My Basic information:
Great Grandfather John Swanson arrived in Fulton County from Sweden around 1870.
Born 17 June 1851 (This was written in a corner of the page listing the birth of wife and children. ) Author unknown but presumably wife.
Married#1: 20 May 1874 in Fulton County
Wife#1: Frederica Carlotta Danielsdotter Lund. (more information below)
Married #2: 2 Sep 1890 Fulton County, Illinois
Wife#2: Assarina Mälmstrom
He worked as a shaft coal miner.
Died: 1 Mar 1909 in Canton Fulton County, Illinois after his miner's headlamp caught fire.
In his obituary it states his mother is still living in Sweden and a brother August Swanson living in Fulton County. Always told he was a 1/2 brother and his marriage license shows same mother but a different father name.
According to various census records he emigrated between 1869 and 1871. I have not found him in the 1870 census but of course I am not sure when he arrived in Fulton County;
Fredericka Carlota Danielsdotter Lund was born 28 August 1849 Nye Parish, Jönköping, Sweden to Daniel Peterson Lund and Maria Petersdotter. The last known child of this couple. She immigrated in 1873. She died 24 July 1889. My Grandfather said she died of grief after the death of her only daughter who had died in February 1889.
Assarina Eliasdotter (aka Nelson) Mälmstrom was born 10 April 1847 in Perstorp, Kristianstad, Sweden to Elias Nilsson and Elna (aka Ellen) Eliasdotter. She was a "school teacher" according to family lore when she married in Sweden shoemaker Bengt Pehrsom Mälmstrom (a widower) (have not found marriage). Bengt died in 1881 in Sweden leaving her with a child to raise. Her sibling had emigrated to the US and by that time were living in Fulton County. In 1885 her father dies and her mother would have been 75 and son was 5. She, her son and mother emigrated in May 1890 and married in Sep 1890. No known issue from this 2nd marriage.



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