Death Records
(Jan., 1878- Jan. 1881)

Transcribed by Amy Robbins-Tjaden

A-L   M-Z


We tried to keep true to the spelling on the original documents...even when we knew they were misspelled.
Some of the handwriting we were unable to decipher...which we designated with a "?".

Date of Rpt. Name Age                   Occupation  Death Date Marital Status  Where Born  Where Died Cause of Death Date of Burial
2/17/1881 ?, Frank     1/22/1881 Single Lacon Il. Saratoga, Il. Diptheretic Croup 1/23/1881
5/18/1878 [Unnamed Female]     5/6/1878 Single Toulon Il. Toulon, Il. Bleeding at Lungs & nose 5/7/1878
2/18/1878 [Unnamed Male] 0y, 0m, 4d   2/2/1878 Single Goshen Tp Il. Goshen Twp. Il. Premature Birth 2/2/1878
3/5/1878 [Unnamed male] 0y, 0m, 3d   3/3/1878 Single Toulon Tp Il. Toulon Twp.  Il. Congestion of the Lungs 3/4/1878
4/1/1878 [Unnamed Male] 14y, 3,m, 0d   3/10/1878 Single   West Jersey Twp. Pneumonia 3/?/1878
1/23/1879 Adams, John 84y, 7m, 25d Farmer 1/20/1879 Married Falmouth Cumberland Co Maine Elmira Twp. Old age 1/2/1879
??/??/1880 Addis, Mary Charlotte 16y, 2m, 6d   1/9/1880 Single   Toulon Inflammatory Rheumatism  
11/?/1879 Allen, Elmira 47y, 0m, 0d   10/23/1879 Married   Toulon Carbuncle  
9/10/1879 Alm, Mrs. Minnie 33y, 0m, 0d Wife of Farmer 9/5/1879 Married Sweden 2 1/1 miles west of Toulon Enteritis or Inflamation of small Intestines  
12/13/1878 Armstrong, Margaret 6y, 11m, 28d   12/5/1878 Single Toulon Stark Co Il. Toulon Twp. Diptheria the disease invading the Larynx 12/7/1878
2/16/1880 Armstrong, Sibella E. 76y, 0m, 0d   2/12/1880 Widow   Elmira Twp Consumption  
2/1/1878 Atkinson, Edward 26y, 6m, 13d Clerk in Store 1/16/1878 Single Summit Hill Carbon Co Penn West Jersey Il. Typhoid Fever 1/18/1878
6/24/1878 Atkinson, Mary Ann 16y, 9m, 24d   6/23/1878 Single Il. Elmira Diptheria 6/24/1878
1/19/1879 Ault, Elizabeth 76y, 11m, 15d   1/19/1879 Married Woodedge Eng. Elmira Twp. Senility 1/21/1879
11/16/1878 Austin, Lewis 62y, 5m, 12d Farmer 11/15/1878 Married Kavenna Elmira Twp. Rheumatic Pericaradits  
??/??/1880 Avery, Daisy 8y, 1m, 12d   4/5/1880     Elmira Village    
??/??/1880 Baker, John B. 25y, 7m, 10d Farmer 3/1/1880     Penn Twp Suicide  
6/10/1880 Baldwin, ? 1 hour   6/4/1880   Bradford Bradford Lack of Vitality 6/4/1880
1/15/1878 Balentine, Nancy J. 4y, 0m, 0d   12/20/1877 Single Il. Toulon Twp. Typhus  
1/15/1878 Balentine, William F. 1y, 6m, 0d   12/15/1877 Single Il. Toulon Twp. Typhus  
2/1/1878 Ballentine, James M. 18y, 5m, 13d Farmer 12/29/1877     Toulon Twp. Malarial Fever 12/30/1877
3/18/1879 Bamber, Herman 2y, 10m, 6d   12/26/1878   W. Jersey Tp West Jersey Tp  Il. Membranous Croup 12/28/1878
1/15/1878 Banentine, Nora S. 11y, 0m, 0d   12/12/1877 Single Il. Toulon Twp. Typhus  
4/2/1879 Barlow, Cora Ann 6y. 0m, 23d   3/3/1879 Single Rockwell Iowa Osceola Tp Stark Co Il. Diptheria 3/26/1879
2/1/1879 Bennett, William R. 35y, 3m, 6d Teacher 2/3/1879 Single Trumbull Co Ohio Toulon Il.. Cancer of ? 2/5/1879
3/1/1879 Berfield [Female] Baby 0y, 0m, 0d   2/21/1879 Single West Jersey Twp. West Jersey Twp. Want of Vitality  
9/1/1879 Berkenshire, Benjamin 70y, 0m, 0d Coal Digger 8/2/1879 Married   Toulon Progressive paralysis  
9/2/1879 Berkinshire, Ann 65y, 9m, 24d   8/23/1879 Widow Newton Cheshire Eng Osceola Tp Stark Co Il. Insufficiency right-side of heart 8/25/1879
??/??/1880 Besette, Alex 18y, 2m, 0d Laborer 1/13/1880 Single   near Wyoming Pneumonia  
6/27/1878 Boardman, Adella Sabrina 12y, 0m, 18d   6/23/1878 Single Elmira Elmira Tp Diptheria involving the Larynx & Fracher 6/27/1878
??/??/1880 Boardman, Geo. 1y, 8m, 23d   4/14/1880     Elmira Twp Pulmonary congestion  
1880 Boardman, Mary Electa 0y, 7m, 7d   12/30/1880   Elmira At the Residence of Geo. Boardman ? inflamation supervising on teething 12/31/1880
1/1/1879 Bocock, Cora E. 2y, 10m, 12d   10/31/1878 Single Saratoga Twp., Marshall Co Il. Penn Twp. Croupous Diptheria 11/1/1878
5/20/1879 Bodley, Rev. Thomas 86y, 8m, 0d Minister of Gospel 4/30/1879 Widower Baltimore MD Bradford Stark Co Il. Passive congestion of Lungs  
7/12/1879 Booth, Mark Howe 27y, 0m, 0d   4/30/1879 Married Derbyshire England Lombardville Chronic Catarrh of the Stomache 5/1/1879
4/2/1879 Bunton, Asa A. 44y, 8m, 25d Farmer 3/9/1879 Married Charlestown Massachusetts Elmira Stark Co Il. Chronic Diarrhea 3/11/1879
7/28/1878 Butterfield, Cornelia 17y, 2m, 17d General house work 7/17/1878 Single Jefferson Co New York Lombardville Poison 7/18/1878
no date Callison, Mrs S. 26y, 3m, 14d Housewife 8/12/1880 Married Indiana Goshen Tp Il. Angina Pectoris 8/15/1880
12/6/1877 Camp, Nichademus 63y, 0m, 4d Farmer 11/22/1877 Married Glauster Co New Jersey West Jersey,  Il.. Typhoid Fever 11/23/1877
11/12/1880 Canfield, Harriet Geneva 20y, 10m, 4d   10/13/1880   Il. Bradford Il. ? 10/14/1880
2/1/1878 Carithers, Sarah 47y, 6m, 19d   1/12/1878 Married Highland Co Ohio Toulon, Stark Co Il. Malarial Fever 1/14/1878
12/8/1878 Carr, Bertha Ellen 3y, 2m, 2d   12/15/1878 Single   Toulon Il. Membrainious Croup 12/17/1878
4/9/1879 Casey, John 5y, 9m, 16d   3/17/1879 Single Penn Tp Stark Co Penn Twp. Stark Co Il. Diphtheria 3/18/1879
4/6/1878 Chamberlain, Amasiah D. B. 66y, 4m, 4d Farmer 4/4/1878 Married Vermont Goshen Twp. Apoplexy as per verdict of Coroners jury after a post mortem by Drs W. T. Hall and A. E. Baldwin 4/6/1878
12/30/1879 Clark, Hannah 69y, 11m, 0d   11/21/1879   Pa. Camp Grove Congestive chills  
10/9/1880 Coleman, Roscoe 11y, 1m, 7d   8/4/1880   Osceola Tp Stark Co Il. Near Bradford Il. Phthisis Pulmonalis followed by Scrofulous sores resulting in ? 8/5/1880
4/22/1878 Cooper, James Henry 23y, 1m, 24d Farmer 3/30/1878 Single West Jersey Il. West Jersey Il. Phthisis Pulmonalis 4/1/1878
1/25/1881 Crone, Mrs B. 79y, 0m, 0d   8/28/1880   Ohio Wyoming Il. Ovarian Tumor & Old age  
4/21/1879 Cross, Charlotta 70y, 10m, 29d   4/12/1879 Widow New Jersey Residence of Francis Winans Goshen Tp Matranant Jaundice for ? 4/13/1879
1/?/1880 Culbertson, Louisa M. 24y, 8m, 20d   12/27/1879 Single   Toulon Tuberculosis  
4 or 5/1878 Dalton, Libbie 0y, 9m, 27d   4/24/1878 Single Bradford Toulon Twp Pneumonia  
9/?/1879 Dickinson, Frank 8y, 3m, 0d   8/15/1879     Toulon Diphteria  
??/??/1880 Dieffenderfer, Sarah 58y, 1 m, 17d   2/24/1880 Married   Osceola Twp Carcinoma Hepatitis  
??/??/1878 Down, William 45y, 8m, 22d Farmer 9/29/1878 Married Devonshire, England Valley Twp. Typhoid Fever  
6/15/1880 Drusa, Chas. Burton 0y, 6m, 24 d   6/2/1880   Osceola Il. Osceola Il. Enteritis 6/3/1880
6/9/1879 Dyer, Simeon A.     4/24/1879 Widower Jefferson New York Toulon Stark Co Il. Hemmorhage Paralysis 4/25/1879
8/27/1880 Earley, Ernest 0y, 2m, 17d   7/19/1880   Elmira Elmira Il. Cholera Infantum  
12/30/1878 Egbert, Thos B. 77y, 4m, 0d Grocery trade 10/4/1878 Married West Jersey West Jersey Il. Pyralisis of Bladder & Eurina[?] poisoning 10/5/1878
10/29/1879 Ewers, Artemus E 40y, 0m, 0d Farmer 10/4/1879 Married   Penn Twp. Killed himself with a revolver  
2/28/1879 Eyer, Infant [Female] 0y, 0m, 28d   2/23/1878 Single Elmira Twp. Elmira Twp. Acute Bronchitis 2/25/1879
8/6/1878 Farbell, Jesse 47y, 7m, 14d Farmer 7/30/1878 Married Circleville Pickaway Co Ohio West Jersey Typho Malarial Fever 7/31/1878
11/26/1878 Fargo, Robt ?y, 5m, 5d   10/24/1878   America Penn Twp. Diptheria 10/25/1878
8/19/1878 Fink, Jacob 80y, 0m, 18d Laborer 8/18/1878 Single Penn Osceola, Elmira Tp Senility 8/19/1878
7/10/1879 Fitzpatrick, Anna 46y, 2m, 0d   5/16/1879 Married Ireland Toulon Twp. Congestion of the brain 5/18/1879
??/??/1880 Fitzpatrick, Wm. 1y, 9m, 25d   1/23/1880     Elmira Twp Drowned in sistern  
10/14/1879 Follett, Lodwick L 67y, 1m, 0d Farmer 10/13/1879   Cleveland Ohio Goshen Twp Jaundice - 4 mos  
11/19/1880 Forsoland?, Ernest 27 hours   10/27/1880   Toulon Il. Toulon Stark Co Il. Mucus Croup 10/27/1880
4/9/1879 Foster, Blanche 4y, 4m, 24d   3/31/1879 Single Bradford Stark Co Il. Osceola Twp. Stark Co Il. Diphtheria 4/1/1879
12/30/1878 Foster, Mami 2y, 0m, 0d   12/2/1878   Bradford Il. Bradford Il. Diptheria Croup 12/3/1878
8/1/1878 Frederick, Henry 40y, 2m, 0d   7/5/1878 Married Prussia Toulon, Il..   7/6/1878
7/21/1878 Fritz, John Wm 0y, 7m, 14d   7/24/1878 Single Akron Tp Peoria Co Il. Valley Tp Cholora Infantum 7/25/1878
??/??/1880 Gardner, Ausie Martin 78y, 8m, 14d Millwright 2/10/1880 Married   Elmira Twp Senility bronchial catarrh  
??/??/1880 Gardner, Otis H. 71y, 10m, 28d Farmer 2/21/1880 Married   Osceola Twp Double pneumonia  
10/11/1879 Gehrt, Emma 6y, 2m, 0d   10/12/1879   Valley Stark Co Il. Valley Diptheria  
4/2/1879 Geisinheyner, Herman 59y, 11m, 17d Hardware Dealer 3/24/18879 Married Stettin Prusia Toulon Apoplexy 3/26/1879
12/1/1879 Ghert, Ambrose 2 y, 8m, 15d   11/21/1879 Single Valley Stark Co Valley Diphteria  
5/4/1880 Gibbs, Laura W. 24y, 0m, 20d   3/24?/1880 Married New Jersey West Jersey Twp Septicacemia 3/29/1880
9/2/1879 Gillett, Geo R. 23y, 6m, 15d Farmer 7/15/1879 Single Il. LaFayette Stark Co Il. Typhoid Fever 7/16/1879
10/16/1878 Haggerty, Michael 10y, 10m, 16d   10/1/1878 Single Il.. Goshen Intersussiption of bowels  
1/5/1880 Hall, Louisa W 16y, 3m, 3d   8/20/1879 Single Toulon Il. Toulon Consumption  
6/9/1879 Hammond, George 78y, 0m, 0d   4/28/1879 Married Bavaria Germany Toulon Ulceration of Stomache 4/29/1879
11/29/1878 Hardy, John P. 6y, 7m, 27d   10/29/1878 Single Penn Twp. Stark Co Il. Penn Twp. Stark Co Diptheria 10/30/1878
10/6/1879 Harris, Almeron N 44y, 2m, 5d   7/14/1879 Married Ohio Goshen Twp. Malignant Remittent Fever  
2/1/1879 Hartley, Jennie 21y, 7m, 27d   2/1/1879 Single Il.. Toulon Twp. Extensive fracture of Cranium caused from being thrown from Buggy  
10/4/1879 Harwood, Leavitt 5y, 8m, 0d   7/17/1879   Stark Co Il. Bradford Il. Typhoid Fever with Complications  
5/17/1878 Haskins, Rhoby 57y, 7m, 4d Housekeeper 4/21/1878 Married This entry is all filled out and then "VOID" is written on it
11/26/1878 Hasty, Gertrude 1y, 9m, 0d       America Penn Twp. Diptheria  
11/26/1878 Hasty, Josephine 3y, 5m, 0d   10/19/1878   America Penn Twp. Diptheria  
9/15/1879 Havens, Henry 31y, 2m, 8d Laborer 9/12/1879 Married Old Leroy New York Toulon Tp Near Wyoming Il. Euterio Colitis (Inflamatory of bowels)  
1/15/1878 Hayden, Judith 10y, 2m, 27d   1/15/1878   Bradford Bradford Stark Co Il. Acute or Rheumatic Pericorditis, Derangement of the heart action from birth  
12/1/1878 Headley, Arthur 2y, 2m, 0d   11/15/1878 Single Toulon Il. Toulon Il. Membrainious Croup  
1/25/1881 Hill, Unnamed [Male] 5y, 0m, 0d   10/31/1880   Wyoming Il. Wyoming Il. Membranous Croup  
??/??/1880 Hohnes, John 71y, 7m, 8d Farmer 12/20/1879 Married Ireland Toulon Obstruction of the bowels  
7/29/1879 Hopkins, John blank Laborer 7/26/1879 Married Not known where born Duncan Stark Co Il. Killed by Benson S Scott  
6/23/1879 Houghton, Jane 63y, 1m, 15d   4/29/1879 Married Boston? Bradford Il. Questionably presumably Cancer of Stomach 4/30/1879
7/16/1878 Hunter, George 49y, 0m, 0d Farmer 7/15/1878 Married Tyrone Co Ireland Elmira Twp. Paralysis 7/16/1878
4/9/1879 Infant, [Female]     3/10/1879 Single Toulon Toulon Cyanosis 3/11/1879
??/??/1880 Jackson, Elizabeth 14y, 11m, 26d   3/27/1880     Elmira Twp Pneumonia  
5/10/1878 Jackson, Ellen F. 4y, 0m, 7d   5/10/1878 Single Elmira Il.. Elmira Laryngitis following catarrhal inflummation of throat 5/11/1878
5/28/1878 Jackson, John M. 0y, 10m, 24d   5/25/1878 Single Elmira Elmira Twp. Diptheria 5/27/1878
9/15/1879 Joh, David 63y, 1m, 20d Farmer 8/12/1879   Stark Co Il. Valley Schirrus tumor of spleen and stomach probably hereditary as on e brother & one sister died of Schirru disease 8/16/1879
3/18/1879 Johnson, [Female]     1/24/1879 Married Sweden West Jersey Twp. Consumption 1/25/1879
1/6/1880 Johnson, Wm O 36y, 8m, 10d Blacksmith 10/20/1879 Married Arcadia Wayne Co NY Toulon Consumption  
??/??/1880 Jones, Dorcas 16y, 9m, 0d   10/9/1880 Single   Wyoming Malaria  
1/1/1879 Jones, Franklin S.     1/3/1879 Single   Goshen Twp. Foreign body in larynx 1/4/1879
2/??1878 Jones, Isaac N. 61y, 2m, 3d Collier 2/7/1878 Married Monmouthshire England Elmira Twp. Melanasis of lungs  
4/9/1878 Jones, Maria 48y, 7m, 0d   3/19/1878 Married New York Goshen Twp. Cauliflorne Excressence of the uterus 3/21/1878
1/25/1881 King, A. W. Jr 0y, 13m, 0 d       Wyoming Il. Wyoming Hemorage from the ear  
2/12/1878 Libby, George W. 0y, 4m, 15d   2/3/1878 Single West Jersey Il. West Jersey Il. Pneumonia and conjestion of the left lung 2/24/1878
12/?/1879 Likens, Ester Della 13y, 4m, 14d   11/4/1879     Essex Twp Pericarditis  
4/30/1878 Londer/Louder, Charles Henry 0y, 0m, 11d   4/5/1878   Valley Twp. Stark Co Valley Twp. Stark Co Hydrorachitis & Hydrocefkalus 4/6/1878
1/1/1878 Lowman, Harry A. 4y, 11m, 0d   10/3/1877 Single Toulon Toulon Diphtheria 10/5/1877
6/9/1880 Luekin, Meriam 65y, 2m, 10d   5/16/1880 Married Yorkshire, England Gsohen Twp Typhoid pneumonia  
2/22/1878 Lyon, Caroline 59y, 1m, 26d   2/14/1878 Widow Edenburg Saratoga Co NY Toulon Il. Cachexy  


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