Death Records
(Jan., 1878- Jan. 1881)

Transcribed by Amy Robbins-Tjaden

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We tried to keep true to the spelling on the original documents...even when we knew they were misspelled.
Some of the handwriting we were unable to decipher...which we designated with a "?". 


Date of Rpt. Name Age  Occupation  Death Date Marital Status  Where Born  Where Died Cause of Death Date of Burial
11/29/1878 Mahoney,John 8y,8m,16d   11/6/1878 Single Penn Tp Penn Twp. Diptheria resulting in paralysis of heart 11/8/1878
11/29/1878 Mahoney,Maggie 6y,5m,11d   11/1/1878 Single Penn Tp Penn Twp. Diptheria 11/2/1878
11/25/1879 Marsh,Essie Burns 4y,8m,6d   11/21/1879 Single Toulon Toulon Disease of the heart & diphteria  
8/1/1879 Mawbey,Joannah 68y,0m,0d   7/20/1879 Married        
11/?/1879 Mawby,Dennis 63y,0m,0d Farmer 10/30/1879 Widower   Toulon Embolism  
12/13/1878 Maxfield,Eugene S. 8y,1m,7d   11/7/1878 Single  Il. Toulon Il. Gun-shot wound 11/8/1878
7/20/1878 McCaul,[Male] 10y,0m,0d   7/13/1878   Osceola At Simon Sturms,Osceola Bite of a Venomous animal (presumably a R. Snake  
8/9/1880 McDairmid,John K. 1y,6m,4d   7/27/1880   Wellington Co Canada Elmira Il. Cholera Infantum 7/28/1880
10/27/1880 McLennan,Duncan 21y,7m,1d Farmer 10/20/1880 Married Elmira Tp At his residence in Elmira Tp Tuberculosis of Lung 10/22/1880
4/24/1878 McLennan,John K. 27y,3m,22d Farmer 4/24/1878 Single Elmira Twp. Elmira Twp. Consumption 4/26/1878
11/29/1878 McSherry,Charles 3y,11m,26d   11/8/1878 Single Penn Tp  Il. Penn Tp  Il. Membrainous Croup  
12/25/1878 McSherry,John M. 5y,0m,0d   11/23/1878 Single Penn Tp Penn Tp Depletturice  
7/10/1879 Medaris,Francis J. 17y,0m,3d   6/1/1879 Single Il. Toulon Twp. Thicking of the mitral valves The result of Inflammatory Rhumatism 6/3/1879
12/11/1880 Miller Davis S. unknown   11/29/1880 Married   Essex Twp. Suicide  
1/4/1879 Miller,Eva 1y,7m,0d   12/4/1878 Single Toulon  Il. Toulon Il. Pseudo Membrainous Croup 12/5/1878
5/4/1880 Miller,Mabel 0y,10m,0d   4/1/1880   Toulon Toulon Whooping cough  
10/14/1879 Miller,Wayne 4y,11m,10d   9/20/1879 Single Toulon Il. Toulon Diptheria - six days  
4/9/1879 Moffitt,Wm 55y,2m,3d Weaver 4/2/1879 Widower Co Antrim Ireland Elmira Tp  Il. Delerium Tremors 4/3/1879
12/29/1879 Murchison,Elizabeth 9y,10m,0d   12/25/1879 Single Elmira Tp  Il. Elmira Twp Scarletince  
2/1/1879 Newland,Peter T. 25y,9m,21d   1/27/1879 Single Toulon Il. Toulon Il. Consumption following Pneumonia 1/28/1879
3/18/1879 Newton,Peter 0y,2m,11d   3/17/1879     W. Jersey Twp. Pneumonia 3/18/1879
8/29/1879 Nicholson,Edna 2y,7m,4d   8/23/1879 Single Goshen ,Il. Goshen Inflammatory Diarrhoea  
12/1/1880 Ogle,Diantha 40y,5m,0d   9/7/1880 Married Canton Il. Essex Tp Tuberculosis 9/9/1880
7/16/1880 Ogle,Marcie 1y,1m,0d   6/15/1880   Essex Tp Essex Tp,  Il. Bascular meningitis 6/16/1880
7/22/1879 Oliver,May Louis 5y,0m,0d   4/21/1879 Single Elmira Il. Elmira Twp. Acute Pneumonia  
1/1/1879 Oliver,Thomas Henry 22y,11m,2d Farmer 1/1/1879 Single Elmira Elmira Pulmonary Consumption  
5/20/1880 O'Neil,Lizzie 2y,9m,0d   4/14/1880 Single Toulon Tp Toulon Tp Bascilar meningitis 4/16/1880
1/16/1878 Oneil,Torrence 7y,8m,9d   12/24/1877 Single Toulon Twp. of Toulon Malignant Scarlet Fever  
8/13/1879 Patterson,Sarah 45y,2m,0d   6/17/1879 Married Pennsylvania Toulon Il. Atrophy of Liver with Malignant Jaundice 6/18/1879
3/13/1879 Petitt,George 14y,9m,9d Attending school 9/16/1878   Il. Wyoming Il. Peritonitis,thrown from wagon Rupturing (I think) the Intestines  
11/26/1880 Phelps,Mary Reed 42y,5m,25d   8/31/1880 Married West Virginia Toulon Il. Puespal Convulsions 9/1/1880
12/30/1878 Pierson,Ada 32y,0m,0d Housekeeper 12/1/1878 Married Not Known Toulon Il. at Residence of S.E. Dyer Jury rendered following verdict We the Jurors find that Ada Pierson came to her death from Natural Causes 12/3/1878
5/1/1880 Plummer,Reuben Columbus 7y,5m,15d School boy 4/1/1880   Princeville Duncan,Il. Spinal meningitis 4/2/1880
2/24/1879 Potter,Harvey 0y,0m,12d   2/23/1879 Single Osceola Osceola Pneumonia 2/24/1879
4/9/1879 Powers,Icy? B. 57y,3m,24d housewifery 3/28/1879 Widow Wane Co Penn Elmira Twp. Ovarian Tumor of the right side 3/29/1879
8/1/1879 Pyle,Alice L 9y,6m,6d   7/13/1879     Toulon Twp Sunstroke  
2/25/1879 Reading,Annie L. 28y,0m,12d Laborer 1/12/1879 Married Reading Pa. Wyoming ? Convulsions 2/13/1879
9/?/1879 Rhodes,Baby 0y,1m,26d   10/22/1879     Toulon Bowel Problem  
8/13/1879 Rhodes,Jane 62y,7m,0d   7/4/1879 Married Crawford Co PA Toulon Il. Paralysis 7/5/1879
??/??/1880 Rhodes,Joseph D. 60y,6m,17d Farmer 2/24/1880 Married   Osceola Measles  
5/4/1880 Rice,Wm. C. 20y,0m,0d Farmer 4/4/1880 Single Pa Goshen Pneumonia  
2/21/1881 Riggen,George 3y,3m,13d   12/18/1880    Il. West Jersey Townshp Diptheria 12/20/1880
6/9/1879 Rike,Virgil 77y,3m,22d Farmer 5/28/1879 Married Conn. Bradford  Il. Pneumonia 5/30/1879
1/1/1879 Rogers,Henry M. 62y,4m,9d Farmer 9/18/1878 Married N. Y. Valley Twp. Cirrhosis of Liver with Brights disease of Kidneys resulting in general dropsy 9/20/1878
10/21/1879 Ryle,Frank 1y,2m,0d   10/12/1879   Wyoming Il. Wyoming Fabes Mesentenca  
1/25/1881 Samson,[Male]     7/9/1880    Il. Essex Twp. Congestion  
1/25/1881 Saner,Mrs Peter 39y,0m,0d   10/19/1880 Married England Wyoming Il. Dropsy  
5/29/1880 Schanck,John 57y,3m,10d Merchant and grain dealer 4/26/1880 Married   Wady Petra Disease of the heart 4/28/1880
3/14/1878 Scholes,Mary 20y,1m,24d   2/16/1879 Married Osceola,Il. At Mr Geo Reed's Osceola Tp Il. Metro peritonitis caused by premature labor at eight months and this during the progress of double pleurial pneumonia 2/17/1879
9/2/1878 Shafer,Sarah 68y,3m,18d   8/4/1878 Widow Pennsylvania Modena Il. Paralysis of Resperatory Muscels  
10/31/1878 Shanon,Robert 77y,6m,20d Farmer 10/6/1878 Single Harrisburg,Pa S. P. Shanon residence West Jersey Senile Debility 10/7/1878
8/5/1878 Sharer,Phoeba 74y,3m,19d Farmeress 8/4/1878 Widow Wayne Co Pa Elmira Tp Paralysis,Hemeplega of left side,Loss of motion but not of sensibility 8/5/1878
1/25/1881 Shebiel,Lizzie 17y,0m,0d   1/28/1881   Il. Essex Twp. Acute Tonciletus  
1/25/1881 Sheets,Peter 90y,0m,0d Farmer 4/16/1880 Widower Virginia Essex Twp. Fractured Femur & Old age  
4/9/1879 Shinn,Carroll D. 0y,3m,29d   3/16/1879 Single Toulon Il. Toulon Cyanosis 3/15/1879
9/1/1879 Slater,Alonzo 3y,0m,21d   10/23/1879     Toulon Diphteria  
12/4/1878 Smith,Rosa 1y,4m,8d   11/3/1878 Single Lombardville  Il. Lombardville  Il. Dentition 11/4/1878
11/25/1879 Smith,Susanna 56y,11m,19d Housekeeper 10/5/1879 Widow   Toulon Disease of the heart & diphteria  
8/12/1878 Snell,Lydia 30y,10m,0d   7/14/1878 Married Ohio Castleton Convulsioins Epileptic  
1/12/1881 Spangler,William C. 40y,6m,1d Farmer 11/14/1880 Married Ohio Lombardville Remittent Fever 11/16/1880
1/18/1881 Spencer,Austin 0y,2m,11d   1/8/1881   Osceola Il. Osceola Il. Asphyxia from suffocation 1/9/1881
2/12/1881 Stancliff,Martha 21y,0m,0d   2/5/1881 Married  Il. Valley Twp. Confined after which took cold  
1/1/1879 Stewart,Joseph E. 2y,1m,2d   12/10/1878 Single Peoria Co Il. Toulon Il. Pulmonary Consumption ? of Whooping Cough 12/11/1878
4/9/1879 Stickles,Samuel S. 0y,3m,7d   3/7/1879 Single Essex Tp Goshen Twp. Congestion of the Lungs 3/9/1879  
4/9/1878 Stockner,Anna E. 34y,2m,15d   3/17/1878 Widow Willoughby Lake Co Ohio Essex Twp. Disease of the Heart 3/18/1878
??/??/1880 Stoughton,Nellie 1y,8m,0d   4/18/1880     Toulon Disease of the brain  
4/28/1878 Streetmatter,John 1y,1m,0d   4/16/1878   Akron Il. Valley Diphtheria  
12/??/1878 Sturm,Simon 57y,6m,7d Farmer 12/8/1878 Married Shelby Co Ohio Osceola Twp. Internal Haemorrhage Injury caused by caving of embankment injuring of Right Lung 12/9/1878
1/22/1878 Sturms,Harry S. 71y,4m,8d Farmer 12/24/1877 Married Clark Co Ohio Elmira Twp. Hydroprocarditis With Generals Anorsaca 12/26/1877
7/1/1878 Templetar,Walter F. 4y,4m,3d   6/26/1878   Toulon,Il.. Pyasmia   6/28/1878
7/16/1880 Thomas,Baby [Male] 3 hours   7/10/1880   Toulon Il. Toulon Premature birth convulsions 7/11/1880
6/9/1879 Thomson,Walter Emmett 1y,4m. 18d   5/12/1879 Single Princeville Peoria Co Il. Bradford  Il. Tabes Mesenterica 5/13/1879
1/5/1878 Townsend,Benj. C. H. 60y,0m,0d Farmer 12/5/1877 Widower Virginia Camp Grove Pulmonary Softening 12/7/1877
8/24/1879 Turnbull,Samuel R. 2y,4m,0d   8/20/1879 Single Elmira  Il. Elmira  Il. Disentery 8/22/1879
12/11/1880 Turney,D. [Male] unknown   7/9/1880 Single   Wyoming,Toulon Tp Accidentally killed on Rail Road  
11/26/1880 Twiss,Baby [Female] 0y,0m,7d   10/22/1880   Starwano Starwano Peritonitis 10/23/1880
4/9/1879 Unnamed [Female]     4/6/1879 Single about 5 miles NW of Toulon At place of birth Congenital Atlectosis  
7/7/1879 Unnamed [Male] 0y,0m,14d   6/24/1879 Single Il. Goshen  Il. Unknown 6/25/1879
7/10/1879 Unnamed [Male]     7/3/1879 Single Goshen Tp  Il. Goshen Twp. Convulsions 7/3/1879
7/30/1879 Unnamed [Male]     7/9/1879   Toulon Il. Toulon Premature birth 7/10/1879
2/3/1879 Unnamed [Male] 0y,0m,3d   1/12/1879 Single Elmira Twp. Elmira Twp. General debility from premature birth 1/13/1879
6/1/1878 Walshers,Charles 5y,11m,0d   5/8/1878   Toulon Toulon Epileptic Convulsions 5/19/1878
??/??/1878 Welton,Mary Elizabeth 40y,7m,11d   8/16/1878 Married Jefferson Co N.Y. Wyoming Il. No definite cause 8/18/1878
2/1/1878 White,Maud L. 3y,8m,4d   1/8/1878   Toulon Toulon  Il. Convulsions probably from undeveloped scarlating  
11/6/1880 Whitten,Charles 4y,1m,21d   5/21/1880   Il. West Jersey Tp. Not positively known,Supposed to be Rheumatic fever 5/22/1880
11/6/1880 Wiley,Sarah C. 40y,0m,0d   10/5/1880 Married Il. West Jersey Tp. Il. Embolism 10/6/1880
9/10/1879 William,Albert L. 20y,9m,26d Farmer 8/27/1879 Single   West Jersey  Il. Typhoid Fever  
1/25/1881 Wilson,Kate 16y,0m,0d   11/17/1880     Wyoming Il. Cholera Morbus  
??/??/1880 Wolfe,Fred F. 1y,1m,14d   1/25/1880 Single   Wyoming Congestive scarlet fever  
??/??/1880 Wood,Roy Owen 5y,5m,132d   1/19/1880 Single   Wyoming Scarlet fever (inflammatory)  
3/13/1879 Woods,James 70y,0m,17d Merchant 12/3/1878 Married Ohio Wyoming Il. Fatty degeneration of the Heart  
6/1/1878 Worley,[Female] Baby W. 0y,0m,8d   5/27/1878   Toulon,Il. Toulon inability to nurse 5/28/1878
6/5/1878 Wrighton,Hannah 53y,5m,0d Mater Familia Farmer 6/4/1878 Married Northumberland England Elmira Twp. Diptheira 6/5/1878
2/25/1879 Zinn,Abram 78y,0m,0d Farmer 10/20/1878 Married Pa Penn Twp. Old age 10/21/1878


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