Per Göran, Anna, Carl Gustaf, Gerda Fallman



Husband: Per Giiran Fallman

Born: 12 Apr 1829 in: Parsbo

Married: 01 Jul 1874 in: Glysebo

Died: 08 Apr 1901 in: Glysebo                            

Father: Carl Issak Fallman

Mother: Brita Kristina Persdotter

Other Spouses: Hedda Sofia Karlsdotter


Family stories say that Per Goran was said to have a violent temper" A Fallman's humor". It was also said that he had a large turnover of servants and was difficult to work for. Died in 1901 of stomach cancer.

Six of his children immigrated to US with one of them returning to Sweden in 1913

His first wife Hedda Sofia commited suicide in 1874 and was buried in silence and darkness after

Per Göran recieved permission from the church in Kattilstad.

His father Carl Issac Fallman died "drinking water and getting pnuemonia while on manuvers.

Issac died when Per Goran was eight days old. He never saw his son.

It's documented in Sven Peter Asp(Per GOran's step-father) estate inventory

that Sven Peter was very generous to his step-son in his will. leaving Per Goran almost the same as he did his own sons.

Wife: Anna Mathilda Andersdotter


Born: 04 Nov 1845

Died: 05 Oct 1927

Father: Anders Peter Mork Mother: Anna Sofia Persdotter

in: Mellingtorp in: Glysebo



Name: Per Johan Fallman


Born: 09 Sep 1867

in: Glysebo

Died: 12 Sep 1891

in: Chicago. IL

Name: Anna Christina Fallman


Born: 24 Jul 1875

in: Glysebo

Died: 06 Oct 1913

in: Kirkwood,. 11

Married: 18 Feb 1897

in: Warren County, IL

Spouse: Ben Hendrikson


Name: Anders Alfrid Fallman


Born: 28 Aug 1877

in: Glysebo

Died: 04 May 1939

in: Atvid

Married: 1908


Spouse: Anna Lovisa Vesterling


Name: Karolina Maria Fallman


Born: 10 Apr 1880

in: Glysebo. Kaitilstad

Died: 03 Apr 1946

in: Atvid

Married: 25 Nov 1905

in: Kâttilstad

Spouse: Frans Oskar Andersson


Name: Vilhelmenia Sofia Fallman


Born: 07 Feb 1882

in: Glysebo

Died: 24 Oct 1972

in: Nursing Home in Monmouth.IL



Spouse: Henry Holcomb


Name: Gustaf Adolph Fallman


Born: 22 Oct 1884

in: Glysebo

Died: 15 Sep 1967


Married: 06 Aug 1921

in: Ktti;stad

Spouse: Viktoria Otillia Palmer



Name: Gerda Viktoria Fallman


Born: 28 Jan 1888

in: Glysebo

Died: 07 Jul 1959

in: Monmouth, IL

Married: 05 Apr 1911

in: Warren County

Spouse: John Godfrey Anderson


Children with Hedda Sofia Karlsdotter

Name: Karl Göran Fallman

Born: 05 Dec 1860

Died: 03 Jan 1864

in: Kattilstad

in: Sweden

Name: Augusta Carolina Fallman


Born: 13 Sep 1862

in: Kattilstad

Died: 15 Nov 1864

in: Sweden

Name: Hilma Mathilda Fallman


Born: 20 Apr 1865

in: Kattilstad

Died: 24 Dec 1942

in: Sweden

Married: 01 Jul 1893


Spouse: Karl Axel Karlsson


Name: Emma Charlotta Fallman


Born: 03 Mar 1870

in: Kattilstad

Died: 22 Jan 1948

in: Kirkwood. IL

Married: 02 Mar 1899

in: Warren County, IL

Spouse: Anthon A. Carlsson


Name: Carl Göran Fallman


Born: 14 Mar 1873

in: Kattilstad

Died: 27 May 1957

in: Sweden

Married: 27 Nov 1897


Spouse: Helga Charlotta Lord



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