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Shoots His Wife in a Fit of Anger  1923


The Peoria Star, June 22, 1923
Fred Lobsiger of Fondulac in Jail Awaiting Outcome of Deed
Grandson Struck By Shot
Fred Lobsiger, aged 40, one-legged farmer near East Peoria, is in jail awaiting the outcome of wounds inflicted upon his wife with a shotgun yesterday afternoon at his home. Mrs. Lobsiger is in the St. Francis hospital, Peoria, and her condition is considered serious.
Lobsiger and his wife have not been happy for some time and recently divorce proceedings were instituted by the wife. They have been living apart for some time , the husband alone on their sixty-acre farm, the wife in East Peoria with a daughter by a former marriage, Mrs. L. V. Taylor. Yesterday afternoon, Mrs. Lobsiger, and a small grandson, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, went to the Lobsiger farm for cherries. Lobsiger, who had been drinking, saw them and going to the barn, emerged with a shotgun which he leveled at his wife and shot twice. He attempted to fire again but the shell jammed and before he could use the gun again, Adam Geltmeyer, a neighbor, wrestled the gun from him. Mrs. Lobsiger, who had been wounded about the body by the second shot, was taken to the hospital, and her grandson, who had been struck in the left side near the heart by one of the stray shots and also in the leg was also taken to Peoria to determine the seriousness of his wounds. Deputy Sheriff King from East Peoria was called and he and William Geltmeyer, brought Lobsiger to Pekin and turned him over to Sheriff Neuhaus. Later Mr. Taylor and William Geltmeyer brought in the shotgun and a rifle from the Lobsiger farm and turned them over to the sheriff. The gun was a 12-gauge and the rifle a 22 caliber, fully loaded and was kept in the barn with the shotgun.
State's Attorney Black talked to Lobsiger in the county jail. He was still somewhat under the influence of liquor and said he wanted to die. He often had threatened to kill his wife and relatives who he thought were trying to gain possession of what property he had. State's Attorney Black and Sheriff Neuhaus went to East Peoria this morning to investigate the affair. The Lobsiger farm is near the foot of the Washington hill near East Peoria and the couple had lived there since they were married nineteen years ago.
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