The Augustana Hospital was incorporated by the Swedish Lutheran church in 1882. It has always been located on Cleveland and Lincoln avenues. Until 1893 it occupied a wooden house containing eighteen beds. At this time the south half of the present structure was completed, providing accommodations for one hundred and twenty-five patients. This capacity was again increased in 1904, to two hundred and twenty beds, which are constantly full. The hospital consists of a thoroughly modern, absolutely fireproof structure, built entirely of stone, brick, steel and tile. The building is six stories in height, so placed that every room and ward is exposed to the sunlight during some portion of the day. The first floor contains the office, waiting room, examining room, a large laboratory and a library, as well as the rooms for the matron and the resident staff.

The second and third stories contain wards for one hundred and sixty beds, and the fourth and fifth stories contain fifty private rooms. The top story is divided into three departments ; first, operating and dressing rooms; second, obstetrical department ; third, kitchen and dining room. The medical staff is organized on the German University Hospital plan, with one chief at the head of each department.

The following physicians and surgeons comprise the staff :

John Bartlett, M. D., consulting physician; Richard Dewey, A. M., M. D., consulting neurologist; Albert J. Ochsner, B. S., F. R. M. S., M. D., chief of staff, surgeon in chief ; Henry B. Favill, A. B., M. D., department of internal medicine; James Nevin Hyde, A. M., M. D., dermatologist ; Oscar Dodd, M. D., opthalmologist and Otologist ; Rudolph W. Holmes, M. D., obstetrician; Thor. Rothstein, A. B., M. D., neurologist ; Alfred Hakanson, M. D., rhinologist and laryngologist ; Edward H. Ochsner, B. S., M. D., attending surgeon; Anders Frick, M. D., attending physician; Charles E. Blomgren, M. D., junior attending physician ; Emanuel 0. Benson, A. B., M. D., children's diseases ; Cornelius Larson Lenard, B. S., M. D., junior attending surgeon; Carl W. Johnson, M. D., advisory surgeon; Joseph E. Rehnstrom, M. D., department of dentistry.


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