Can anyone help these people or point them in the right direction?





My name is Birgit Sahlin and I live in Sollefteå, Sweden.


I have been searching for relatives on my mothers side for more than 10 years.

The 2 persons  I have been searching for were my mothers 2 uncles, they emigrated to America in 1906 and now I think that I have found them on your website.

They both went to Kewanee, Illinois. I know that one of them was alive in 1930, when their father in Sweden died.


Their names were: Olof Albin Hultgren, born 16/7 1874 (he was alive in 1930)

                              Nils Albert Hultgren, born 30/3 1886.


If you have any questions about their emigration and why they emigrated to America, I think  that I can give you some information about that.

Also I´m very interested in finding out what happened to them, if they have any relatives that are still alive.

If you have any information about that or if you know where I can find such information, I would be very grateful.





Birgit Sahlin


I am researching descendants of my great great great uncle August Westberg. He and his brother Aron Wenberg emigrated to America in 1882, Aron went to California and August somehow ended up in Joliet, Illinois
 August took the surname Westberg when he arrived in the US (he was born Bryngelsson), and later married Albertina (born 1863). They lived in Joliet, Illinois and had the following children:
 Anna, born 1890
John V, born 1892
Ellen, born 1893
Axel, born 1899
 Ellen married Edvard Wigell (born 1889). I believe they stayed in Joliet and had the following children:
Vernon, born in 1918
Vivian, born in 1923
 Axel married Jennie Bernice (born 1902, by English-born parents) and had the following children, also in Joliet:
Leonard, born 1924
Carl, born 1928
 I have also found info that Axel died in 1971
 All of this information is taken from US Censuses, but I can't seem to get any further than that. We are basically looking for:
 Vernon Wigell, born 1918
Vivian, neé Wigell, born 1923
Leonard Westberg, born 1924
Carl Westberg, born 1928
 and any descendants they may have.
I would be most grateful for any help you can give on this, you might be able to point me to any sources of information on the internet? Of course I would be more than happy to help with anything on the Swedish site you might need, I subscribe to a service with access to scanned copies of the original Swedish church records.
 Thank you and best regards,
Jonas Andersson ----


In 1904 Maria Malvina Carlson left Sweden for a new life in America. Malvina was born in Gladhammar, Kalmar county 7th of  Dec 1877. Her parents were Carl Magnus Jansson and Johanna Charlotta Svensdotter. I have data about their ancestors back to the middle of the 17th century. 
Malvina went to Chicago where I am quite sure that I have found her in the 1910 Census in District 1095, Chicago Ward 25, Cook, Chicago City. In the 1920 Census I am quite sure that I have found her as married to Edward Johnson. He is born in Illinois of Swedish parents. In the family there are two children, Roy E and Edward. Edwars seniors mother lives there too.
I have tried to find out more about this family, but they are all totally absent in all documents I have tried. So  - what happened to Malvina, her children and her husbond? Are there any descendents today?
Malvina had an elder sister, Alma Ottilia Carlson. She was born in Gladhammar 9th of  June 1874. She went to America 1902 and said she intended to go to Chicago. Her name rather common so it has been more difficult to find her. There are lots of Alma and she might have married.I have found many plausible persons in the 1910 Census:
Alma Carlson, single, Chicago Ward 25, Cook, Illinois
Alma Goldberg, Chicago Ward 25, Cook, Illinois
Alma Johnson, Attleborough, Bristol, Massa chusetts
Alma Nelson, Lynn Ward 6, Essex, Massachusetts
Alma Knutson, Versaille, Allegheny, Pennsylvania
Alma Dunn, Pcific, Humboldt, California
 I find it most probable, however, that Alma is to be found i Illinois with her sister.
There is also a brother who went to America. His name was Albert Carlson, but he started to call himself Albert Lindberg years before he went to America. He was a blacksmith and in the family it is said that he was a man who did not want to stay long on a place and that he might have disappeared to Australia. Is there any register on persons who emigrated from America?
Alma, Malvina and Albert are my grandfathers sisters and brother. We, at least not my and my fathers generation, have not had any contact with these persons. Can you suggest were to seek more information?


latest info:
Oscar Stramberg age 19, birthplace Shode, Sweden, arriving on 25 Nov 1910 at Portland Maine USA
 on the SS Laurentic was destined for Chicago, Illinois, USA.
 His companions Ernst Pettersson and Erik H. Janssen were also destined for Chicago.
searching for:

Ernst August Strömberg   f. 1881 i Bräcke (Jämtlands län, Jämtland)- missing

Per Oskar Strömberg  f. 1891 i Ockelbo (Gävleborgs län, Gästrikland) --missing