For those of you interested in Swedish Immigration this has some "must read" books

If anyone has anymore books to add please contact me.

1. Letters from the Promised Land 1840-1914 by H. Arnold Barton

2. A Folk Divided Homeland Swedes and Swedish Americans by H. Arnold Barton

3. The Emigrants, Unto a Good Land, The Settlers and Letters Home. By Vilhelm Moberg

4. Planting Dreams 1868-1869,a Swedish Immigrants Journey to America by Linda Hubalek

5. Cultivating Hope 1869-1886,Homesteading on the Great Plains by Linda Hubalek

6. Harvesting Faith 1886-1919, Life on the Changing Praire by Linda Hubalek

7. Swedish Exodus by Lars Ljungmark and Kermit B. Westerburg

8. The Background of Swedish Immigration by Florance Edith Janson

9. Clipper Ships and Covered Wagons; essays from the Swedish Pioneer Quarterly by H.Arnold Barton

10. Swedes in Moline by Lilly Setterdahl

11.If We Could Only Come to America by Robert J. Nelson

12. Religious Aspects of Swedish Immigration by George M. Stephson

13. New Land,New Lives by Janet E. Rasmussen

14. The Search for Ancestors, A Swedish-American Family Saga by H. Arnold Barton

15. Cradled in Sweden by Carl Eric Johansson

16. A History of the Swedish People by Vilhelm Moberg

17. Wheat Flour Messiah, Eric Jansson of Bishop Hill by Paul Elmen

18 The Search for Ancestors: A Swedish American Family Saga by H. Arnold Barton

19. Swedes in Rockford by Lilly Setterdahl



If anyone has anymore books to add please contact me.

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