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These lists are taken from the Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois

Black Hawk War

A Rock Island Company

Soldiers' Monument




Military Submissions

River Gunboat Service

Various Units Around the Country

Veterans from Cordova

Twelfth Illinois Infantry (3 mos. service)

Seventh Illinois Infantry(3 yrs service)

Eighth Illinois Infantry(3 yrs. service)

Ninth Illinois Infantry(3 yrs. service)

Eleventh Illinois Infantry (3 yrs. service)

Twelfth Illinois Infantry (3 yr. service)

Thirteenth Illinois Volunteer Infantry

Fourthteenth and Fifteenth Illinois Infantry

Sixteenth Illinois Infantry (Companies A & K)

Nineteenth Ill.. Volunteer Infantry (Co. H) 3 yr. service

Twenty-seventh Illinois Infantry and Co. G

Twenty-eigth Illinois Infantry Co. I

Thirtieth thru Thirty- Third Ill. Infantry

Thirty seventh Ill Inf, Comapanies K.H.F.C,A

Rock Island Men in Iowa Infantries

Rock Island Men in Iowa Calvarys

Rock Island Men in Missouri Infantries

Forty-third Illinois Infantry

Fifty-Seventh Illinois Infantry Co. D & E

Fifty-Eighth Illinois Infantry Co. B, K & I

9th Illinois Calvary Co. A

4th Illinois Calvary Co.M

4th Consolidated Calvary Co. A & C

6th Ill. Calvary Co.C, 7th Illinois Cav. Co. E,H.&L

8th Illinois Calvary Co. C

1883 List of Pensions

*John T. Howard



6th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Co. A

6th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Co. B

6th Illinois Infantry, Co. F

6th Illinois Infantry Co. G&I

8th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Co. I&K




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