Moline City Businesses


Adelman Geo. F...proprietor City Beer and Billiard Hall, Main St., 3d door East of Rodman Ave.

Altz Jacob, Barber,

Anderson Andrew, Grocer.

Anderson Isaac K., Carpenter and Builder.

Barker L. H., No. 60 Main St.; Dealer in Bean's Stone Force Pump and village Fire Engines; Hose Pipe and Nozzles at wholesale and, retail; he also sells all kinds of pumps.. .

Barnard & LeasMnfg. Co., H.A. Barnard, Pres't,; J. Silas Leas, Vice Pres't.; W. C. Bennett, Sec'y. & Treas.; Manufacturers of Yictor Smutters, Victor Brush Scourer, Dustless Wheat Seperators, Eureka Flour Packers, Wheat Graders, Middlings Purifiers and Giant Corn Shelters.

Beers E. B. & Co., Iron and Brass Foundry.

Bergstrom N . P., City Undertaker, cor. White and Ann Sts.— one block east of Swede Lutheran Church; Coffins of all kinds con­ stantly on hand. The best Hearse in the three cities furnished when desired.

Blombergson & Norling,Painters, and Dealers in Paints, Oils, Varnishes, Glass, Brushes, Wall-Paper, etc.; the finest house, sign and decorative work done; special attention given to fresco painting; decorative painting in churches, halls, and other public buildings, solicited, and satisfaction guaranteed.

Browniny & Entrikin, Attorneys and Counsellors at Law, and Notaries Public; Office over First National Bank.

Chester Nelson, General Merchant.

Clendenin & Martin, Post Office Building, Drug and Book Store; Dealers in Drugs, Paints, Oils and Brushes, School, Blank and Miscel­ laneous Books, Wall-Paper, Pictures and Picture Frames. Prescriptions Carefully Compounded.

Colson C. J, & Co.,"Grocers.

Deere & Co., Manufacturers of Plows and Cultivators; established in 1847; incorporated in 1868: authorized capital $500,000; John Deere, Pres't.; Charles H. Deere, Vice Pres't. and Treas.; Stephen H. Velie, Sec'y.; Gilpin Moore, Supt. of Iron Dept.; Charles 0. Nason, Supt. of Wood Dept.; capacity of Works, 500 plows and cultivators per day; employ 600 men.

Dimock, Gould & Co., established 1852; D. C. Dimock, Pres't.; J. M. Gould, Vice Pres't.; H. 0. Sleight, Sec'y. and Treas.; C. B. Ainsworth, Gen'L Aj£t. Manu­facturers of Wooden Ware, Lumber, Lath and Shingles.

Dunn, Thomas, Hardware.

Elmstedt J. N., Dealer in Ready Made Clothing and Gents' Furnish­ ing Goods; Box 1192.

Fish L.E. Constable and Collector of Bills. All business placed in his hands will be promptly and faithfully attended to. Would refer to First National Bank, and Moline National Bank.

Fyllendor A. A., Taylor.

Gordon Byron, Dentist.

Gould Dan W., Merchant Tailor and Gen'L Ins. Ag't.

Groom Levi D., Attorney at Law.

Hannecke Herman, Manufacturer of Fine Cigars, and Dealer in Smoking and Chewing Tobaccos and Smokers' Articles.

Harwood Henry, Livery Stable.

Hemenway Luke E., Postmaster.

Hirsch Simon, Merchant Tailor.

Hokanson Gust., Manufacturer of Custom-Made Boots and Shoes; Wells St., near Lynde.

Holt John M., Grocer.

Hubbard Anson M., Dealer in Musical Instruments and General Musical Merchandise.

Huey Wm., Brick Manufacturer and Contractor for the construction of buildings of every description.

KeatorJ. S. & Son, Manufacturers of Lumber; established in 1856; capacity of mills, 80,000 feet per day; employ 125 men; amount of business, about $300,000 per annum; firm is composed of J. S- Keator and Benj. C. Keator.

Knox Edwin B., City Undertaker, and Dealer in Picture Frames, Mouldings, Chromos and Picture Hangings.

Kohler H., Dealer in Millinery, Fancy Goods and Ladies Furnishing Goods.

Lewis. Eugene Attorney at Law.

Lloyd .R H.& Bro., Dealers in Marble, Granite and Stone; Main St.; fine work and low prices a specialty; call and see specimens; R. H. Lloyd is an architect and designer of every description of work; designs and prices furnished on ap­ plication.

McDonald John A., Grocer.

Mangold Jonas G., Artist.

Moline Plow Co., Manufacturers of Plows and Cultivators; established in 1865; capital, $600,000; R. K. Swan, Pres.; George Stephens, Vice Pres.; C. W. Lobdell, Sec.; A. L.Carson, Treas.; plows manufactured in 1876, 50,000, amounting to $1,000,000; employ about 600 men.

Moline Pump Co., Arthur S. Wright, Pres.

Moline Public Library, Located in the Wheelock Library Hall building, second floor; J. M. Gould, Pres.; H. H. Grover, Sec.; J. M. Gould, H. H. Grover, A. S. Wright, E. C. Barnard, Eugene Lewis, J. T. Browning, S. H. Velie, J. C. Starr and John Deere, Directors.

Moline Wagon Co., Morris Rosenfield, Pres.; C. A. Benser, Sec.; Amos Sailor, Supt.; Manufacturers of the "Moline Wagon," Farm and Spring Wagons, Buggies and Carriages.

Moore J. C. & Co., Well Borers and Drillers, and Dealers in Halliday Wind Mills and all kinds of Pumps; three foot well walled com­ plete at 75 cents per foot; well four feet in diameter, walled complete at $1 per foot.

Moore Robt. H., Editor and Proprietor Moline Review.

Moore William R., Attorney and Counsellor at Law, and Notary Public.

Nourse Wm,. A.., Nurseryman and Florist.

Okerberg Eric, Watchmaker and Jeweler; Agent for Spencer's Celebrated Diamond Spectacles, also of King's Combination Spectacles; Agent for Anchor Line of Steamships; Tickets for sale to all parts of Europe.

Peterson Bros, Dealers in Groceries, Provisions and Crockery; Cor. Oakland and First Sts.

Piper C. Dr., Dealer in Drugs, Medicines, Paints and Oils, Fine Toilet Soaps, Brushes and Perfumery; Pure Wines and Liquors for Medicinal use; Dye Woods and Dye Stuffs generally. Farmers and Physicians from the country will find our stock of medicines complete, warranted genuine, and of the best quality.

Rauch John, Butcher.

Reed Charles W., East Moline; Dealer in Groceries and Provisions of all kinds; his motto is small profits and quick returns.

Reese Charles, Proprietor Reese House.

Reed David O., Dealer in Stoves and Tinware.

Runge Wm. General Groceries, Tin and Hardware, Flour, Feed, etc.

Ryan James S., Painter.

Salisbury John G., Contractor and Builder.

Severance Edson J., Watchmaker and Jeweler.

Sickels David W. Manufacturer of "Revolution" Stove Lining, and Dealer in Coal.

Sinclear Peter, Carpenter.

Skandia. Published Weekly at Moline,Ill., by Melin & Swensson; P. E. Melin, Editor; Gustaf Swensson, Business Manager.

Stange Jasper, Druggist.

Swander Alex. F., Police Magistrate; ex-officio Justice of the Peace; collections made and promptly paid over.

Timm August, Proprietor of Timm's Hall, the only first-class Amusement Hall in the city; for rent at reasonable rates, for balls, to Theatre Companies, etc.

Toellner Adolph, Supt. Riverside Cemetery.

Tyrrell Nathan C., Justice of the Peace.

Union Malleable Iron Co,,C. S. Ells, Pres.; C, W.Heald, Vice Pres.; H. O. Sleight, Sec and Treas.; Incorporated 1872; Manu facturers of Malleable Iron and Brass Castings.

Vitzthum C., Physician and Surgeon.

Walker S. T., General Ins. Agent, Loan and Real Estate Broker; office on Lynde st., near Rockford Depot.

Warren C. T., Painter, Glazier and Paper Hanger;-Carriage Painting a Specialty; all orders executed promptly, and in the best manner; shop on Rodman ave., bet. Henry and Ann sts.

Waters & First, Flouring Mill.

Wells Jas. G., City Marshall.

Williams, White & Co., Founders and Machinists.

Whipple Henry O., Grocer.

Wickstrom Andrew W., Township Collector.

Wistrand & Thulin, Booksellers, Importers of Swedish Literature, Book and Job Printers and Grocery Dealers.

Wittick Conrad, Carpenter.

Youngberg L. J., Railroad ave., nearly opp. C. R. I. & P. Depot; Merchant Tailor; finest work done in best manner, and at reasonable prices; cutting and making upon short notice in fashionable styles.

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