The United Presbyterian church was organized April 4, 1871, by Rev. J. M. Henderson. Meetings were first held at a school house some two
miles distant. At the time of the organization there were thirty-one members, among whom are the following: Wm. A. Elder, Mrs.Jnnie Elder, R. J. Lawhead and wife, Samuel Lawhead and wife. C. C. Graham and wife, Dr. J. F. ]McCutcheon and wife, J. C. Graham and wife and others.
The stated supplies for this congregation have been. Rev. J. M. Henderson,
A. M. Black, D. D., and James I. Doig, D. D. This church has now its first regular pastor. Rev. M. F. McKirchan, who was ordained and installed
May 30, 1876. The present number of members is fifty-three. Attendance at Sabbath school, seventy-six, J. C. Graham, Supt. A pleasant house of worship was built in 1873, at a cost of 83,100.

The United Brethren in Christ. The first meetings of thischurch were held in the Mohler school house, four miles S. W. of the town. At this
place, the church was organized in the winter of 1859, with forty members. The following are a few of the names first received: A. J. Ritchey, Mary Ritchey, David Swiler, Catherine Swiler, John Line, Mary Line, and others. The first pastor was Rev. D. F. Bair. Then followed Eev. J. R. Homraond, Rev. Ezra Hall, Rev. Daniel Ross, Rev. J. Slutts, Rev. St. Clair Ross, Rev. A. Norman, Rev. O. F. Smith, Rev. A. Worman, Rev. P. R. Adams Rev. J. P. Worman, and the present pastor, Rev. G. H. Varce. A church edifice was built in 1872, cost $2,250. The present membership
is 36. Sabbath school averages 50 pupils.

The Baptist church was organized July 4, 1868, at Spring Grove school house, afterwards moved to Alexis. Among those who were first members, are the names of Thomas Dunn, Mrs. Hannah Dunn, Miss Jennie A. Dunn, Miss Josephine E. Dunn, L. A. Palmer and others. The ininisters who have supplied this church are as follows: Rev. AVelcher, Rev. E. L. Moore, Rev. O. Tompkins, Rev. Lewis, Rev. Shirley. A neat
church was built in 1875 at a cost of $3,000. The present number of members is twenty-six. Attendance at Sabbath school averages twenty-five, M. M. Palmer, Superintendent.

M. E. Church. The first meetings were held in a grove in 1871. Afterward met in a hall. Among the pastors who have labored here are Revs.
C. Atherton, P. A. Cool, A. Keller and C. E.Rowe, present pastor. Services are held on alternate Sabbaths in the Baptist Church. Present membership ninety-five. Attendance at Sabbath school eighty. Supt., Thomas Anderson. Catholic. This organization is just completing a commodious structure, which will cost with improvements in contemplation about $3,000

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