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Coal Mines of Tazewell County Location of the deep mines in Tazewell County
Formation Of The First National Bank In East Peoria Researched and contributed by Martin Crane
History of Tazewell County and History of Illinois 1879 illustrated history of Tazewell County and Illinois
This is Tazewell County, Illinois 1954 History and Aerial Photographs


Coal Mines of Tazewell County

These maps, prepared by the Illinois State Geological Survey (ISGS), are downloadable in PDF format. They are intended to inform the public as to existing deep coal mines.

The mines are coded on the map, which ties them to the information in the directory.

[Note: The downloadable date is in Adobe Acrobat format. Click on the link and the data will open in a new window.  You can then save it in your computer by going to "file" and then "save as".

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Tazewell County Mine Directory (pdf format)

Tazewell County Mine Map (pdf format)

Other ISGS Tazewell County Mine Data (ISGS Web Page)

Deep Mine Data on All Illinois Counties (ISGS Web Page)

History of Tazewell County and History of Illinois

Chas. C. Chapman & Co.


An 1879 illustrated history of Tazewell County and Illinois (pdf format)
This is Tazewell County, Illinois

by John Drury

The Loree Company


A 1954 Historical Narrative with County Map and unique Aerial Photographs (pdf format)

The Formation Of The First National Bank In East Peoria

  by Martin Crane.

 The year 1933 bore witness to much economic and financial turmoil, and prompted President Roosevelt to enforce a variety of measures aimed at stabilising financial institutions in the hope of stemming the growing tide of unease and panic among American citizens.
A casualty of this era was the First National Bank Of East Peoria. It was not strong enough to survive the scrutiny it was placed under by the government, and it was forced to cease operations.
However, the following year saw seven local businessmen rally together with a view to creating a successor to the bank. Each of the seven men submitted their personal financial statements to the office of the Comptroller of the Currency.
The Comptroller required that the new bank change its name in order to differentiate it from that of the old. Subsequently, the First National Bank In East Peoria was chartered on February 17th, 1934.
The seven founding directors were as follows:

Paul L. Boehme: A local bakery operator. He became President of the bank and held office until 1937.

 Albert R. Haag: Co-owner of Haag brothers Washing Machine Company.

 Fred C. Heiden: Owner of Brass Foundry. 

Harry H. Mooberry: A local farmer.

Phillip J. Schmidt: of Schmidt Insurance and Tazewell Building, Loan and Homestead Association. He became President of the bank in 1937, and remained in office until 1947. His brother Charles Schmidt then became President, and remained in office until 1965.

 William O. Sommerfield: Owner-operator of Sommerfield’s Hardware store. A prominent local citizen, W.O. Sommerfield was Mayor of East Peoria several times.

Between 1939-40 he was Chief of Police for East Peoria (with 8 employees and 1 patrol car serving a population of 5,027).

Thomas W. Thompson: Owner of Manhattan Coal Company, situated on Cole Hollow Road, East Peoria. He was also an investor in local real estate. His wife’s brother-in-law was W.O. Sommerfield.

 The bank’s original premises were on Washington Street and initial assets totaled $385,000. There were only a handful of employees, as the following short news article from the Peoria Journal, dated Monday February 19th 1934, shows:


First National Bank In East Peoria opened Monday morning. Paul L. Boehme

is President and T.E. Holland cashier.

Fred Heiden is Vice President and Robert Johnson is assistant cashier.

Lucy Vincent is bookkeeper and teller.

 When Charles Schmidt retired as President in 1965, the bank employed thirty people and assets had grown to over $12,000,000...


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