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Historians have recorded religious efforts as far back as the 1830's.
From the Shallenberger history: Rev. William C. Cummings wrote:
"In 1835, I was appointed by Bishop Roberts from the Illinois conference
of the M. E. church to (what was then) the Peoria mission...I preached at
Father Fraker's whose name is of precious memory in the churches,
and rode from there over the ground where Toulon and Lafayette
now stand, though they probably had not been thought of."


Church Address, City Photo
Apostolic Christian 440 E. Main St. Bradford, Il.  
Elmira United Presbyterian R. R. #1 Toulon, Il.  
Faith Baptist Church 310 E. Vine St. Toulon, Il.  
First Baptist Church 205 W. Main St. Bradford, Il.  
First Baptist Church 110 W. Jefferson, Toulon, Il. taken 1/2007
First Congregational United
Church of Christ
204 N. 7th, Wyoming, Il.  
Lafayette United Methodist Church Lafayette, Il.  
Leet Memorial United Methodist Church 118 E. Main, Bradford, Il.  
St. Dominic's Catholic Church: est. 1880 N. Galena Ave. Wyoming, Il. taken 1/2007
St. John the Baptist Catholic Church 218 1st St., Bradford, Il.  
St. Patrick's Catholic Church 24 Camp St., Camp Grove, Il.  
St. Timothy's Lutheran Church Rt. 40 & 17 P.O. Box 158,
Wyoming, Il.
Toulon Congregational Church 218 N. Henderson, Toulon, Il. taken 1/2007
Toulon United Methodist Church 229 W. Main St., Toulon, Il. taken 1/2007
West Jersey Methodist Church Rt. 78, West Jersey, Il. taken 1/2007
Wyoming Church of the Nazarene R. R. #2, Wyoming, Il.  
Wyoming First Baptist Church 500 N. Main, Wyoming, Il.  
Wyoming United Methodist Church P. O. Box 287
302 N. Main, Wyoming, Il.


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