Prairie Farmer's Reliable Directory
of Farmers and Breeders,
Stark County, Illinois



Adams, Asa P. (Mary) Neponset R1 Elmira Sec16 O43a (1853)

Adams, Harry F. (Clora) Ch Miriam, Ardis, Audrey, Merlin, Castleton, Penn Sec16 O400a

Adams, Saml. (Anna) Ch Opal, Clesson, Harold, Wyoming R1 Essex Sec2 O10a (1860)

Adams, S. M. (Nancy) Toulon R2 Goshen Sec25 O315a (1886)

Addis, Arthur C. (Edna) Wyoming R2 Toulon Sec12 O108a (1877)

Addis, Chas. F. (Jennie) Ch Lucile, Pauline, Toulon R1 West Jersey Sec25 O80a (1876)

Addis, Earl R. (Maud) Toulon R5 West Jersey Sec9 T200a F. V. Addis (1892)

Addis, Frank V. (Ellen) Ch Earl, Orville, Glenn, Toulon R5 West Jersey Sec10 O480a (1865)

Adleman, B. R. (Myrtle) Ch Cardine, Garner, Wyoming R1 Essex Sec3 T224a F. S. Foster (1885)

Alldredge, C. A. (Hattie) Ch Jennie, Albert, Robert, Ray, LaFayette R2 West Jersey Sec9 T160a Emery Est (1898)

Allen, Dave (Lorie) Ch Willie, Arthur, George, Herbert, Albert, James, Betty, LaFayette R2 Goshen Sec29 T160a E. H. Packard (1915)

Allen, John (Alice) Ch Henry, Margaret, Pauline, Willie, Toulon R1 Toulon Sec31 O240a (1869)

Allen, Otis (Caroline) Bradford R5 Osceola Sec 19 T3a Henry Hewitt

Ames, Heenan (Mary) Ch Earl, Margie, James, Bradford R3 Osceola Sec16 O200a (1859)

Anderson, A. W. (Georgia) Toulon R1 West Jersey Sec13 T114a E. H. Trickle (1892)

Anderson, Ed. (Ida) Ch Cora, Helen, Carl, Hazel, Orvilla, Floyd, Robert, LaFayette R2 Goshen Sec32 T200a Ericson Est. (1912)

Anderson, Frank, Bradford R3 Osceola Sec10 T320a M. J. Stoughton (1909)

Anderson, H. (Addie) Ch Walter, Glenn, Ray, Inez, Toulon R4 Toulon Sec17 O40a (1915)

Appenheimer, A. R., Toulon R1 Toulon Sec29 T80a Olive Appenheimer (1893)

Armstrong, Geo. (Mary) Ch Sabilla, James, Robert, William, Victor, Toulon R3 Elmira Sec32 O1100a (1855)

Armstrong, Jas. E. (Isabel) Ch Jeanie, Margaret, Neponset R1 Elmira Sec21 O164a (1893)

Armstrong, Robt. R. (Anna) Ch Esther, John, Ruth, Paul, Toulon R3 Toulon Sec6 O146a (1882)

Armstrong, W. H. (Tillie) Ch Donald, John, Harry, Lloyd, Leslie, Ruth, Toulon R3 Elmira Sec19 O160a (1893)

Aylward, Thos. Princeville R24 Essex Sec36 O160a


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