Rock Island / Milan Schools

Rock Island / Milan School Public District has 12 elementary schools, two junior high schools and one high school.

Rock Island High School

Edison Junior High

Washington Junior High

Audubon Elementary

Denkmann Elementary

Earl Hanson Elementary

Eugene Field Elementary

Frances Willard Elementary

Grant Elementary

Hawthorne Irving Elementary

Horace Mann Elementary

Lincoln Elementary

Longfellow Elementary

Milan Schools:
Thomas Jefferson Elementary

Ridgewood Elementary

Private Schools

Augustana CollegeA private liberal arts college, founded 1860.

Alleman High School is a consolidated Catholic high school serving all of the Illinois Quad Cities. It was founded in 1948.

Jordan Catholic Schools serves elementary and 7th and 8th grade students.

The Villa de Chantal a wonderful old historic school.

Immanuel Lutheran Schools is the educational arm of Immanual Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod.

A number of schools in Rock Island no longer exist as schools or have been torn down. These include:

Sears School (now an apartment building)
Franklin Junior High (partially burned, and then torn down)
W. L. Eddy Elementary (now a Milan business)