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Allen-Carroll Lester-Mallery
Ault-Graves Litchfield-Henry
Baughman-Wieland Maher-Fulton
Bayer-House Mallery-Bouton
Berchtold-Best Massieson-Stisser
Bouton-Routt Morrissey-Wilson
Burnett-Miller Obery-White
Carr-Ely Paul-Wieland
Caruso-Hunt Peterson-Jones
Chambers-Wieland Peterson-Kidd
Claver-Green Peterson-McMillen
Cobb-Schmidt Peterson-Meeker
Conley-Smith Pettit-Holmes
Cox-Hogg Phillips-Peterson
Cox-Morrissey Raifsnider-Beam
Danger-White Roark-Bickett
Day-Bayer Robinette-Lester
Ehnle-Morrissey Roller-Camp
Elgin-Beam Saline-Cox
Fabry-Hunt Schierer-Burke
Fletcher-Arganbright Searle-Mendenhall
Fling-Egan Searle-Heinold
Fling-Fairbanks Silliman-Hutchens
Fritz-Cobb Sloan-Camp
Fritz-Denen Stange-Emery
Fritz-Seifert Staples-Hall
Geeseman-Stisser Stear-Cox
Green-Maher Sturm-Jones
Hall-Kerns Trump-White
Harrison-Pease Wabel-Duffy
Kegebein-Pease White-McCans
Kerns-Paxson Turnbull-Debord
King-Kerns Weaver-Cheesman
King-Wilcoxen Webster-Negley


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