Rockford, IL

Swedish-American Newspapers

(Alphabetical order. Chronological would be better)

Folkets Nyheter, Vol. 1913-1914

Framtiden, 1892-1894

Rockford Allehanda, 1883-1886

Rockford Posten, 1889-1911

Svenska Journalen, 1912-1913, every other day paper

Svenska Posten, 1911-1918

Svenska Socialisten, 1905-1921


Lennart Setterdahl microfilmed the minutes and membership records of these churches, as well as all available issues of the newspapers. The microfilms of the newspapers are on file at the Rockford Public Library. The microfilms of the Rockford Swedish newspapers and church records are part of an extensive Swedish-American microfilm collection available for research at the Emigrant Institute in Växjö, Sweden, and the Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center, Augustana College, Rock Island, IL, thanks largely to the efforts of Lennart Setterdahl, who traveled across the North American continent, inventorying and microfilming Swedish-American material and recording interviews with Swedish Americans along the way. .

Information provided by Lilly Setterdahl, East Moline, IL



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