A wealthy and provident Swedish farmer of Swan Town­ship, Warren County, whose industry and thrift have made him in every way prosperous and forehanded, is a worthy representative of his countrymen in America, thoughtful and progressive, broad-minded and closely linked with the moral forces of the community.

He was born in Sweden, October 20, 1850, a son of Anda and Gunhilda (Anderson) Anderson, both born in Sweden, where the father died. The mother died in Stanton, Iowa. John H. Anderson was educated in the schools of his native country, and remained at the home of his parents until manhood, coming to the United States in 1876. He entered this country by way of the city of New York, coming thence direct t« Monmouth,Ill.

After a time he bought a farm of 200 acres in Section 31, Swan Township, which he has brought to a high state of culti­ vation, and which attests his industry and good judgment. He is a member of the Methodist church; and a Republican in his political views. Mr. Anderson was married at Mon- mouth, October 25, 1883, to Charlotte Johnson. Of this marriage have been, born the following children: Allful, Robert, George, Dale and Arthur—the last of whom died at the age of nine months.

Mrs. Charlotte Anderson was born in Sweden in 1851. Her father, John John?on, came to this country at an early date, and had his home in Swan Township, where he died. Her mother died in the home of Mr. Anderson, and was killed by being struck by the litnb of a falling tree. Mr. Anderson has been School Director, and is Pathmaster of the town. He is highly thought of in the community. There is an adopted son in his family, Gus Peterson

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