These brave men aren't included in the lists that I have.

It doesn't matter which state they served in or which war, as long as they were Rock Island County citizens.

If you would like your veteran included please contact me.

Richard Bissell, aka Richard Pierce Bissell

17 IL US CAV Company L

Full Corporal

Reisdence Moline, Rock Island Co

age 18 (false)

Height 5' 11"   Brown hair  Dark Eyes  Dark Complexion  Farmer

Joined Oct 3, 1863 (he was actually 17)  in Moline , IL under Capt Harding for a period of 3 years

Mustered out Dec 20, 1865 at Ft. Leavenworth , KS by Lt Williamson at the rank of a private

( Personal Note:  He was busted to private from corporal because he lied about his age in order to enlist and was found out.)

Further records show him as a  PVT in Company E of the 17 IL US CAV...mustered in Jan 22, 1864 in St. Charles , IL and transferred to CO L. Jan 23, 1864. 

Personal Note:  I'm not sure how Company E fit into the I don't have the actual service file (brother does) and there's not info on the Illinois website that shows him with a transfer to Company E from Company L.  But this does show him as a private being transferred back to company L.  Breaking him down to private must have occurred fairly soon after he enlisted and the transfer back to CO L in 1864 must have been when he turned 18. 

Julie Bissell Tupker