1939 Rock Island County Directory

Transcribed from the directory donated to me by Marsha Schulz



A—acres, adm—administrator, agt—agent, And— Andalusia, B. H. Add—Benj. Harris Addition bkpr—bookkeeper blk—block, blksmith—blacksmith , Bl. Hk—Black Hawk

B. Pr.—Buffalo Prairi,e brklyr—bricklayer, bus—business, CB—contract buyer, CR—cabin renter, carp—carpenter Cath—Catherin,e cent—central, ch—church or children , clk—clerk, co—company or county constr —construction contr—contractor, Cord—Cordova, cor—corner

C V.—Coal Valley, Dav— Davenport, desnr—designe,r do ph—telephone central in same town as post office.

do r—same residence, do twp—same township, dr—driver, drftmn—draftsman Edg—Edgington elec—electrician Eliz— Elizabeth, E. M.— East Moline, emp—employe, eng—enginee,r est—estate, es rd—east side of road exec—executor, HO—owner of house on leased land, HR—house renter, occupant rents house and no land

hskpr—housekeeper, hy—highway, I. C.— Illinois City, imp—implement, ins—insurance, insp—inspector instrm—instrument, instr—instructo,r isl—island, jan—janitor

Kath—Katherine, lbr—lumber, mach—machinis,t maint—maintenance, mech—mechanic, mgr—manager messgr—messenger, mtctr—meat cutter, Musc— Muscatine , Iowa No.—north, ns rd—north side of road 0—land owner (0)—house and lot owner, of c—office

opr—operator, Patk—Patrick, phy—physician, pkg—packing, plbg—plumbing, plmbr—plumber Preemp—Preemption, pntr—painter, prntr—printer, prin—principal, prop—proprietor, pt—part

P. B. or Pt. By—Port Byron, r—residence rd—road, rprmn—repairman, rep—representative, Rey—Reynolds, R. I.— Rock Island, riv—river

11-1 E& 1 W—Range 1 East and 1 West, ry—railway ,sch—school

sec—section Sher—Sherrard, slsmn—salesman, sigh—slough , ss rd—south side of road supt—superintendent surg—surgeon , TR— Taylor Ridge, tcher—teacher, T—tenant , teleg—telegraph

trk dr—truck driver, trkr—trucker, twp—township, Vet—veterinary, ws rd—west side of road,

N—north, S—south , E—east , W—west, NE—northeast, NW—northwest, SE—southeast, SW—southwest

NE NE , etc—NE 1/ 4 of the NE14

Names within ( )—indi­ cates wife or married children , Names within " "—indicates twins and nicknames


The residents are listed as owners (0), Tenants (T), Contract Buyers (CB), Farm Employes (Emp), and House Renters (HR). The wife's first name and names of married children appear in parantheses, children listed according to age, the oldest first. The number following the (0) or (T) represents number of acres owned or rented. The division of property, section number and township indicates location of house. This information and the county map, which has been placed on the last page, enables one to determine the road beside which the occupant resides. Follow­ ing the above information with tenants, house renters and farm employees is the name and address of land owner. '39 preceding the above abbreviations indicates that the resident moved to the stated location this year.



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1939 Andalusia

1939 Buffalo Prairie

1939 Carbon Cliff

1939 Milan

1939 Osborn

1939 Phelps Addition

1939 Barstow

1939 Christianson Addition

1939 Coal Valley

1939 Cordova

1939 Edgington

1939 Hamption

1939 Joslin

1939 Illinois City

1939 Port Byron

Mahers Addition

Rapid City

1939 Reynolds

1939 Smith Island

1939 VanDruff's Island


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