Anthony G-. W. proprietor of the Anthony House.

Anawalt, Denkman & Co.,Manufacturers and Dealers in Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Siding, Flooring, Pickets, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, etc.; one block w of C’,, R. I. & P. depot; post office box 317.

Ankrwm J Frank, Constable.

Aster John, Bakery, Market Sq.

Atkinson & Oloff, Bookmakers; also, Contractors for furnishing and laying brick.

Bahnsen F. agent for Rock Island Co. of the JEtna Life Insurance Co., of Hartford, Conn.; office, 18th st, bet 6th and 7th avs.

Bain George A. & Co. Manu­ facturers of Carriages, Buggies, Phaetons, etc.; satisfaction guaran­ teed.

Brackett Jos. .W. Attorney at Law.

Brockman Henry, Carpenter,House-builder and Contractor.

Buford J.M . General Insurance Agent.

Cary Thos. F . Painter, both Plain and Ornamental; also, Decorative Paperhanger; Calcimining and Frescoing done to order.

Case H. S. Brick Manufacturer.

Churchill & Sweeney, Manufacturers of Farm and Spring Wagons, Carriages, Light, Open and Top Buggies; factory, corner of Eagle and Bock River sts.

Cleland J .H. & Co. (successors to J. H. Kauffman,) Dealers in Italian and American Marble, Monu­ ments, Headstones, etc.; also, Scotch and American Granite; 1435 Second avenue, opposite the CourtHouse; all work done promptly and satisfaction guaranteed.

Conet Jos. Proprietor Bellows House, cor 3d av and Market sq.

Connelly & McNeal, Attorneys at Law, office, Post Office blk.

Craig Dr. G.G. Physician; resi­ dence and office, n w cor 3d av and 13th st.

Crampton R. Wholesale and Re­ tail Bookseller and Stationer and Blank Book Manufacturer, Pub­ lisher of Legal Blanks; Lithographing and Job Printing.

Cropper E. C. Police Magistrate and Ex-officio Justice Peace; Col­lections attended to and remittances promptly made.

Cutter Amos F. Notary Public and Real Estate Agent.

Dodge Chas. E. Merchant Tailor, Dealer in Hats, Caps and Furnishing Goods; 1702 2d av.

Don David, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Furnaces, Ranges, Stoves and House Furnishing Goods; also, Manufacturer of all kinds of Tin, Copper and Sheet-iron Ware; 1617 Second avenue.

Drake J.S . Editor and Proprietor Rock Island Argus.

Epstein Isaac, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, Silver and Plated Ware; all goods guaranteed by the house as represented by the Agent; a Specialty made on Rogers Smith & Co.'s Silverware; Repairing at­ tended to with the greatest care and neatness; Dealer in Pianos, Organs, Sheet Music and Musical Mer­ chandise; 57 Star blk.

Farrell John, Physician and Surgeon; makes a Specialty of Surgery and Diseases of the Eye and Ear; Rooms, Furnished or Unfurnished, with or without Board; office, 1614 2d av.

Fezler & Wagner, Druggists; all kinds of Paints, Oils, Varnishes and everything in the Drug line; 4th av and 23d st.

Field & Bro., Wholesale Dealers in Yankee Notions, Cigars, etc., etc.; Washington st, bet Illinois and Orleans sts.

First National Bank, P. L. Mitchell, Pres.; J. M. Buford, Cash.

Flanagan John, Constable and General Collecting Agent.

Fredricksen M. Carpenter and Builder.

Frick M.C .. Brick Contractor and Builder.

Gult Dr. Thos. Physician; office and residence, 1214 and 1208 2d av.

Crest & Parks, Attorneys and Counsellors at Law; office, Post Office blk.

Hakes Holmes, Agent for Do­ mestic and White Sewing Machine.

Harper Ben, Prop. Harper House.

Haverstick L. M. Pottery Ware Manufacturer.

Hawes David, Justice of the Peace.

Hayden Henry, Justice of the Peace.

Hayes & Cleaveland, General Fire, Life and Accident Insurance; office, Bengston blk.

HodgsonChas.E. Insurance Agency; represents old-time, tried, fire-tested companies; Recording Agency for Rock Island Co. of the American Insurance Company of Chicago; also, Underwriters' Asso­ ciation of Newark, and the old Phoenix Mutual Life Insurance Company of Hartford; office, Buford's blk.

Hull S.S. Constable and Collector.

Iglehart M. S. Designer, Carver and Cutter of Marble and Granite Monuments, and all kinds of Ceme­ tery Work; orders promptly attended to; cor 16th st and 4th av, opp Taylor House.

Juergens C. Plain and Ornamental Painter; Painting, Papering and Kalsomining done at short notice; Lettering and Graining a Specialty; 18th st.

KREATOR&Co . Manufacturers of Gang Sawed Lumber, Laths, Shin­ gles, etc.; Dimension Timbers of all sizes cut to order.

Keller George. M. Physician and Surgeon; office, Post Office blk.

Kelly & Reticker, Dealers in Boots and Shoes; 1704 2d av.

Kenworthy & Heardsley, Law and Abstract Office ; Masonic Tem­ ple, cor 18th st and 2d av.

Kiesow L. Dry Goods Dealer, and Proprietor Rock Island Knitting Works.

Knox C.B. City Undertaker ; keeps constantly on hand a com­ plete stock of Coffins, Metallic Bu­rial Cases and Caskets.

Krell E. City Confectionery and Bakery, Restaurant and Ice Cream Saloon; Large Assortment of Toys; . Suppers gotten up and Parties sup­ plied at.short notice; also, Pyramids and Wedding Cakes; Illinois st.

Kuehl Karl, Attorney at Law; 2d av, bet Eagle and Washington sts.

Lawrence G.W. Homeopathic Physician and Surgeon; keeps all kinds of Homeopathic Medicines for sale by the case and otherwise.

Lundy W. H. General Commis­ sion Merchant and Auctioneer; Consignments solicited and Returns promptly made; Illinois st.

McCabe J. W. Dealer in all kinds of Furnishing Goods.

McElherne & O'Mara, Counsellors at Law.

Mertz Nee, Proprietor Union Bakery.

Mills Milton G. Dealer in all kinds of Dry Goods, Fancy Articles, Ladies' Wear, Hosiery, etc.

Mitchell & Lynde, Bankers.

Mitchel & Parsons, (Successors to Wadsworth & Parsons,) Dealers in Favcy and Staple Dry Goods, Carpets, Oil Cloths, Mattings, Rugs, etc.; 1609 2d av.

O’Neil Charles W. Attorney at Law.

Olsen Oliver Attorney and Counsellor at Law.

Parmenter JE . Attorney at Law; office in Post Office blk, over Mitchell & Lynde's bank.

Peoples' National Bank, Capital, $100,000; B. Davenport, Pres ident; J. Rosenfield, Vice-President; John Peetz, Cashier.

Perrin B. JF. Dealer in Cleveland Coal, Lackawanna and Wilkesbarre Hard Coal; 1st av, opp Ferry Idg.

Perrin &Crockett's Insurance Agency; at Cleveland Coal Office, First av, opp Ferry Idg.

Pillsbury Mrs. Pauline M. Medical, Electrical and Magnetic Physician; 815 17th st.

Pinkly M.L. Justice of the Peace; Post Office blk.

Plummer Samuel C. Physician and Surgeon.

Rathbun Will. W. Attorney at Law; office, s w cor 2d av and 17th st.

Reed W. I. & Co. Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Lumber, Lath, Shingles, etc.; office, 1401 2d av; Planing Mill and Yard at lower end of city.

Robinson D. T. Dealer in Gang Sawed Chippawa and Wis. River Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Pickets, etc.; office and yard, cor Washing­ ton and Highland sts.

Rock Island Plough Manu- facturing Co.; manufacture Cultivators, Riding and Walking Ploughs, Scrapers, Harrows, etc.

Rock Island Business College and Western College of Short Hand, Theo. A. Frey, President; the Best and the Largest Corps of Teachers; a Course in every way Practical and Thorough; the only College West where Actual Reporters are, and have been Graduated; send for names of Graduates in this art.

Rock Island City Bakery, all the varieties of Crackers, such as Boston, Butter, Soda, Water, Sugar, Pic-nic, Lemon, Cream, Milk, etc., constantly on hand; also, Pilot Bread, etc., of best quality.

Rock Island National Bank:T. J. Robinson, Prest,; J. H. Wil­ son, Vice Prest.; J. F. Robinson, Cashier.

Reynolds, Saulpaugh & Co. Railroad and Bridge Contractors.

Sawyer N.B.Manufacturer and Dealer in Glassware, Plain, Stamped and Japanned Tinware; Peddlers' Supplies a Specialty; Cash paid for Paper Stock and Old Metal; 1618 1st av.

Shmid August, House Builder and Contractor.

Schnell Win. Painter, Calciminer, Grainer and Paperhanger.

Simpson, Young & Heitah- rends, Painters and Grainers; 17th st, bet 4th and 5th a vs.

Smith Henry, Carriage Mnfgr.

Spencer & Noftsker, Dealers in Stoves, Tinners' Stock and House Furnishing Goods.

Stark J. W. Dentists; all kinds of Dental Work done to suit Custom­ ers; office, 1724 3d av.

Stewart & Montgomery, Job­ bers of Hardware, Nails, Glass, Iron, and Wagonmakers' Material.

Streckfus B. Wagon and Carriage- makers and Horseshoers.

Streckfus John, Grocer, cor 16th st and 4th av.

Sturgeon & Adams., Attorneys at Law; have a complete set of Books of Abstracts of Title of all Lands in Rock Island Co.; office, in Court House.

Swanson A. J. Manufacturer of and Dealer in Boots, Shoes, Leather, Findings, etc., etc., 1818 2d av.

Sweeney & Jackson. Attorneys and Counsellors at Law.

Thomas H.H. Druggist; Farm­ ers and Dealers will find this the best and cheapest place to buy Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, Brushes, etc.

Truesdal C. Physician and Sur­ geon; office, Post Office blk.

Volk John & Co. Proprietors Novelty Mills, Builders, Contractors, and Manufacturers of Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, Brackets, Newell Posts, Balustrades, Siding, Flooring, Pickets, etc.; special at­ tention given to contract estimates; 319 18th st, bet 3d and 4th avs.

Wagner George, Proprietor At­ lantic Brewery and Malt House, Mo- line av.

Wagner Geo. F. Meat Market, 2d av, near Court Sq.

Wait & Wagner, Proprietors of the town of 'Reynolds, situated on the Rock Island and Mercer Co. Railroad, in Edgington township; it is one of the most beautiful sites for a town in the State; the first building was erected in Oct., 1876; five stores, lumber yards, black­ smith and wagon shops are now in successful operation; persons desir­ ous of finding a good location should not fail to visit Reynolds.

Warner John JR. Manufacturer of Sash, Doors, Blinds, Brackets and Mouldings, Planing, Scroll Sawing and Wood Turning; Flour, Meal and Feed; cor 5th av and 18th st.

Wamock & Ralston, Manufac­ turers of Soap, Candles and Lard Oil; cor 5th av and 3d st.

Weyerhaeuser & Denkmann, Manufacturers of Gang Sawed Lumber, Timber, Siding, Flooring, Lath, Shingles, Sash, Doors, Blinds and Mouldings.

Wilson J.H. Coal Dealer.

Winter C. C. Editor and Proprie­ tor of Neue Volks-Zeitung (Ger­ man semi-weekly.)

Wivill & Co. Dealers in Dry Goods, Notions, Cassimeres, etc.; 1625 3d av, under Rock Island house.

Yates Thomas, Gas and Steam Fitter and Plumber; 1712 1st av; Hot and Cold Bathing Apparatus for Public and Private Buildings, erected on the Latest Improved Plans; Drain Tile, Hose, Lift and Force Pumps, Rubber, Cotton and Flax Packing of all kinds kept constantly on hand; Levee, opp Ferry Idg.

Biographical Directory of Rock Island County


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