July 12, 1878

Asa F. PARKEE. has been elected leader and Ira BUFFUM secretary of the Valley Guard Bank.

Joseph CUNNINGHAM is again proprietor of the Metropolitan hotel here.

Burton Wilkins died July 17th in Rock Island, son of Daniel WILKINS aged 2y 17d.  The funeral was today (Thursday) at the residence on 7th Avenue and 13th Street.

Cambridge, Henry County:  B.F. BARGE is our county superintendent of schools.

Cambridge, Henry County:  Charles DICKINSON, a contractor and builder at Galva, Henry County, was injured there last Monday.

Illinois City:  the funeral of Isaac THOMAS, another old settler of this county, was July 1st, 1878.  He came from Ohio to this county in the all after the Vanattas had come in the spring. He assisted Jacob COLEMAN in the laying out of Illinois City.   He died June 30th and was buried from the United Brethren Church.


Friday, 19 July 1878

A bird belonging to A.L. CARSON escaped from his residence on Main Street yesterday.

George GAMBLE is the driver of streetcar #2. Moline:  Fred ALSTERLAND is our City Fire Engineer.

It has been reported that Otto Lochner (.LOEBNER?), J.P. at Coal Valley, was found dead yesterday.

Thomas LONGDELL who was working in the lower sawmill trench, was overcome by the heat yesterday.

George CLARK, a farmer, living 1 1/2 miles from Milan, while helping Samuel JOHNSON in the harvest field, was sunstruck and died on Thursday.

Daniel SHEAHAN, an old farmer in Edgington tp, was overcome by the heat on Wednesday.

Edgington:  Timothy DUTTON, one of our oldest citizens, is very ill. He has made his will.

Probate Court:

  1. guardianship of the minor heirs of John ROSENQUIST, dec'd.
  2. Estate of John SPECK.

Mr. WHIPPLE was killed in a runaway accident in Davenport, Iowa yesterday.

C.S. EMEIGH has hired a new barber to replace Charles LINDNER who has quit .

Joseph, little son of Mrs. Charlotte VOGLF and the late Ferdinand VOGLE died July 15th aged 3y 6m.  The funeral will be from the residence on 19th Street today.

John ALBRIGHT delivered a serenade yesterday.

J. BOWMAN has moved to Chicago to work.

R.L. JONES of 9th Street between 6th and 7th Avenues, hosted a sociable for the members of the 9th Street Methodist Church.

Mrs. Peter FREENEY (he is a bridge sweeper) died last Friday and was buried Sunday.

Dr. C.B. KINYON of McLean Co has located here taking the house lately vacated by Dr. J.W. STARK on 20th Street.

Mrs. Elizabeth EIGNUS died Sunday at her residence on 4th Avenue at an advanced age." Burial was in the Fairview Cemetery on the Rock River on Monday.

J.T. DIXON, a merchant tailor, is very ill.

Wednesday, 17 July 1878

The Rev. E.G. BARNARD will visit his aged father in Ohio.

PROBATE COURT:  Estate of Frances M. SMITH.

Pre-emption, Mercer County:  John CLARK suffered sunstroke here.

Pre-emption, Mercer County:  The houses of William and Thomas HA1 (perhaps HALDSWORTH?) were damaged in a recent storm.

A 2-year old child of Richard T. HUBBARD of Edgington tp died thi

Miss Frances A. CUTTER has left to spend a month in Kansas with her sister, Mrs. Dr. D,B, McKEE ,

Mrs. Henry BURGOWER is going to Emp Kansas to vist her daughter .

Fred APPLEQLJIST has found a lost shoe.

Reynolds: Robert McCinture/McCantyre? living 2 miles north of he building a new barn.

Cable, Mercer County: S.A. DONALDSON is the architect of R.B. EL house .


Thursday, July 18, 1878

Moline: Frank Miller is painting the West Ward schoolhouse.

Miss Vallie, daughter of Mrs. Frank PARKER of this city, married last Monday to Elmer LITTLEFIELD of Boston, Mass. They will live at Newton, Mass.

James SUITER was overcome by the sun yesterday.

Timothy DUTTON of Edgington has drawn up a will.

The Rev. W.S. FINDLEY, pastor of the Central Presbyterian Church at Newark, NJ is here visiting his brother, the Rev. J.R. FINDLEY.

Harry BETTLE, the lamp lighter, has a new house.


John NELSON has lost a valuable stallion.

Ed SIEKMAN is closing out his stock at the City Boot and Shoe Parlor.

July 14, 1878

James B. RAYMOND has stolen clothes from Isaac ROTHSCHILD  Pryor A POSTER (colored) has also been arrested.

John SCHNASE, a cupola tender at the plow works, was injured there

Police Court:  John CORCORAN on complaint of Patrick POWERS,

Charles C. HILTON of Sherman House in Chicago is here visiting his parents.

August SCHMIDT won the gun club medal Friday.

Ed REQUA formerly of Rock Island is now Ass't Postmaster and clerk at the store of R.B. OLMSTEAD of Reynolds.

Miss Annie Frantz and Miss Florence BOWEN have been hired as teachers in the Rock Island Public Schools.

Melville ROBB1NS, infant son of Frank and Emma ROBBINS (?) of this city on July 13 aged 2m and 5d.  The funeral will be from the
residence of George REAUGH today.


Tuesday. 16 July 1878

Milan:  Thomas SHIRES has learned of the death of his sister Mrs. MINNIECKE on Sunday.  She lived 1 mile north of Swedona, Mercer County. She was a widow and lived alone.  Her husband died about 3 years ago.

E.W. THOMPSON has a barber shop here.

Prof. P.E. MALINE of Augustana College has left to visit his old home in Sweden.

Col. J.C.L. HAMILTON resigned as Janitor of the Ericm Club and Mrs. Frank PARKER has replaced him.

Ed, son of C.W. LOBDELL of Chicago, is here visiting.

August SHULTZ almost drowned at the foot of Linde Street on Saturday but was rescued by Frank HARWOOD/HAMMUN (given both ways) AND Barney WHITE.

Sheriff PERKINS has learned of the death of his mother, Mrs. Belana S. PERKINS of Cazenovia, Madison Co., NY on July 6, 1878 aged 79y.  Burial was the following day.

Israel CAMEL, the gunsmith, is building a new shop on East Henry Street.

Dr. GERSHOM H. HILL formerly of Moline is now in charge of the insane asylum at Independence, Iowa,

George WETTIG and Thos. HENDERSON have been appointed to the police force.

• Report of John SODERSTROM, Overseer of the Poor for Moline: (those receiving aid)  (number in the family)

Mrs. Lothsr AHLSTEDT (1)

John C. ALLEN (8)

Mrs. Sophia BARKLAND (5)

Mrs. Mary BENSON (6)

Mrs. Lottie BLONDVIST  (6)

Mrs. Brown (3)


Mrs, CROPPER (3)

Mrs. FINK (3)

John J. FORSLUND (6)

John FOX (3)

Mrs. John HOGMAN (.7)

John HANSON (2)



Betsy JOHNSON (3)

Mrs. Christian JOHNSON (5)

John JOHNSON (2)

Mrs. Mathilda JOHNSON (3)

Mrs. A. KAY (1)

Mrs. Christian KOHNSTROM (4)

Mrs. Swan LARSON (3)

Mrs. G. LINQUIST (1)

Mrs. Greta LODIN (2)

Mrs. Martha LYON (2)

Mrs. Sallie MAXIE (3)

Mrs. Levina McKINNY (2)

David MEAD (6) Mrs. Margaret MILLER (1)

Mrs. Anna OLSEN (2)

Mrs. E. OWENS (2)

Mrs. Carrie PETERSON (3)

Daniel P. PETERSON (5)

Mrs. Eva PETERSON (2)



Mrs. John SANDBERG (3)

Christine SWAN (3)

Mrs. Chas. SWANSON (6)

Mrs. Martha SWANSON (1)

John H. TAYLOR (3)

Mrs. Johanna TALL (1)

John TEUBECK (3)

John TURN (7)

Mrs. Sarah VENBERG (4)

Elisha WALL (3)

William WILLIAMS (1)



  1. James DICKSON to M.A. HAMEF.
  2. Martha A. HALL to Horace BUMPS.