Allen M.,Griffin barber, Roseville , Warren County , is a son of William and Nancy (Willard) Griffin , natives of Indiana . His life has been a busy one full of enterprise and useful ues, and not devoid of lessons of the rising generations.

Mr. Griffin was born at Roseville , April 8, 1858 , and as educated in the public schools at that place. He worked on a farm until he was twenty-two years old, and then , acquired a practical knowledge of the barber trade, at which he has since been employed. As a Democrat, he exerts considerable influence in local politics. He has served his fellow citizens two terms in the office of Village Trustee, and three years as Township Collector of taxes.

He is a member of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows and of the Modern Woodmen of America. He was married at Roseville , October 14, 1883 , to Mattie A. Noakes, daughter of William Noakes, a native of Tennessee , and an early settler in Ellison Township , where he became a farmer and where he died. Mrs. Griffin, who was born in Ellison Township , April 26. 1857, has borne her husband four children: Glen G., Leslie L., Max M., and Mildred L. William Griffin, father of Allen M. Griffin, removed from Indiana to Iowa, and thence to Plymouth, Ill., from which point he traveled for some years, selling dry goods and Yankee notions from a wagon. Naturally of a speculative bent, he was engaged in different lines of business from time to time until he died in Point Pleasant Township. His wife died in Missouri.


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