Grocery Clerk Robert E. Gamble USA
William Edwards Kirkwood 16 Feb. 1876 Louisville,Ky Farm Hand Noris Francis USA
Mrs. Mary Edwards Kirkwood 16 Feb 1867 Berwick, Il Housewife   USA
Delvin B. Efaw Smithshire, Il 13 Aug. 1899 Monmouth, Il Farming   USA
Willard Efaw Roseville,Il 2 Oct. 1865 Paris, Il Farmer Self USA
Pearl M. Efaw Roseville,Il

21 Oct. 1883

Monmouth, Il Farmer's wife   USA
F.A. Elgin Kirkwood,Il 10 Oct 1866 Astoria, Il Blacksmith Self  
Florence Elliot Kirkwood,Il 19 Jan 1886 Orange Co. Ind Housewife Self  
Roy Elliot Kirkwood,Il 21 Feb. 1886 Orange Co. Ind Engineer Davidson Milling Co  
Thomas Ericson Roseville,Il R 3 19 Oct 1879 Sweden Farmer P.G. Stem USA
Mrs. Patsy Evans Roseville,Il 27 June 1899 Eunice, Ky Housewife   USA
W.C. Evans Roseville,Il 27 Apr 1887 Neatsburg,Ky Farmer Rayburn Bros. USA
Apolinar Farrez Smithshire     Laborer R.R. Mexican
W.F. Feikert Smithshire 21 Sept 1891 Lee Co. Iowa Farmer C.J. Anderson USA
Ada Erma Feikert Smithshire 23 July 1899 Plymouth, Il Housewife   USA
Charles C. Firkins Smithshire 17 Oct. 1891 Illinois Laborer S.W. Hutchinson USA
Mrs. Charles Firkins Smithshire 26 Oct. 1892 Raritan Housewife   USA
John M. Fordyce Smithshire 13 Mar 1873 Whiteley, Pa Farmer   USA
Christian H. Fordyce Smithshire 1 Feb 1899 Terre Haute, Il Farmer   USA
Bertha C. Fordyce Smithshire 26 Feb 1872 Henderson, Il Farmer's Wife   USA
Livona Foster Monmouth, Il 21 Feb 1882 Clark Co. Mo Housekeeping   USA
Warren H. Foster Monmouth, Il 14 Apr 1886 Tatham Springs Ky. Farmer   USA
Emmey Franklin Smithshire 7 Feb 1897 Madison Co. N.C. Farmer E.B. Leaverton USA
Reuben Franklin Smithshire 22 Oct 1878 White Rock, N.C. Farmer   USA



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