A prominent business man of Monmouth, was born in Jones County , Iowa , in 1858, the son of James and Helen Hunter Milne, who were natives of Scotland , where they were reared and, in 1847, emigrated to Canada , and thence located in Jones County , Iowa , in 1854. Here James Milne entered land upon which he lived until 1894, when he removed to Monmouth, Ill., where he has since resided, snd is a member of the Milne Manufacturing Company. J. J. Milne was reared and received his primary education in Jones County, Iowa, entered Monmouth College in the fall or'1877, graduating in the class of 1882 with the degree of A. B., and began business with his father and brother under the firm name of James Milne & Sons, in 1884, at Scotch Grove, Iowa. In 1885 he bought the interest of his brother, H. A. Milne, and the firm name was changed to James Milne & Son. Their business was transferred thence to Monmouth in 1894, and, in 1895, was incorporated under the present name, Milne Manufacturing Company. Its principal products are stump pullers and machinery for clearing timber land.

The first building was erected in 1893, a good brick,10x160 feet, to which a second building was added in 1894, 48x160 feet, a large blacksmith shop baing erected the same year. The company does an extensive business, shipping its products to Sweden, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and Canada, besides numerous points in the United States. It is the largest plant of its kind in the world and, in connection with this. J. J. Milne owns the half interest in the Sunnyside Shetland Pony Farm . J. J. Milne is Secretary and Treasurer of both concerns. In politics he is a Prohibitionist; is also President of the Monmouth Y. M. C. A., and an active member of the Second United Presbyterian Church of that city. He was married in Monmouth, in 1886. to Margaret MeQuiston, and of this union five children have been born: Miriam, Halma, Hunter, Hugh MeQuiston, Helen Margaret and James Walker. Miriam, the eldest, died at Scotch Grove, la., in 1891.


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