Greeting Marriage may be Celebrated Between John F. Kegebein of Morris in the County of Grundy and State of Illinois of the age of 33 years and Miss Emma Pease of Bradford in the County of Stark and State of Illinois of the age of 17 years, the mother of the said Emma Pease having given her assent to said Marriage.

Witness: Joseph Chase County Clerk and the seal of said County at his Office in Toulon in said County this 2nd day of Jan'y AD 1893.

J.C. Blaisdell a Justice of the Peace hereby certify that Mr. John F. Kegebein and Miss Emma Pease were united in Marriage by me at ________ (left blank) in the County of Stark and State of Illinois on the 2 day of Jan A.D. 1893.
J.C. Blaisdell
Justice of the Peace

Return of a Marriage to County Clerk
Full Name of Groom: John F. Kegebein
Place of Residence: Morris, IL
Occupation: Photographer
Age next Birthday: 34 years
Color: White
Race: Cau.
Place of Birth: Kankakee, Illinois
Father's Name: John Kegebein
Mother's Name: Elizabeth Bruggeman
Number of Groom's Marriage: First
Full Name of Bride: Emma Pease
Maiden Name, if a Widow:
Place of Residence: Bradford, IL
Age next Birthday: 18 years
Color: White
Race: White
Place of Birth: Sheffield, Illinois
Father's Name: William H. Pease
Mother's Name: Arelia Gipe
Number of Bride's Marriage: First
Married at: Bradford in the County of Stark and State of Illinois, the 2 day of Jan, 1893

Witnesses to Marriage: Sarah Blaisdell, M. Fred Harrison
Bradford, Jan 2, 1893

We Hereby Certify that the information above given is correct, to the best of our knowledge and belief.
John Kegebein (Groom)
Emma Kegebein (Bride)

I Hereby Certify that the above is a correct return of a Marriage solemnized by me:
J. C. Blaisdell
Justice of the Peace
Dated at Bradford this 2 day of Jan 1893

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