Brick Walls

Let me know if you have any brick walls in your search for your Illinois Swedes and I'll post them here.

Hey, it can't hurt!!

If anyone has any information or suggestions where to look

please contact me or the person with the brick wall.


Our family bible lists Oscar Peterson b Oct. 20, 1847 in Sweden, Europe, d April 11, 1892 in Chicago; Carolina Mathilda Linnberg (Limberg or variation of burg or bery) b May 29, 1849, d June 7, 1901 in Chicago.  Oscar lived in  Illinois for 40 of his 45 years.   I am hoping to find obituaries for them that may list who their parents were and from where in Sweden they originated

They are buried at Graceland and can be found in the 1880 Sagamon County Census.  Unfortunately, they came as very young children and list Sweden , Sweden as their place of birth.  They were probably married in Cook County and, therefore, their marriage records have been lost in the fire.

Connie Frayer