Theodore Fussner

Princeville Telephone, Aug. 1950
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Last Rites Are Held For Farmer Pinned Beneath Tractor

Friends and relatives in this community were saddened when they learned of the death of Theodore Fussner Friday. Death was caused by drowning when his tractor overturned in the muddy shallow waters of the French Creek and pinned him in tem inches of slime.

His struggles to free himself were of no avail. When his body was found an open pocketknife beside his was mute testimony of a desperate fight for life.

The farmer left his home north of Douglas around 9 a. m. that morning to plow a field of stubble bordering on the creek. When he didnít return for dinner, his wife started out after him, then went back and called a neighbor to help in the search. They discovered him and the wheels up tractor a half-mile from his house.

The machineís wheelmarks showed that Fussner had waited a fraction of a second too long before making a turn. The front wheels hooked over an eight foot drop and pulled the tractor into a semi-somersault. The 68 years old driverís leg was broken and pinned under the steering wheel.

The son of Adam and Ann Fussner, he was born February 19, 1882 near St. Louis. About 20 years ago he was untied in marriage to Valla Moffitt of Monica.

Surviving are his wife; a daughter. Mrs. Marvel Gutshaw of Elmwood; four brothers, Fred and William of Brimfield, Peter of Elwood and Charles of Peoria; two sisters, Elizabeth of California and Madeline of Peoria and one grandchild.

Funeral services were held at the Patterson Funeral home in Elmwood Monday afternoon. He was laid to rest in the Elmwood cemetery.


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