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Name Rank Branch Unit Date of Death Cemetery
Boyton, Robert Louis   Marines   Oct. 5, 1976 Wyoming
Chamberlain, Ira M. Cpl Army Btry. A 57 FABN Apr. 7, 1956 St. Domincs
Collins, Thomas A. Pvt Army   Apr. 21, 1985 Osceola Grove
Eaton, Frederick Jr. Pfc Army Co. D 372 Arm'd Inf. Bn. Jun. 13, 1953 Wyoming
Grigg, Raymond D. Cpl Army Co. A Ill. 13 Engl. Bn. Aug. 28, 1968 Wyoming
Hughes, Raymond Hadley Sp 3 Army   Oct. 21, 1988 Lafayette
Johnson, Raymond   Army   Jun. 9, 1972 Evergreen Mem. Gardens
McBride, Raymond E. Ssgt Army   Dec. 19, 1986 Osceola Grove
Newton, Page E. Sgt Med Co. 19 Ill. Inf. Feb. 13, 1967 Snareville
Nye, Walter R. Pfc Army 29 INf. Jul. 31, 1950 St. Dominics
Porter, Earl Pvt Army Air Corps. Apr. 20, 1971 Wyoming
Tracy, Robert Wayne Pvt Army Co. I 27 Inf. May 27, 1953 Wyoming
Warren, Reuben F. Pfc Army Co. L 7 Inf. Sep. 10, 1962 Toulon


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