The Swedish Emigrant No. 1 & 2

The Emigrant CD is a database with 1.3 million emigrants from Sweden
leaving in these years and from these ports in Sweden :
1869-1930 Göteborg
1874-1928 Malmö
1882-1920 Stockholm
1861-1921 Norrköping
1881-1893 Kalmar

On the CD there is also information on:
- emigrants, who lived in parishes in Göteborg,
- sailors from Göteborg and
- on Swedish-American church archives.

The information on the people on the CD as following:
Förnamn = First name
Efternamn = Surname
Ålder = age (year) at the emigration
Kön = Sex, m=male, k=female
Församling = Parish, where they lived at the emigration
Län = County, where they lived at the emigration
Titel/Anm = Title/Remark
Medåkande = Traveller companion
Utresehamn = Departure harbour
Utvandrdag = Departure day
Destination = Destination
Källkod = Source code, a ticket number for further research and finding the ship

If it gives the källkod number then you can write to an archives and they will send you the ship in which your ancestors left Sweden on.

I own these CDs and if you would like a look up please contact me. You can do that here.