John Melangton – Was born February 8, 1872 in Brunskog Parish, Vermland Province, Sweden.  He attended the common school until his twelfth year, when he went to work as a tailor’s helper.  He came to Chicago in September 1892.  For a while he attended North Park College,  but soon returned to has trade, meanwhile taking lessons in grading and designing in a school for tailors.  By 1897, he had attained such skill as to warrant him in accepting a position as designer with the Edward Ely Co., Tailors.  Since 1902, Mr. Melangton has been a member of this firm, the oldest of its kind in Chicago, and well known throughout the country.
Mr. Melangton was married in 1897 to Miss Christina Rollen from his native place.  He belongs to the Swedish Mission Church and is a deacon in the congregation of which he is a member.  He has been president of the Young People’s Society and of the church choir.




Swedes in Illinois

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