When the first vote on township organization was taken in the county, and the proposition seemed to have carried the committee appointed to arrange and name the townships gave this one the name of Milton, and their decision was ap­ proved.

In June following, however, it was reported to the Board of Supervisors that there was already a township of that name in the State, so the name was changed to Warreu. When township organization was finally carried in a constitutional way in 1853, Warren was again selected as the name, but the next June a change was found necessary again. Then arose a contest between the Whigs and Democrats of the township, the Whigs wishing to name it in honor of William Graham, and the Democrats in honor of Captain John Kelly. The latter being successful, the township from that time has been known as Kelly.

The meet­ ing for the organization of the township was held at the Tylerville school house April 4, 1854. William Graham was moderator and E. C. Atchison clerk. The election resulted in the choice of the following officers:

Supervisor, John Miles; assessor, John Terpenins; collector, Ira S. Ingersoll; overseer of the poor, Samuel Black: highway commissioners, James Stevens, W. J. T. Wallace; justices of the peace, Aaron Yarde, G. C. Adcock, Christian Miles; consta­ bles, David Vestal, Nathan Smith. The present officers are: Supervisor, Ed. Rose; town clerk, Frank Dunn; assessor, AVm. C. Wallace; collec­ tor, F. F. Foster; highway commissioners, J. W. Brown, George W. Palmer, Oscar Niles; justice of the peace, G. G. Emery.

The following persons have held the office of Supervisor up to this time:

John Mills, 1854

Thomas Bruington, 1855

Wiliam Graham, 1856- 65

Joseph Pine, 1866-67

William Graham, 1868-70

J. W. Adcock, 1871-73

Joseph Pine, 1874

M. McCullock, 1875-76

Nathan Crane. 1877-78

John Rucker, 1879-81

; C. E. Johnson, 1882

John Rucker, 1883-85

William Adcock, 1886

Charles Edwards, 1887

William Adcock, 1888-90

John H. Landoa, 1891-92

William Adcock, 1893-94

Henry C. Miles, 1895-96

John H. Landon, 1897-1900

Ed. Rose, 1901-02.

Kelly Township is watered by Little Henderon creek and its branches. Much of the land is undulating, with broad level prairies. Along the Henderson there is much timber. There are also several good coal mines, and a large amount of excellent quality of coal is produced. The township has no railroad..

The assessment for 1901 shows that there were then in the township 904 horses, 2,163 cattle, 59 mules and asses, 456 sheep and 2,881 hogs. The total value of personal property was $2,73.025 and the assessed valueation $54,605. The assessed valuation of lands in the township was $221,760 and lots $495. The population of the township in 1900 was 809, a loss of 73 from 1890, when it was 882.


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