Prairie Farmer's Reliable Directory
of Farmers and Breeders,
Marshall, Putnam, and Stark Counties, Illinois



Keeley, James (Ella) Ch Paul, Ada, Isaac, Ima, Effie, Merle, Fay, Stark R1 Valley Sec33 Farm Hand Fred & Frank Hodges (1909)

Keim Bros. Lafayette R1 Goshen Sec4 T195a F. L. Keim (1908)

Kelch, John (Lavina) Ch Raymond, Pauline, Forrest, Bradford R3 Elmira Sec24 O20a (1868)

Kelly, Cornelius (Mary) Ch John, Bernadette, Louis, Joseph, Beatrice, Cornelius, Anna Ida, Helen, Wyoming R1 Valley Sec2 O160a (1881)

Kelly, Geo. V. (Sarah) Ch Helen, Winnifred, Bradford R3 Osceola Sec9 Farm Hand John Black

Kelly, Jas. (Elizabeth) Ch Lorene, Lucile, Margaret, James, Wyoming R1 Valley Sec2 O160a (1881)

Kelly, John (Margaret) Ch Marie, Henry, Leo, Alosius, Rose, Veronica, Dorothy, Marcella, Bradford R4 Penn Sec11 O200a (1860)

Kelly, John J. (Mary) Ch Leo, Bernadette, Margaret, Wyoming R1 Essex Sec2 T160a H. L. Ingram (1878)

Kelly, Susan Wyoming R1 Valley Sec1 Wm. Kelly (1886)

Kelly, Thos. A. (Lillie) Ch Harold, Ethel, Thomas, Lucile, Stark R1 Valley Sec32 T226a Robt. Morrisey (1883)

Kelly, Timothy (Anna) Ch Gertrude, Emma, Wyoming R1 Valley Sec17 O220a (1868)

Kelly, Tirus (Pearl) Ch Bernice, Russell, LaFayette R1 Goshen Sec5-8 T240a Thos. Kelly (1910)

Kelly, Wm. (Sarah) Ch John, Edward, Francis, Timothy, Mary, Margaret, Wyoming R1 Valley Sec12 O240a (1866)

Kermeen, Jas. W. (Margaret) Ch James, Eilen, LaFayette R1 Goshen Sec21 T160a W. H. Church (1913)

Kerns, Harry W. (Anna) Ch Alva, Orvel, Wyoming R1 Essex Sec11 O160a (1876)

Kerns, J. C. (Almina) Ch Merle, Princeville R24 Essex Sec35 O95a (1898)

Kerns, W. W. (Stella) Ch Harley, Harry, Madge, Grace, Wyoming R2 Toulon Sec27 O169a (1873)

Kewish, Robt. (Cora) Ch Mabel, Bernice, Robert, LaFayette R1 Goshen Sec10 R240a O. E. Yocum (1915)

Kidd, Jas. (Maud) Ch Harold, Myrtle, Evan, Toulon R4 Elmira Sec23 O160a (1889)

Kidd, Jos. A. (Lizzie) Ch Margaret, Dale, William, Bradford R3 Osceola Sec18 O175a (1874)

Kidd, Thos. J. (Mary) Ch Sara, Mae, Neponset R1 Elmira Sec22 O220a (1871)

Kilby, C. C. Zillah Ch Wiley, Lula, John, Nelson, Nina, Norvon, Walter, Lester, Wade, Glenn, Neponset R1 Elmira Sec10 T40a F. Lyle (1914)

Kilby, N. J. (Edith) Ch Grace, Julia, Wyoming R4 Essex Sec8 O20a (1901)

Kilby, W. M. (Bertha) Ch Florence, Cecil, Russell, Elizabeth, Kewanee R2 Elmira Sec6 T221a Mrs. M. E. Lyle (1902)

King, John (Emma) Ch Ivey, Toulon R5 Goshen Sec27 T160a J. Culbertson (1915)

King, J. C. (Nannie) Ch May, LaFayette R2 West Jersey Sec16 T80a O. Miller (1915)

King, J. E. (Maude) Ch Ralph, Wyoming R3 Penn Sec30 T220a W. Reagan Est. (1855)

Kinsella, Stella Ch Cecilia, Clara, Raymond, Robert, Wyoming Essex Sec10 O160a (1876)

Kitterman, John (Mary) Ch William, Mildred, Bradford R2 Osceola Sec12 T93a Rose Thompson (1871)

Klepfer, Henry (Bertha) Ch Harold, Walter, Ruth, Stark R1 Essex Sec36 O160a (1872)

Knapp, R. A. (Lorena) Ch Neil, Hazel, Marie, Toulon R4 Toulon Sec9 T80a Christina Grieve (1906)

Knapp, W. J. (Clara) Ch Esther, Evelyn, Bessie, Corwin, Wyoming R2 Toulon Sec10 O150a (1896)

Knappenburger, Ernest (Beatrice) Ch Allen, Mary, Toulon R3 Goshen Sec19 T400a J. Gulberson (1914)

Knobee, Chas. Princeville R25 Valley Sec33 O140a Christ Wort (1900)

Kopp, Jacob H. (Anna) Ch Jennie, Estella, Mollie, Dorothy, Buda R1 Osceola Sec5 O277a (1870)

Kramerer, Chas. W. (Effie) Ch Kermit, Toulon R2 West Jersey Sec15 O161a (1875)

Kramerer, Clara M. Ch Marguerite, Laura, Toulon R2 West Jersey Sec15 O77a (1898)

Kreiling, Wm. C. (Arabella) Stark R1 Valley Sec20 T240a Chas. Hampson Est. (1907)

Krider, Alva C. (Florence) Ch Theresa, LaFayette R1 Goshen Sec9 T80a T. Nelson (1915)

Kruger, Geo. (Susie) John, Wyoming R3 Penn Sec36 T79a Susan Kruger (1903)

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