In March 1918, all men and women not in the service, aged 18 years and older were required to sign a card showing their Declaration of Loyalty to the United States. Statements included: name, residence, birth date and place, occupation and by whom employed and citizenship. Birth dates are mid to late 1800's, with some prior to 1850.

This list is for Tompkins township


Jeanetta Abbey Kirkwood 1 Nov. 1890 Chicago, Ill Housewife Self US
H.S. Abbey Kirkwood 18 May 1884 Kirkwood, Il Independent Speculator   US
A.N. Abbey Kirkwood 10 May 1874 Kirkwood, Il Gardner Self US
Miss Dora Abbey Kirkwood 7 Nov 1869 Warren Co. Ill Caring mother   US
C.H. Abbey Kirkwood 1 Nov. 1878 Warren Co. Ill Farmer Self US
H.L. Abbey Kirkwood 16 Oct 1882 Warren Co. Ill Pool Hall owner   US
Laura Abbey Kirkwood 23 Dec. 1882 Biggsville, Il Housewife   US
Lena M. Abbey Kirkwood 2 March 1887 Warren Co. Ill Housewife   US
Mabelle Abbey Kirkwood 26 Jan. 1882 Oskalosa, Ia Housewife   US
Martha Abbey Kirkwood 11 Oct. 1840 Stuban Co, N.Y. Housewife   US
W.L. Abbey Kirkwood 8 June 1886 Warren Co. Ill Farmer Self US
Ollive Ackerman Kirkwood 16 Nov. 1868 Warren Co. Ill Housewife Self US
H.V. Ackerman Kirkwood Oct. 1862 Henderson Co. Ill Retired farmer Self US
Anna C. Adams Kirkwood 30 Sept. 1879 Wataga, Ill Millner   US
Bertha M. Adams Ponemah 21 Sept. 1881 Roseville, Ill Housewife   US
N.F. Akers Kirkwood Oct. 1881 Carthag, Va Carpenter Owen Kelley US
Sarah Akers Kirkwood Sept. 1884 Carthag, Va Housewife   US
Retta C. Akin Kirkwood 29 Sept. 1882 Oquawka, Ill Housewife   US
O.H. Akin Kirkwood 24 Sept. 1873 Biggsville, Ill Publisher " Leader" Self US
Cora M. Aleman Kirkwood Rt. 2 25 Oct. 1868 Henderson Co. Ill Housekeeper Works with Red Cross US
Elizabeth F. Alleman Kirkwood 6 Nov 1845 Dearborn Co. Ind. Housekeeper Works with Red Cross US
Chester A. Allard Kirkwood 23 Nov 1872 Ellison Twp. Farmer G.E. Perkins US
Emma J. Allen Kirkwood 31 Jan 1886 Brown Co. Ill Housewife My family US
Lester Allen Kirkwood 30 Nov 1888 Grant Co. Wis Painter Contractor US
James T. Allen Kirkwood 21 Nov 1862 Little York, Ill Physician Self US
Lester R. Allen Kirkwood 19 Dec.1896 Oshgosh, Neb. Farmer Self US
Olive Allen Kirkwood 17 Apr. 1872 Mo. Valley, Ia Housewife Works with Red Cross US
Burt Appleby Kirkwood 6 Aug 1876 Ellison Twp. Barber White US
Anna Armstrong Kirkwood 13 May 1851 Mifflin, Pa Housewife Knitting for Red Cross USA
Lancie Armstrong Kirkwood 25 Sept. 1899 Harding Co. Ky Housework Parents USA
Lizzie Armstrong Kirkwood 13 Oct. 1874 Hardin Co. Ky Housewife   USA
A.C. Armstrong. Kirkwood 4 Apr. 1870 Kirkwood, Ill Painter   USA
William D. Armstrong Kirkwood 10 Sept. 1848 Darlington, Ind Retired Dentist   USA
J.T. Armstrong Kirkwood 28 Feb. 1864 Hardin Co. Ky Laborer Warfield Lumber Co. USA
Eugene Armstrong Kirkwood 7 Oct. 1892 U.S.A Farm Hand A.O. Jacobs USA
Nellie Armstrong Kirkwood 8 Apr 1896 U.S.A. Housewife   USA
Margaret Armstrong Kirkwood 11 July 1896 Monmouth, Il Housewife   USA
Martha Armstrong Kirkwood 21 Oct 1855 Crawfordville, Ind Retired Teacher Works for Red Cross USA
Matilda Atwall Kirkwood 2 Feb 1890 Johnson Tenn. Housekeeper   USA
Mrs. C.A. Babcock Ponemah, Il 23 June 1885 Otto, N.Y. Housewife   USA
J.E. Baer Smithshire, Il 11 Aug. 1876 PA. Farmer   USA
Clair A. Babcock Ponemah, Il 8 Sept. 1885 Limestone, N.Y. Ass't Engineer Prairie Pipe Co. USA
Hezakiah Bales Kirkwood 6 Mar 1862   Farmer Self USA
Mrs. Maggie Bales Kirkwood 8 June 1874 Bland Co. Va Housekeeper   USA
Harriet L. Barnes Kirkwood 24 July 1898   Going to High School   USA
Ophelia Barnett Kirkwood 10 Nov 1847 Warren Co. Il Housewife   USA
Anna Barnes Kirkwood 16 Apr. 1870 Prospect, N.Y. Housekeeping   USA
Charles Lester Barnes Kirkwood Sept 1895 Carrion, Iowa     USA
H.W. Barnes Kirkwood 22 July 1867 Hamilton, N.J. R.R. Station Agt. C B & Q Railroad USA
J. Batwell Kirkwood 5 Nov 1864 Tazewell, Va City Marshall   USA
Francis Baxter Kirkwood 17 Jan 18432 Geneva, Oh Housewife   USA
Mrs. Nannie Baxter Kirkwood 13 Oct 1867 Monmouth, Ill Housewife Self USA
G.A. Baxter Kirkwood 19 Nov 1863 Warren Co. Ill Restaurant Self USA
Herman Bear Smithshire, Il 11 Jan 1900 Perry Co. PA. Attending High School   USA
Mrs. Lottie Bear Kirkwood 11 Mar. 1878 Harrisburg, PA Housewife   USA
Alice Bear Kirkwood 12 Nov 1878 Kirkwood, Il Housewife   USA
Samuel A. Bear Kirkwood 26 Oct 1853 Carlisle, Pa Farmer Self USA
Samuel Beach Kirkwood 23 May 1848 Butler Co. Oh Day Laborer   USA
Jennie Beach Kirkwood 8 Aug. 1873 Bloom Co. Ind Housewife Self USA
Alice Becktal Kirkwood 6 Apr. 1851   Housewife   USA
M.A. Becktal Kirkwood 22 June 1851   Farmer Self  
Miss Jennie L. Beebe Kirkwood 2 Sept 1871   Household Employee   USA
Lorena Beebe Kirkwood 6 Apr. 1873 Ohio     USA
Olga S. Benson Kirkwood 31 Oct. 1882 USA Housewife   USA
W.G. Benson Kirkwood 19 Aug. 1869 Sweden Farmer   USA
Milo Benson Kirkwood 2 July 1897 USA Farm Hand W.G. Benson USA
Swan Benson Kirkwood 30 Mar. 1862 Sweden Farmer Self USA
E. Bennett Kirkwood 15 Nov. 1893 Logan, Ia Farmer Self USA
Lillian D. Bennett Kirkwood 16 May 1893 Newman Grove Neb. Housewife 1st year farming USA
M.M. Bennett Kirkwood 27 Oct 1835 Horse Head N.Y. Household Duties   USA
Anne Bennett Kirkwood June 1841 Oquawka, Ill Housekeeping   USA
Chester H. Berry Ponemah 18 Mar. 1891 Waukesha, Wis Station Agent A.T. & S.F. R.R. Co. USA
Laura A. Berry Kirkwood 2 Apr. 1885 Kirkwood, Il Clerk C.G. Norton USA
Lydia C. Berry Kirkwood, Il 14 Oct. 1851 Carlisle, PA Housewife   USA
Mrs. Cora Best Kirkwood,Il 29 Oct. 1882 Lee Co. Iowa Housewife   USA
W.A. Best Kirkwood, Il 6 July 1880 Lee Co. Iowa Blacksmith   USA
Voctoria T. Bidarte Ponemah         Mexican
Charles Billings Kirkwood 29 Aug. 1880 Warren Co. Ill Farmer   USA
Eunice Billings Kirkwood 29 Aug. 1878 Biggsville, Ill Housewife Red Cross Member USA
Emma Billings Kirkwood 3 Oct. 1855 Benwick, Ill Housewife Self USA
A.E. Billings Kirkwood 7 June 1853 Lewis co. N.Y. Retired Farmer   USA
William R. Bitle Kirkwood 16 Nov. 1891   Farmer   USA
Floretta Bitle Kirkwood 11 Jan 1896   Housewife   USA
Edgar Bitle Kirkwood 6 Dec1880 Henderson Co. Ill Farmer E.L. Blackman USA
E.L. Blackman Kirkwood 1 Nov 1855 Oswego, N.Y. Farmer Self USA
N.N. Boston Kirkwood 7 Mar 1841 Barren Co. Ky Laborer Odd Jobs USA
Mattie Bowles Kirkwood 5 Apr. 1847 VA. Housekeeper   USA
R.F. Bowles Kirkwood 11 Jan. 1877 Va. Farmer   USA
Mary Bowman Kirkwood 22 July 1836 Warren Co. Ill Housekeeper Self USA
David Abbey Bowling Kirkwood 25 May 1898 Smith Co. VA Farm Hand C.W. Bowling USA
Jeanne B. Bowling Kirkwood 28 July 1858 Smith Co. VA Farm Hand C.W. Bowling USA
Matilda Bowling Kirkwood 4 May 1868 Tazewell Co. Va Housewife   USA
Charles J. Boyte Kirkwood 13 Nov. 1881 Tenn Lumber Yard Midland Lumber Co. USA
Clara Brazelton Kirkwood 2 Nov. 1885 Henderson Co. Ill Housewife   USA
R. Ellen Brazelton Kirkwood 2 Oct. 1838 Gibson Co. Ind Housekeeper   USA
J.F. Brazelton Kirkwood 23 Nov 1880 Warren Co. Ill Telegraph Operator C B & Q USA
J.H. Breckenmaker Kirkwood 25 Dec. 1873 Harrisburg, PA Salesman Ecomomy Stock Pa. Co USA
Ina Breckenmaker Kirkwood 1880 Kirkwood, Il Housewife   USA
J.M. Breckenmaker Kirkwood Sept. 1848 Cumberland Co. PA Homemaker   USA
Emma F. Brechbiel Kirkwood 24 Aug 1894 US Maid J.W. Fordyce USA
Mrs. Mary L. Brent Kirkwood 11 Sept 1844 US Housekeeper Works Red Cross USA
Grace Bricker Kirkwood 21 Jan 1880 US Teacher   USA
Annie B. Briley Kirkwood 7 Apr. 1864 US Housekeeper   USA
Mrs. Flora Brouse Kirkwood 11 Aug. 1883 Oquawka Housewife   USA
Laura A. Brown Kirkwood 4 Oct 1841 Dayton, Oh Retired School teacher   USA
Walter Brown Kirkwood 9 Dec 1879 Biggsville, Il Farmer   USA
R.A. Brown Kirkwood 3 Dec 1853 Rock Island Co. Preacher Kirkwood M.E. Church USA
Mrs. Viola Brown Kirkwood 15 Oct 1861 Alexandria, VA Housewife   USA
Mrs. Mae Brownlee Kickwood 14 Feb. 1870 Hunter Town, Ind Housewife   USA
W.F. Brownlee Kirkwood 1871 Cleveland, Ia Veterinarian   USA
Lydia W. Bryant Kirkwood 22 June 1872 Princeton, Ill Housewife   USA
W.C. Bryant Kirkwood 8 Nov 1873 Princeton, Il Merchant   USA
Dorothy Burgland Kirkwood 8 Oct 1895 Enid, Okla Seamstress Miss Sweger USA
Ed Burgland Kirkwood 30 Oct 1869 Sweden Farming   USA
LaVerne Burgland Kirkwood 26 July 1899 Kirkwood, Il Farming Father USA
Olga Burgland Kirkwood 9 Oct. 1872 Kirkwood, Il Homemaker   USA
Frederick Burgland Kirkwood Rt 2 12 May 1898 Kirkwood, Il Farmer Father USA
Stephen Burritt Kirkwood 1833 Ont. Canada Retire   USA
Emery G. Burkett Smithshire 9 June 1893 Marion, VA Farmer Self USA
J.M. Burkett Smithshire 11 Jan 1862 VA Farmer   USA
Glenn Burkett Smithshire 2 Dec. 1895 VA Farmer Self USA
Mrs. J.M. Burkett Smithshire 20 Sept 1873 VA Housewife   USA
Mrs. Mary Burkett Smithshire 12 Dec 1897 VA Housewife   USA
James W. Burruss Kirkwood 13 Feb. 1867 KY Salesman Mineral Products Co. USA
Ethel Burruss Kirkwood 4 Mar. 1897 Kirkwood, Il Scholar Going to school USA
Mrs. Grace Burrus Kirkwood 18 Nov 1866 Kirkwood, Il Housewife   USA
Pearl Burruss Kirkwood 2 Feb 1893 Kirkwood, Il Sewing Self USA
Mrs. Zelza Buttgen Kirkwood 19 Feb 1888 Biggville, Il Housekeeper Self USA
Charles L.Buttgen Kirkwood 8 June 1880 Warsaw, Il Farmer   USA
W. Logan Byers Monmouth Rt 7 16 July 1884 Osceola, Ia Farmer E. Shenbarger USA
Nora E. Byers Monmouth Rt 7 23 June 1890 Smithshire, Il Housekeeper   USA



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