The little town of Oneida is situated in the most ferttile part of Knox County. Although not among the firstsettlers there, the Swedes have had a large share in the development of Oneida.The first Swedish settler in the township was George Boström, who came to America as a boy and was reared in an American family. The year of his arrival in Ontario township is not known, but that he removed there to Wataga in the seventies is a certainy. After Boström came D. Danielsson and his wife from Ockelbo, Gestrikland. They came to Bishop Hill as young unmarried people and were there subjected to bitter persecution on account of a love correspondence carried on in defiance of the drastic rule against marriage and every form of courtship. Disgusted with the petty annoyances following their innocent correspondence, they removed to Oneida in 1855 and were married. A few years later the pair located in Clay county, Kansas. Simultaneously with Danielsson, E.J. Petterson from Tjärstad, Östergötland settled in Oneida, after living for five years in various parts of the Uited States. He established himself as a watchmaker and jeweler and was engaged in business for at least twenty-five years. A number of Swedes early moved into the surrounding neighborhood, where they have become successful farmers and added materially to the wealth of the community. The population of Oneida was 785 at the last census. No Swedish church has been organized here.

From: History of Swedes in Illinois


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