Prairie Farmer's Reliable Directory
of Farmers and Breeders,
Marshall, Putnam, and Stark Counties, Illinois



Wade, John J. (Eliza) Ch Ethel, Cora, Galva R2 Goshen Sec5 T152a R. F. Everett (1914)

Walker, Jas. F. (Luella) Ch Marie, Toulon R2 West Jersey Sec3 T160a C. W. Terry (1911)

Walker, Jesse (Katherine) Ch Ella, Stark R1 Valley Sec28 T80a Louis Streitmatter (1901)

Wall, Patrick Ch Katherine, Charles, Anastacia, Stark R1 Valley Sec21 O40a T40a  (1866)

Wall, Providence M. (Bertha) Ch Everett, Glenn, Francis, Margaret, Darline, Bradford R2 Osceola Sec13 T320a Rose Thompson (1909)

Ward. Clarence (Ida) Ch Harold, Bradford R4 Penn Sec12 T100a Edwin Holmes (1915)

Warren, Richard (essie) Toulon R1 Sec7 T240a W. R. Caverly (1907)

Wasson, Geo. A, (Emma) Ch Orville, Toulon R1 West Jersey Sec25 O240a (1893)

Wasson, Orville J, (Ruth) Ch Flora, Emily, Toulon R1 West Jersey Sec25 Geo. A. Wasson (1894)

Watson, Marion (Cora) Ch Ivan, Nellie, Toulon R5 Goshen Sec28 T160a Winn & Galbroth (1912)

Webber, A. B. (Carrie) Ch William, Isadora, Nora, Lee, Edward, Mabel, Mayaria, Howard, Bradford R4 Penn Sec12 T320a T. W. Howes (1915)

Webster, David (Margaret) Ch James, Henry, Toulon R2 West Jersey Sec32 O380a (1842)

Webster, D. O. (Mary) Ch Irma, Scottie, Toulon R5 West Jersey Sec20 T100a Anna T. Dryden (1889)

Webster, D. R. (May) Ch Duane, Toulon R2 West Jersey Sec21 T160a David Webster (1886)

Webster, Homer (Mary) Ch Iceil, Mary, John, Don, Roland, Toulon R5 West Jersey Sec20 O130a (1876)

Webster, Jas. D. Toulon R2 West Jersey Sec33 O297a (1866)

Webster, Mertin E. (Katie) Ch Bernard. Speer R1 Valley Sec35 T160a A. & M, Gehrt (1915)

Webster, Robt. Toulon R1 Goshen Sec14 T240a .M. H. Wright (1911)

Weeks, R. E. (Margaret) Kewanee R2 Elmira Sec6 T190a H. W. Weeks (1893)

Weller, H. W. (Christine) Ch Elmer, Wyoming R3 Penn Sec32 T160a M and W. King (1879)

West, Roy H. (Nellie) Ch Lucille, Raymond, Speer R1 Valley Sec25 T120a Jas. McCurdy (1886)

Westefer, C. (Clara) Ch Roy, Lee, Edna, Walter, Norine, Arthur, Speer R1 Valley Sec14 O160a (1888)

Westefer, Lee S. (Leadell) Ch Edward, Speer R1 Valley Sec25 T120a Chris Westefer (1889)

Westlin, E. A. (Carrie) Ch Esther, Mamie, Gladys, LaFayette R1 Goshen Sec32 T267a M. C. Ericson (1906)

Whisker, Harry (Lillian) Ch James, Ina, Helen, Bradford R3 Osceola Sec7 T180a R. & Wm. Whisker

Whisker, Rollin C. (Mabel) Ch Ward, Arlene, Buda R1 Osceola Sec5 T120a G. B. Whisker (1887)

Whitcher, Adine E. (Laura) Ch Lula, Glenn, Bradford R5 Osceola Sec26 O78a7Ha (1864)

Whitcher, Glenn (Jessie) Bradford R5  Osceola Sec 26 O80a (1888)

White, Asa G. (Bessie) Lafayette R2 (i'jslicn Sec18 O63a (1873) "

White, H. M. (Blanche) Ch Merle, Mabel, Margie, Mildred, George, Florence, Toulon R1 Essex Sec31 Farm Hand W. K. Whittaker (1914)

White, J. L. (Roxy) Ch John, Wayne, Lafayette, R2 Goshen Sec29 T160a J. H. White (1886)

White, Will W. (Mabel) Toulon R1 Toulon Sec27 T80a C Ona Slygh (1880)

White, Rachel Ch Charles, Harrison, Wilbur, Lillian, Annie, Wyoming R2 Toulon Sec13 O130a (1850)

White, S. Clyde (Jennie) Ch Elizabeth, Gerald, Toulon R1 Toulon Sec32 T400a Jos. Chase (1887)

Whittaker, Garfield (Eva) Ch Clifford, Orville, Wyoming R2 Toulon Secc28 O122a (1883)

Whittaker, Morrow (Nora) Ch Robert, Cecil, Mildred, Toulon R1 Toulon Sec29 O264a (1881)

Whittaker, W. R. (Sadie) Ch Ruth. Toulon R1 Toulon Sec21 O160a ( 1896)

Whitten, I. J. (Gertie) Bradford R5 Penn Sec3 O200a (1914)

Whitten, L. E. (Mary) Ch Roy, Toulon R1 West Jersey Sec13 O200a (1863)

Whitten, T, E. (Jane) Ch Percy. Mira, Kate, Fannie, Harry, Toulon R1 Essex Sec18 O157a (1864)

Whitten, Wm. Ch John, Grace, Ted, Toulon R1 West Jersey Sec26 O225a (1868)

Wickham, John Stark R1 Valley Sec15 O245a (1866)

Wickham, Wm., Speer R1 Valley Sec15 T80a Mrs. Mary Wickham (1863)

Wiley, T. E. (Tillie) Ch Ethel. John. Vera. Toulon R2 West Jersey Sec29 O120a T255a (1870)

Wilkinson, Emery (Blanche) Wyoming R1 Valley Sec6 Farm Hand Julian Voorhees

Wilkinson, Everett (Jennie) Wyoming R4 Essex Sec4 T220a S. Wilkinson (l880)

Wilkinson, Jesse Ch Russell, Florence, Dorothy, Wyoming R3 Penn Sec23 T200a F. M. Bocock (1913)

Wilkinson, Newton (Mary) Ch Solomon, Annie, Wyoming R2 Toulon Sec33 O400a (1849)

Willcox, E. K. (Ella) Ch Dorothy, Lawrence, Marion, Charles, Wyoming Essex Sec2 O192a (1898)

Williams, E. H. (Grace) Ch Earl. Eva, Spray, Carl, Wyoming R4 Essex Sec15 O80a (1884)

Williams, Holdman (Martha) Ch Jessie, Ezra, Elta, LaFayette R5 West Jersey Sec18 O20a (1856)

Williamson, Arthur (Rita) Toulon R3 Goshen Sec13 T80a R. F.  Williamson (1915)

Williamson, E. G. (Antonette) Ch Will, Ralph, Victor, Toulon R5 Goshen Sec13-14 O180a (1914)

Willson, Myron Y. Toulon R5 West Jersey Sec5 T160a Sarah J. Willson (1894)

Willson, Oliver (Melva) Ch Mildred, Diane, Ruth, LaFayette R2 West Jersey Sec19 T143a A. E. Catton (1884)

Wilmott, Mrs. Harriet N., Ch Lillie, Ambrosia, Roy, Fred, Clausen, Ethan, Asa, Wyoming R1 Valley Sec1 O160a (1896)

Wilson, Arthur M. (Gertrude) Ch Minnie, Bradford R3 Osceola Sec8 O485a (1865)

Wilson, Edd (Mabel) Ch Joe, Helen, Toulon R2 West Jersey Sec11 T323a C, L, Mahany (1905)

Wilson. Frank (Leona) Ch Rilla, Charles, Richard, George, Curtis, Bradford R3 Osceola Sec17 O115a (1871)

Wilson, Geo. (Bertha) Ch Letha, Stella, Toulon R4 Toulon Sec9 O200a (1907)

Wilson, Ima & Ora  Stark R D Valley Sec19 Robt. M. King (1911)

Wilson, Oren Stark R D Valley Sec19 T77a Robt. M. King (1911)

Winans, Frazee (Faye) Toulon R3 Goshen Sec11-12 O120a (1915)

Winans, Fred E. (Grace) Ch Lois, Lafayette R1 Goshen Sec 16 O150a (1871)

Winans, Henry (Ellen) Ch Bertha, May, Ada, Henry, Robert, Toulon R5 Goshen Sec20 O240a (1905)

Winans, J. D. ( Edna) Ch Lester, Toulon R1 Essex Sec19 T108a H. E. Winans (1886)

Winans, Wayne W. (Iona) Lafayette R2 Goshen Sec20 T100a W. H. Church (1915)

Winn, Fred G. (Kittie) Ch Edward, Toulon R3 Elmira Sec21 T80a Noah Winn (1896)

Winn, M. L. (Bessie) Ch James, Toulon R3 Elmira Sec17 T196a D. W. McLennan (1887)

Winne, J. H. (Winnie) Ch James, Margaret, Hubert, Wyoming R3 Penn Sec34 O53a (1911)

Winslow, Ray (Mattie) Toulon R3 Toulon Sec7 T230a G. Rutherford (1913)

Winter, Robt. (Susie) Ch Ruth, Robert, Hazel, Earl, Raymond, Lafayette R1Goshen Sec6 Farm Hand E. Buffum (1914)

Wipert, L. W. (Flora) LaFayette R1 Goshen Sec17 O80a (1900)

Worley, Edwin F. (Anna) Ch Richard, Lula, Gladys, LaFayette R1 West Jersey Sec4 O82a (1872)

Worsfold, John (Hanna) Ch George, Albert, Walter, Wallace, John, Harrv, Mabel, Laura, Myrtle, Jessie, Stark R1 Essex Sec24 T160a G. Belford Est. (1914)

Wright, L. B. (Nancy) Ch Vesta, Mary, Jessie, Dora, George, Bernice, Helen, Rose, Bradford R5 Osceola Sec31 O9a (1913)

Wright, W. W. (Phoebe) Ch William, John, Toulon R2 Goshen Sec25 O310a (1886)

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