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(These are clips that I have collected over the years from the Milan Independent Newspaper at the Rock Island Historical Society. It's a great place to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon!)


Thursday. 14 April 1904 .

Mrs. Edmond Stodd and 4 children have returned to Rock Island after a 4 month visit to Ironbridge , England . They were accompanied home from New York by Mrs. Stodd's brother, Cyrus

.SEARS: Adolph Bearing of Rock island married Miss Cordelia Hammond of Sears; and William Brandt of Rock Island married Emma Brandt Belle Hammond of Sears on Saturday at the home of J.W. Britton on 4th Avenue .

SEARS: Born to Mr. and Mrs. John Collier, a boy, Saturday.

SHADY GROVE: Miss Anna Samuelson died Sunday aged 20 years.The funeral was Tuesday with burial at Swedona, Mercer County .

Mrs. Rachel Tompkins has returned from spending the winter with Mrs. Rachel (Dean) Castrey at New Castle , Pennsylvania .

Mrs. Caroline Crowell Puterbaugh, sister of Win Brown, who was born in Milan , is now of Peru , Indiana . She is a member of theBrown Presbyterian Church at Peru .

21 April 1902

Charles Reynolds formerly of Milan , is now of Hamburg , Iowa .

Patrick Slattery of Pittsbure, Crawford Co., Kansas is here visiting friends. He may visit Ireland . He was formerly a resident of Bowling tnp.

Arthur O'Neal married Kiss Augusta Fraser of Chicago on Tuesday at the home of the groom's mother, Mrs. Anna O'Neal in Milan. The groom was born in Milan .

Charles Lemon died April 12th in Rock Island at his home, 1312 25th Street aged 37 years. He is survived by his wife and 3 children, by his aged mother, a sister and a brother. He was formerly a resident of Milan . His parents moved to Rock Island about 20 years ago. He was a brother-in-law of Peter Philebar of Milan .

COAL VALLEY : Mrs. Harraan Gearhart (sister of Charles Barton of Cable, Mercer County ) and her little son Barton of Sigourney , Iowa have been here visiting. She was a former resident of this place.

ANDALUSIA : Mr. Gernon, formerly of Decatur , has moved here.

April 1902.

William 0., son of Mr. and Mrs. Ashley Fitzsimmons, died Wednesday at his parents' home aged 24 years. He was born 12 July 1880 and grew to manhood in Milan . The funeral will be Friday with burial in the Dickson burial ground.

Miss Jennie Leland, formerly of Rock Island , now of Pecatonica , Illinois is here visiting Mrs. Ira Vhite nnd Cora Potter.

MARRIAGE LICENSE: Charles A. Peterson - Mathilda Holmgren of Moline .

MARRIAGE LICENSE: Frank H. Young - Jennie S. Anderson of Moline .

MARRIAGE LICENSE: Guy H. Slipper - Lillian A. Stultz of East Moline .

RIDGEWOOD : Mr. and Mrs. H. Robinson and George Clark attended the funeral of Samuel Robinson of Viola, Mercer County on Friday.

ANDALUSIA : Andrew Kuntley died April 4th aged 4 years 21 days. The funeral was Tuesday at the Baptist Church . He is survived by his parents and a little sister.

April 1902

The will of the late Jacob Simmon of Rural tnp was admitted to probate on Monday. It was executed 16 June 1899 and It names his widow Mrs.Rosetta Simmon and 5 children: Peter, Jacob, Christian, Phil and Eva.

Thomas E. Schindler, an old resident of Rock Island and proprietor of the Schindler meat market, 1817 2nd Avenue ( Rock Island ), died Monday. He was a native of Wernstadt , Austria on 31 December 1836 (his birthdate) and came to America at the age of 22 years. He came to Rock Island as a young man and has lived there since. He is survived by a son Edward and by 2 daughters: Miss Lucy Schindler and Miss Anna. He is also survived by 2 sisters Miss Johanna Schindler and Mrs. S.J. Stader; and by 3 brothers - Edward Schindler of Colorado Springs, Colorado,Joseph Schindler of LaCrosse, Wisconsin; and Ferdinand Schindler of Rock Island.

REYNOLDS: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Mike Burns, a daughter, Easter Sunday.

May 1902

( Coal Valley ): Fritz Bark married Miss Mary Roberts at Rock Island last Wednesday at the home of the groom's parents.

Mr. and Mrs. John Strayer have been visiting his brother, Lou Strayer, in South Rock Island .

Glen Fitzsimmon is visiting his aunt, Mrs. A. Eastman in Moline .

Shady Grove: Ed Normoyle's house was struck by lightning Monday.

Shady Grove: Mrs. Julia Doering of Davenport , Iowa is here visiting her mother.

Shady Grove: Mary Zollinger of Port Byron is visiting her sister, Mrs. Arthur Wilson.

May 1902

Mrs. W.F. Tenges is visiting her sister, Mrs. J. Frost at Orion, Henry County .

Mr. and Mrs. F.F. Sawyer of Rock Island have moved here to live on Grant Street .

Miss Doris Mosher has accepted a position as telephone operator at Davenport , Iowa .

Chas. A. Joseph of Farley , Iowa is here visiting relatives

Mrs. R.B. Olmstead attended the funeral of her uncle, Mr. Griffin at Cambridge , Henry County on Sunday.

Miss F. Ringgold left Monday for her home in Knoxville , Tennessee .

Mrs. Wlnefred Harney of Joy , Illinois the mother of Judge Harney of Butte City , Montana is here visiting her niece, Mrs. Thos. Griffin.

Mr. and Mrs.J.S. Lambert and Mrs. Dr. E. Morrison are here visiting Mrs. J.A. Lambert.

Parker Crawford Parker of Galesburg, Knox County and James Lafferty Lafferty of Milan were comrades with Company K., 58th Illinois in the Civil War and are now attending its reunion.

22 May 1902

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Walter McConnell of Bowling, a daughter, on Wednesday.

Mrs. Chas. Ruge and daughter Ruth are visiting her sister, Mrs. Wm Buschart of Davenport , Iowa .

COAL VALLEY; Henry, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Moross, died Monday typhoid fever, aged nearly 10 years. He is survived by his parents, 3 sisters and 1 brother Mrs. Harry Dusenberry of Orion, Henry County ; Mrs. Thomas Counly of Florence , Colorado ; Tillie and Frank at home. Burial was Thursday at the Coal Valley Cemetery after the funeral at the Presbyterian Church. A brother and a sister are already buried in the Coal Valley Cem.

COAL VALLLEY: Alexander Cooper was killed last week in a railroad accident at Barrington , Illinois ; he was from Coal Valley. Burial was there yesterday, after the funeral at the home of his brother, Robert Cooper.

Glide O'Neal and his twin sisters from Moline : Jean Smith and Mrs. Adaline Smith of Pleasant Valley , Illinois are visiting Mrs. W.J. Smith of the Milan House.

Mrs. J.A. McLaughlln and son Lewis of Geneseo, Henry County are here visiting Mrs. R. McLaughlin. Lewis is a clerk in the Geneseo postoffice.

E.C. Roberts has sold his 240 acre farm near Andalusia toMrs. Mary G. Bellinger, wife of Judge Bellinger of Davenport , Iowa .

SHADY GROVE: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Foster Wylie, a son.

Mrs. J.T. Margeth of Atlanta , Iowa is here visiting.

James McQuaid has not gone to Alaska as reported recently in the ( Rock Island ) ARGUS. He gave his daughter Anna a new piano recently.

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Clow and daughter Mary are visiting Mrs. Clow's sister, Mrs. G. Vendel in East Moline .

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lane , a daughter, last week in Cripple Creek , Colorado . Grandfather Lane lives in Milan.

Mrs. H.H. Rhoadarmer and children Bertha, Hiram and Donald of Dunlap, Ills are here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.K. McMichael.

George Franklin of Galva, Henry County has been arrested for stealing a horse from Charles Chavis.

Miss Mary Murphy has been visiting her sister, Mrs. John McGraw and Mrs. Ross Ulman of Moline . ( Coal Valley item)

Coal Valley ; Miss Maggie Leham of Peoria , Ills is here visiting her cousin, Miss Julia Leham.

Coal Valley ; Mr. and Mrs. Will Callahan have moved to Moline .

Coal Valley: Mrs. Mulligan has moved to Farmington, Ills to live with her sons Edward and Morris

. 29 May 1902

F. Bartle of North Chicago has been here visiting his brother, Rev. J.B. Bartle. The Rev. Bartle's mother from Solon, Iowa is also here.

Mrs. H.A. Strayer of Davenport , Iowa has been here visiting her son John Strayer.

Mrs. Letltia Payne of Hampton died there yesterday, aged 86 years. She was the mother of Senator William Payne. She was born 16 February 1816 In Green Co., Illinois and is survived by 8 sons and daughters: Jennie Case, Mary J. Slkes, Margery Brewster, Helen Seeburg, Will Payne, Jerry Payne, George A. Payne and Charles P. Payne. The funeral was Sunday at the Hampton Methodist Church with burial in the Hampton Cemetery .

J. Frank Robinson died Friday at his home on 20th Street . He was born near Hillsdale, Rock Island County on 27 February 1849 and in 1853, came to Rock Island with his father, Capt. T.J. Robinson who died in 1899. He was President of the Central Trust and Savings Bank and of the Rock Island National Bank. He is survived only by his wife, he being the last of the Robinson family. The funeral was Tuesday with burial in Chippiannock Cemetery , Rock Island .

Mrs. Susan Kirkman has received a letter from her niece, Mrs. M. Sloan of Buffalo Prairie who is spending the summer in California with her husband.

29 May 1902

COAL VALLEY : Mrs. Nitz has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. n Sullivan near Pre-emption, Mercer County .

The residence of Chas.A. Lovell at the guard lock of the Hennepin Canal , was struck by lightning Thursday.

SHADY GROVE: Dennis Normoyle has returned from Chicago as a full-fledged dentist.


5 June 1902

Mrs. K. Dunlap and son Johnny of Fulton, Whiteside County are here visiting her sister.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. P.H. Philebar, a daughter last Thursday.

Mrs. J. Adams has been visiting her daughters, Mrs. M. Kennady and Mrs. Mary Hergret in Rock Island .

Mrs. Theresa Zeitschel of Beaver, South Dakota is here visiting her son, C.A. Zeitschel. She lived at Milan for more than 20 years.

Wm Kuehl of Chicago is here visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kuehl.

Miss Alter of Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania has been visiting her sister, Mrs. J.B. Rutter of Rock Island .

Dr. Reiter died Saturday at Osborn, Rock Island County , aged 77 years.

Frank T. Math, proprietor of the Confectionary Store in Rock Island , has been arrested for refusing to serve ice cream to Mrs. Elnora Helms (colored).

Mrs. James Bovard of Port Byron died Saturday. She was born in Ireland in 1818 and came to Illinois in 1850. She was a member of the Presbyterian Church.

Mrs. R. McLaughlin celebrated her 80th birthday last Friday.

William Gotobed and niece of Red Oak, Iowa are here visiting his mother. William was raised in Blackhawk township but has not been here now for 22 years.

SEARS: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Simon Poehlman, a son.

SEARS: Mrs. Susan A. Shoemaker who lives here with her husband and family, has been adjudged insane and sent to Water town. He is aged 45 years.

COAL VALLEY : Miss Lena Lees has closed her school at Albany , Whiteside County and is here visiting her parents.

Faith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Crampton of Bowling, died May 29th at the family home aged 20 years. She is survived by her parents and grandmother, Mrs.Abby L. Morris of Rock Island ; by a sister and 3 brothers - Albert W. Crampton and John M. Crampton of Rock Island and Mary and Carl at home. Burial was Friday in the Chippiannock Cemetery , Rock Island .

Mr. Banks of Canada , brother of our present principal of the public school, has been elected principal for the next school term.

Mrs. Rube Lewis Cable, a former resident here, is here visiting.

SHADY GROVE: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Hultz Couch, a daughter, Monday.

SHADY GROVE: James McMeekin of Milan and Mrs. John McMeekin of Marshall , Oklahoma are visiting their mother, Mrs. Kerr in Rock Island . (June 12th issue: Mrs. Joseph H. Kerr died Thursday at her home, 3803 18th Avenue , Rock Island . She was born 28 September 1842 in Baltimore , Maryland her maiden name was Harriet T. Finnegan. She married Mr. Kerr in 1860 and for a number of years, they lived at Old Point Comfort, Virginia. In 1870, they came to Rock Island and have lived there since. She is survived by her husband and 8 children:William J.H. Kerr, Mrs. Josephine E. Raskin, James Kerr, Harry L. Kerr, Mrs. Maria C. McMeekin, Mrs.Mollie A.Buchannan and Miss Lillis M. Kerr of Rock Island and Mrs.Nettie McMeekin of Marshall , Oklahoma .( 3 children are dec'd.)

12 June 1902

C.H. Smith is visiting his brother Ross at Rock Falls , Ills.

Mrs. Amasa Smith of Toledo , Iowa is visiting her sister, Mrs. Wiggins.

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Berg of Chicago are here visiting the Misses Carneghan. Mrs. Berg is the daughter of Dan Hurley formerly of Milan .

Mrs. T.M. VanHorn and daughters Gertrude and Marlon of Indianapolis are here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G.H. Honens.

Will Barnett of Dogtown (now Boden) is here visiting his mother-in-law, Mrs. Perkins.

Wm A. Medill of Woodbury Co., Iowa is here visiting his father, Alex Medill.

John Foster married Miss Emma Titterington last week at the Old Foster home near Preemption, Mercer County .

Will Kurz of Rock Island married Miss Bertha Lentz and Bert Vinall of Sherrard, Mercer County married Miss Emma Volk last Wednesday. Both brides are formerly of Rural township, Rock Island County .

SHADY GROVE: Elwood Griffith celebrated his 63rd birthday on June 5th.

SEARS: Mrs. Luchman has returned from California where she attended the funeral of her sister.

19 June 1902

Miss Sadie Heath is visiting her sister, Mrs. Chas. McConnell at Marcus , Iowa .

Mrs. Elius Rathbun and daughter May of Cable, Mercer County are visiting her brother, J.H. Gilmore.

Mrs. S. Anderson of Colorado Springs , Colorado is visiting with J.M. Anderson on Vandruff 's Island .

Mrs. Ed Hammond and daughter Pearl of Kansas City, Missouri are here vlsitng Mrs. Hammond's sister, Mrs. John Hinderer.

Charles Wysong of Sears married Mamie A. Fitzsimmons of Milan on Wednesday at the Presbyterian parsonage. The groom is employed by the Rock Island Canning Company. They will live in Milan .

Andres Peterson died Tuesday at his home on Big Island . He was born in Denmark in 1832 and came to this country in 1862 and came to Illinois in 1879. He is survived by 6 sons Louis, Peter, Samuel, Chris, Fred, and James; and by one daughter: Mrs. Alvina Olms of Galesburg , Knox County . The funeral was today with burial in the Chippiannock Cemetery in Rock Island.

Mrs. John Curby of Peoria is visiting her mother, Mrs. Elzira Carothers at Taylor Ridge .

.Miss Nina Gilmore is visiting her sister, Mrs. G. Thomas Fisher at Chipman, New York.

COAL VALLEY: Mrs. A.B. Goodwin and children of Bryani, Illinois are here visiting her mother, Mrs. L.M. Nelson.

COAL VALLEY: Mrs. Gust Krapp and children are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lembke at Lynn, Illinois.

SHADY GROVE: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Will Binard, a son.

Mrs. Louise Dieball of Milan died Saturday, aged 78 years. She was born in Germany and came to Milan last March. She is survived by 2 sons.

Miss Elizabeth Cleland is visiting her son (sic?) John in Nebraska and will then go to Massachusetts to live with her brother, Prof. Herdman Cleland of Williams College.

Carrie E. Newton, nee Blair, married Thos. S. Clark in Chicago on June 6, 1902.

W.W. Ferguson died May 14th at his home in Lone Elm, Kansas. He was born 26 February 1844 in Rock Island Co., Ills and was married to Mary A. Lambertine at Camden, Ills on 6 June 1867. They had 6 children, of whom 3 survive: William Ferguson and Mrs. Mamie Lamy of Nogal, New Mexico; and Fred Ferguson of Battle Creek, Michigan. His wife died 29 May 1886 and on 11 December 1888, he married Mrs. Virginia Kennedy. They had 3 children, of whom 1, Emmett, is living. He was a Civil War veteran. The funeral was May 16th at the M.E. Church with burial in the Deer Creek Cemetery, beside his former wife and children. He was a veteran of Company A., 93rd Ills Inf.

26 January 1902

Wm Dickson has moved to Seattle , Washington .

Mrs. Virginia Roe of New Orleans is here visiting her brother, Alexander Owens.

Mrs. Robert Adams and her daughter, Mrs. Sandy Bingham, are visiting the former's sister in Chicago . (July 17th issue: the sister of Mrs. Adams, Mrs. E. Sleep, died Saturday at Bloomingdale, near Chicago .)

Charles E. Chase of Moscow , Iowa is here visiting his cousin, Mrs. Helen B. Brown.

SHADY GROVE: Mrs. Julia Doering of Davenport , Iowa Is here visiting her mother, Mrs. Binard.

Mr. and Mrs. Wra Hudson and niece Nellie Halterman of Davenport, Iowa are here visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.L. Hudson.

July 1902

Fred Clow of Des Moines , Iowa is here visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Clow. He has been working on the farm of his uncle, Charles Young who is a soap manufacturer.

Dick Fitzsimmons has returned here after spending the last year in Oklahoma and Texas .

Miss Carrie Walker has returned after teaching for the past year in Hopring, Emmet Co., Iowa .

Edith and Fred McNulty of Des Moines , Iowa are here visiting their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Owens.

Mrs. W.F. Fox and baby Naomi of Cedar Rapids, Iowa and sister Mrs. Albert Faulkner of Garfield, Washington are here visiting their parents, Mr.and Mrs. Chas. Willhite.

Mrs. Logan Brown of Platsmouth, Nebraska is here visiting A.R. Brown.

Mrs. P.P.. Davis and A children of St. Charles near Chicago are visiting C.H. Dibbern in Sears; Mr. Davis is the brother of Mrs. Dibbern.

Wm Dickson is visiting his cousin, J.D. Medill in Yakama , Wash.


July 1902

Edgar and Emil Lindberg, aged 10 years and 13 years, drowned July 4th in the pond on 9th Avenue and 38th Street in Rock Island . They are the sons of Mr. and Mrs. John Lindburg, living at 15th Avenua and 29th Street . A relative, Harry Hill ofBurlington , Iowa was visiting at the time. There is another son in the family, John, aged 19 years. The father is a carpenter with the Moline Plow Company. The son John lost his arm in an accident three weeks ago John and Louis Grimes recovered the bodies of the 2 boys; burial was Sunday.

James Lafferty, the blind soldier, has had his pension increased,

Mrs. Julia Smith, proprietor of the Milan House, has been visiting her brother, G.W. Stone, in Boone , Iowa .

Nellie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Smith of Chicago , is here visiting her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Owens.

Miss Emma Mitten of Colona, Henry County is here visiting her cousin, Mrs. Hugh Cannam and her aunt, Mrs. Oliver Taylor of Taylor Ridge.

Frank Pinkley of Rockford , Ills is here visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.V. Pinkley.

The 5 daughters of Mr. and Mrs. C.S. Willhite are here visiting: Mrs. Mary Simmons of Stockport , Iowa ; Sadie McMannls of Griggsvllle , Illinois ; Jesse DeGroot of Rock Island ; Rosa Fox of Cedar Rapids , Iowa ; and Ester Faulkner of Garfield ,Washington .

The Rev. Marion Humphreys has learned of the death of his 2nd eldest brother who lived near St. Louis .

C.C. Owens of Cleveland , Ohio is here visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Owens.

June 1902

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Martin of Davenport , Iowa are here visiting his aunt, Mrs. Alex Medill.

SEARS: Mrs. Mary Hall of Peoria has been visiting; her parents here, Mr. and Mrs. David Karr.

SHADY GROVE: Fred Koefle married Miss Lillie Schurr on Tuesday; they will live in Iowa .

TAYLOR RIDGE : Miss Cora Potter of Rock Island is in Milan to help her mother, Mrs. Fred Bell celebrate her 56th birthday.

July 1902

Mrs. D.A. Arrowsmith and children Myrtle, Willie and Pearl of Persia, Iowa are here visiting; she is the former Miss Mattie McCarty.

Mr. and Mrs. John Solomon have moved to Peoria to live.

John Stapp is building a new house on his farm on Mill Creek which will be occupied by his tenant, Gus Danielson.

Mrs. Disa Cook, widow of the late ex-county clerk John Cook, is building a new house in Edgewood Park , Rock Island .

Peter Fries died Sunday at his residence on 18th Street . He was born 4 May 1824 at Faulbach in the Bavarian province of Lower Franconia . He came to America in 1848 and resided at Altona , Pennsylvania where he conducted a tannery for 2 years. He then came to Henry, Ills and was engaged in the leather business until 1854 when he came to Davenport , Iowa to run a grocery and vinegar business. He then moved to Rock Island and went into the wholesale liquor business on the corner of 1st Avenue and 18th Street where he remained until his death. He married Miss Theresa Dauber at Lacon , Illinois on 6 August 1852 ; she survives along with one daughter, Mrs. James Conner. The funeral was Wednesday at St. Mary's Church; John Dauber of Peoria attended. Burial was in the Chippiannock Cemetery .

George W. Cash died Sunday at his home, 954 20th Street , Rock Island. He was born in Indiana on 22 November 1849 and came to Will Co., Ills with his parents when he was a child.A few years later they moved to New Boston, Mercer Co., Ills where he grew to manhood and went into business. He then moved to Geneseo, Henry County . In 1878 he moved to Rock Island and eventually, along with his son, L.C. Cash, opened a flour and feed store. He was married at Geneseo, Henry County on 19 October 1873 to Miss Elizabeth Viola Raser who survives along with the son, L.C. Cash; 2 brothers T.C. Cash of Cozad, Nebraska; and J.J. Cash of Newton, Kansas. The funeral was Thursday with burial in the Chippiannock Cemetery , Rock Island .

William, son of Mike Lane of Milan , who was reportedly killed in a mine accident in Utah , has been (found alive?)

Frank Kyte of Jersey City , New Jersy is here visiting his uncle, C.E. Kyte.

Mrs. Moses Tuttle died Wednesday at her home in Bowling. Mrs. Hingstrora of Rock Island is her daughter. (July 31st) Mrs. Moses Tuttle was born Ellen I. Graves on 25 July 1828 in New Hampshire and was almost 74 years old at the time of her death. She came to Illinois with her parents who settled in Rock Island in 1847. She married Mr. Tuttle in1849 and after living in Rock Island for 15 years, they moved ,to Bowling where they have since lived. She is survived by Mr. Beatty her husband and 4 daughters: Mrs. Emma Beatty who died about Wochner 12 years ago; Mrs. Elsie Hingstrom of Rock Island; Mrs. Minnie Coulter Wochner of Bowling; and Mrs. Nettle Coulter of Taylor Ridge; and by an adopted daughter Frances at home. The funeral was Friday at McConnell's Chapel with burial in the nearby cemetery there.

Miss Eleanore Zahn has moved to Fon Du Lac to live with her uncle, J.E. Zahn.

BOWLING: Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Williamson of St. Louis are here visiting James McAfee and other relatives.

Fred Flog died last Friday at the county infirmary.

July 1902

Phil R. Mitsch died July 27th. He was born in Rock Island in 1876 and educated in the Rock Island schools. He worked for the Tri-City Sprinkler Company and the Central Union Telephine Company and then went to work with his mother. He married Miss Addie Murphy 2 years ago. He is survived by his mother, wife, 2 sisters: Mrs. Eugene Dolph at home and Mrs. John Baughman of Butte , Montana . The funeral was Wednesday at their home, 1320 3rd Avenue with burial in the Chippiannock Cemetery in Rock Island beside his father who died a number of years ago.

Axel Harry Peterson, a teamster in Mollne, drowned Sunday just off shore from the icehouse in the east end of the city. The body was recovered by Theodore Burquist. He was born 8 August 1878 "in Sweden and came from Rockford , Ills to Moline about 3 years ago. The funeral was Monday at 2359 3rd Avenue .

Mrs. Elizabeth Squires, a resident of Galva, Henry County for more than 20 years, died July 19th at Peoria . Burial was in Galva. The funeral was in the Baptist Church of which she was a member. She was born at Warsaw , Kentucky in 1835 and came to Rock Island in the spring of 1849. She married Joel Dean in 1851 and they had 5 children, 3 boys and 2 girls, of whom 4 survive, one having died 5 years ago. The surviving children are Almedia, William, Squire and Henry. She joined the Baptist Church at Edgington when she was 18 years old. Her husband died in the Civil War in 1862 and she married again in 1876 to Mr. Squires who died In 1883. She joined the Baptist Church at Galva in 1898. (from the Galva STANDARD). Squire Dean and his 2 daughters Rachel and Rattle of Milan attended the funeral.

Guy W. Wheaton married Miss Ella M.Taylor of Reynolds on Wednesday. They will live at Seattle , Washington where the groom is a lawyer.

SEARS: Ralph Madison and his daughter Ruth of Des Moines, Iowa are here visiting H.K. Cox.

TAYLOR RIDGE : Born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bell, a daughter named Iva, July 16th.

July 1902

COAL VALLEY : Mrs. L.M. Nelson celebrated her 57th birthday on Monday.

SHADY GROVE: Mrs. John Beck of Sherrard, Mercer County and niece Clara Allen are visiting the former's brother at Los Angeles , California . They will then visit Mrs. Heseltine In Colorado.

SHADY GROVE: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Wilson, a son, Tuesday.

August 1902

Mrs. Nate Martin of Daveport , Iowa is here visiting her sister, Mrs. Alex Medill.

Philip Wells, son of Mrs. Rosa Wells, is now in government service at Guttenberg , Iowa .

Born to Chris and Alice Heber, a daughter.

Juanlta Hayford of Omaha , Nebraska has been here visiting her aunt, Mrs. Martha Girton. Mrs. Arrowsmith of Persia , Iowa is is also her aunt.

Mrs. Wm Hynes of Atlantic , Iowa is here visiting old neighbors.

Roscoe Morton, aged 16 years, drowned at the foot of 17th St. in Rock Island ; the body was recovered on Thursday.

SEARS: Oston Goddard married Miss Lolo Dunaway last week.

SEARS: Mrs. David Sears is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Frank Laflin in Utah .

SEARS: Mrs.Joseph of Dubuque , Iowa is here visiting her sisters, Mrs.Dee and Mrs. Sears. She was formerly of Milan .

TURKEY HOLLOW: Rosa and Harrison Weaver of Windsor , Missouri are here visiting their brother, J. Weaver.

TURKEY HOLLOW: Mrs. F.N. Rouse has been visiting her brother, John Titterlngton at Washington , Iowa .

SHADY GROVE: the little son of Mr. and Mrs. Will Binard was baptized in Rock Island last Sunday.

August 1902

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Gus Danielson, a daughter, last Friday.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Chancy, of Rock Island , formerly of Milan , a new baby.

Mrs. Helen B. Brown is visiting her cousin, Chas. Chase in Moscow , Iowa .

V.L. Heath will soon move to Manchester , Iowa .

Born to the Rev. and Mrs. H.W. Reherd of Detroit, Michigan, a daughter, August 7th, named Elizabeth Louise.

Andrew Henry of Peoria is here visiting his cousin, Miss Elizabeth Whitsitt.

McDonald Samuel McDonald who was one of Johnston 's millers 40 years ago, who has recently been living in Texas , is here visiting. He will soon move to Colorado to live.

Thomas White of Warren , Illinois is here visiting his mother- in-law, Mrs. C. Goldsmith.

SHADY GROVE: Born to Mr. and Mrs. Don Bosold, a daughter; they now have 4 sons and a daughter.

August 1902

Mrs. Angeline Taggart of Griggsville, Pike Co., Ills, in care of Bert Brown, now claims to be the wife of the dec'd Mr. Laonldas, She mentioned that she has another son living with her.

A land claim taken out by Samuel Burtis in what is now downtown Rock Island in 1836 is now being contested because not all his heirs quit claimed away their share when he died. The deed was given by Mary H. Peck to Stephen Willey and the mortgage given back by Stephen Willey to Wilber Peck, husband of Mary, all of Colchester, McDonough Co., Ills.

Capt. T.M. Moody of Fort McPherson , Georgia is here visiting old friends, in Milan . He has recently returned from the Phlllipine Islands where he served 34 years. He spent his boyhood years on Big Island and afterwards lived in Taylor Ridge .

August 1902

BOWLING: Mrs. Thomas Breadon has been visiting her daughter, Mrs. Bruce Taylor of Eldon , Iowa .

SEARS: Mrs. Larenza left for Denmark 3 weeks ago to visit her father who was dying; it has since been learned that her father died on August 3rd.

TAYLOR RIDGE: W.S. McCulloch of Taylor Ridge married Miss Fannie Layton of Rock Island on Wednesday in Rock Island ; the groom is a fanner in Bowling tnp.

Mr. and tnrs. C.L. Hudson will soon move to Muscatine , Iowa .

Johnston Davidson, formerly of Milan , is here visiting relatives. He has spent time in California and Oregon .

C. Lewis Franing of Chicago is here visiting his brother, Henry Franing, druggist in Milan .

W.O. Smith of Rock Island , formerly of Illinois City and his brothers James and George are here concreting their family cemetery lot. (Muscatine, Iowa Item)

S.R. Chase celebrated his 93rd birthday at the residence of his son, C.E. Chase in Moscow, Iowa. Also attending were other members of the Iowa Greybeard Regiment: David Washburn and John Casebeer. Also attending were his niece, Mrs. Helen B. Brown of Milan and Mrs. Howard M. White of Drury.

August 1902

Russel Stearns of Chicago is here visiting his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Alex Owens.

Charles A. Brandenburg married Miss Maud Ranbarger on August 21st in Davenport , Iowa ; they will live at Clinton , Iowa .

Mylo Lee, an old citizen of Rock Island , died Sunday at Minneapolis , Minnesota where he had resided since 1896. He was a native of Salisbury , Connecticut where he was born 12 November 1828 . He came to Rock Island in 1852. The funeral was Tuesday from the Broadway Church with burial in the Chippiannock Cemetery in Rock Island .

Born to Mr. and Mrs. George Ricketts, a daughter.

28 August 1902

The 10-month old baby of Mr. and Mrs. Shrader died Sunday and was buried Monday, from the Presbyterian Church.

Chester Peters is now working as a bookkeeper at Harvy, Ills.

BOWLING: Mrs. Phil Graham and son Rex of Pawnee, Nebraska are here visiting Frank Wochner and other relatives.

Charles Johnson of Plattsmouth , Nebraska , son-in-law of A.R. Brown is visiting his mother, Mrs.Sophia Johnson of Rock Island .

Ira Johnston of Rock Island married Martha Bledsoe, formerly of Milan , on August 21st at the parsonage of the M.E. Church .

Mrs. Mary Cropper of Chicago is visiting her mother, (Mrs.?) L.D. Hoover of Rock Island .

Mrs. Florence Maude Harrington, sister of E.L. Rhodadarmer, died August 21st at her home in Decatur , Ills. She is survived by her husband and a babe aged 5 months. She was born in Iowa City , Iowa and grew up there. On 10 October 1894 she married J.C.F. Harrington and for the next 2 years, they lived there in Iowa City . Her husband is now a jeweler in Decatur . Burial was in the Iowa City Cemetery .

September 1902

Mrs. Kate B. Pearson died Friday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Charles Bender In Davenport, Iowa. Mrs.Bender survives as do 4 children: Mrs. Fletcher of Blackhawk township; Sidney C. Pearson of Rock Island ; Frank Pearson of St. Louis ; and John Pearson of Quincy , Ills. Burial was in the Chippiannock Cemetery in Rock Island .

Mrs. J.K. Shriver and daughter Vera of Greenbay , Wisconsin have been here visiting Mrs. Julia Smith.

Miss Mamie Daxon of Omaha , Nebraska , formerly of Milan , is here visiting her aunt, Mrs. J. Hynes in South Rock Island andher brother Will Daxon in Andalusia .

11 September 1902

Nina Gilmore has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Thomas Fisher at Chipman , New York .

Mrs. Rose Foster, daughter-in-law of Mrs. Mary Schooley from Hootester , Illinois is here visiting relatives.

W.H. Stewart has returned to his home at Jamestown , Indiana .

Mrs. V.C. Wilson of Harris , Kansas is visiting Mrs. Amanda Wilson at her home 2 miles east of Sherrard, Mercer County .

ANDALUSIA : Charles Wenks attended the funeral of his aunt at Saginaw , Michigan .

BOWLING: Mrs. Thomas Laflin and sister Mrs. Bowen have returned from visiting relatives in Nebraska .

William Castrey married Rachel Rebecca Dean on September 10th at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Squire Dean. They will live at New Castle , Pennsylvania where the groom is in the glass business.

18 September 1902

Mrs. Sarah Carlson, nee Wright, of Chicago and her two children visiting Mrs. Albert Green. She formerly lived here in her childhood.

4 September 1902

Mrs. C.C. Hartman of Minneapolis , Minnesota is here visiting her sister, Mrs. Alex Medill.

Mrs. Lucy Thornbury (formerly Miss Ball of Taylor Ridge ) and son Raymond of Davenport, Iowa are here visiting relatives.

Mrs. Rebecca Sprague, a daughter of John Jones, a former resident of Milan , who now lives on a farm near Morrell , Kansas and Stropes Mrs. Martha Stropes, her sister, were visiting in Milan this week.

John G. Hinderer died Monday while on a fishing trip in the river. He was born in Germany in 1839 and came to Milan In 1871. He is survived by his wife Barbara and by 3 children - George, Bertha, and Mildred all living at home. The funeral was Wednesday at the Presbyterian Church with burial in the Chlppiannock Cemetery in Rock Island .

E.L. Rhoardarmer has learned of the death of his recently dec'd sister's baby, the child of Florence Maud Harrington.

25 September 1902

Miss Tony Dunlap has been arrested for the murder of Miss Allie Dool last August 7th. Miss Margaret, daughter of William Miller, has been released from charges.

Grace, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kepple of Clover tnp, Henry County , was killed September 15th in an accident, aged 3 years. ( Cambridge CHRONICLE)

Biograhical sketch of Cornelius Donovan, a candidate for sheriff of Rock Island County : he was born in the Marshall settlement in Cordova tnp on 24 July 1858 . As an infant, his parents moved to Moline and then to Rock Island where in 1874, Cornelius was apprenticed to a plastering contractor. From 1884-1892 he lived in the West, but he then returned and formed a partnership with his brother Charles. He lives on the family homestead in South Rock Island with his widowed mother.

Mr. and Mrs. Wm Tenges and son William have left for Dayton , Ohio .

Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Long and 2 daughters of Braddick , Pennsylvania are here visiting J.D. Lafferty.

Henry L. Waggoner of Waggoner, Ills married Miss Freely Dee Shires, daughter of the late David F. Shires of Milan on September 18th at the county courthouse. The bride is the grand-daughter of Mrs. Susan Kirkman. (from the Illinois State REGISTER).

ANDALUSIA : The baby of Mr. and Mrs. Tim Gardner died Sunday; the funeral was Monday at the Baptist Church .

Miss Frances Crowell died September 19th at her home on Dickson Street in Milan , aged 49 years 1 month 3 days. Vm H. Brown is her step-father. The funeral was Sunday with burial in the Chippiannock Cemetery , Rock Island . She was a. member of the M.E. Church .' William Brown is her half-brother. Delia Remsburg of Ohio , Bureau County , is her cousin. Mr. and Mrs. P.P. Brown of Rock Island attended the funeral as did Mrs. Lyle and Mrs. J.A. Bruch of Tipton , Iowa .

Adeline Smith has been visiting her sister, Mrs. Gorman at Princeton , Illinois .

16 October 1902

Mrs. Geo. Brinkenhoff is visiting her husband's relatives at Greenfield , Iowa .

Thursday, 23 October 1902

John A. Axelson, the Port Byron shoemaker, was found dead in his shop on Friday.

Julius Goetz of 510 10th Street , a laborer employed in the blacksmith department of the Rock Island Plow Company, died Friday while at work.

Judge George W. Pleasants of Rock Island died Wednesday at his home. He was one of the oldest judges in the state.

Frank Smith's mother is visiting her daughter at Galena , Nebraska . Mrs. James Walker of Topeka , Kansas is visiting Hugh Walker here.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. John Solomon, formerly of Milan but now of Peoria , a daughter, October 13th.

Charles Hull of Stark, Ills will soon move his family to Milan . He rented the house formerly occupied by C.H. Harris.

Joseph Fitzpatrick, an old resident of Milan , died Thursday at his home in Milan ; the funeral will be Sunday. (October 30th issue: He was born in Rural township 55 years ago and spent his early life on a farm. After he married, he sold his farm and moved to Milan where he was in the milling business. The funeral was Sunday with burial in the Chippiannock Cemetery , Rock Island .

Mr. Beatty of Rock Island married Miss Wochner on Wednesday; the bride is the sister of Frank Wochner. The groom is the son of William Beatty, formerly of Milan .

BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH of Geo. W. Henry, a candidate for county treasurer: He was born in New York City but came west and settled in Hampton tnp here in 1855. He opened the first coal mine in Carbon Cliff and ran a general store. He came to Rock Island in 1874




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